Good Deal or Not? “Big kitchen” edition

by Prince Of Petworth February 11, 2014 at 1:00 pm 19 Comments

1818 Potomac Avenue Southeast

This house is located at 1818 Potomac Avenue, Southeast:


The listing says:

“Row attached home with big front yard, front porch and poss. rear off street parking. Modestly renovated and in great shape with traditional spaces & features. Big kitchen. Upper floor with three bedrooms and bath. Lower level family room , laundry room and full bath. Great location one block from Stadium Armory Metro.”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/2 bath is going for $593,600.

  • Anonymous

    This listing shows how valuable good photos are.

    Let’s be honest. The house itself is nothing special. If the realtor simply took some pictures on his iphone, no one would pay any attention to it.

    • Anonymous

      Why should it have to be “something special” to be a good deal? It’s a house, not a work of art. I picked my home because it and its location were functional for my needs, not because it’s an architectural gem. I imagine most people do the same.

      • Anonymous

        I picked my house because it’s an architectural gem.

        • tui

          It’s a thing. Life is a lot bigger than bricks and plaster.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t love the kitchen, and the backyard needs some work, but it’s a cute house and a good price!

  • I. Rex

    Nice house and a good proximity to Barracks Row, H Street, and Navy Yard without being right in the middle of the action. The Congressional Cemetary is a wonderful place to walk your dog (with a membership) or take a stroller.

    • This is about 1.5+ miles to the 13st St side of H St, as well as Navy Yard. Barracks Row is the closest but still a full mile. On a bike the distance is pretty negligible but I personally wouldn’t really call it “close” to any of those areas.

      • I. Rex

        Obviously, people view closeness differently, but in my experience, I frequently walk to Eastern Market and Barracks Row in about 15 minutes, and bike to Nats games and H Street bars in about the same time.

        • Anonymous

          Same here…I live closer to the metro but only a few blocks from here.

    • Anony

      and close to Dupont, Georgetown, Rock Creek Park… wait isn’t anything in DC then?

  • Anonymous

    except its a half block away from a prison, a mental hospital, a major drug treatment facility, a massive homeless shelter, and whatever else DC tride to hide in this corner of the city instead of sharing those responsibilities with other neighborhoods.

  • lmfb

    Price seems quite good for that much house in the district, but I don’t know much about that neighborhood these days. Surprised they didn’t spruce the house up a bit, but it looks actually really nice (other than the pink bathroom, which you could fix).

  • Anonymous

    It’s a big kitchen, but not a great kitchen. Looooove the windows, but there’s very little cabinet space and the arrangement of appliances is awkward. Totally functional, but not the best feature of the house.
    It is nice to see a house with original woodwork and features. I hope this gets bought by a person and not a flipper who will knock out every single wall to create one giant open room on the entire ground floor.

    • lmfb

      I feel kind of jaded, but I am so tired of seeing the open concept, exposed brick, stainless/granite thing, with the same mosaic in every shower. Nice to have a bit of character.

    • I can’t see much appeal for a flipper buying this place at almost $600K. Most of the places they buy are in the 200-400 range. And there’s really no reason to “flip” this and make it the most expensive house on the block or turn it into condos given the area.

  • Anonymous

    Cute place and still has decent historical cosmetics. This place is ripe for slow additions/renovations spread out over a number of years that can be paid out of pocket.
    I have no idea is this is a good deal for the area (and the schools definitely SUCK over here), but it seems like a great starter home for some DINKs.

  • Anonymous

    I adore the woodwork and that lighting fixture in the dining room! Even though the kitchen isn’t super updated, I actually like it. It looks very rustic and cute.
    Would I pay nearly $600K to live up the street from a federal correction facility though? Hell no.

    • dcgent

      The jail is the least of the issues– the homeless shelter and drug treatment are probably more concerning. On the plus side, developers are waiting final approval for 2 (3) new buildings that will bring more residents and retail right at the metro stop. (That is if DC doesn’t backtrack again like it did once before on the parcel.) Also, the location has great access to river bike trails that will only become better once the connection is made to the MD trail system in 2015. We love the general area.

      • Eponymous

        +1. Serious issues that need to be addressed nearby, but huge upside potential if/when Res13 and RFK are redeveloped. And this is so close to the metro. Given what renovated places are selling for it still seems priced a bit high at the moment, though.


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