Washington, DC

3415 11th Street, NW

Yesterday I sat down with Maxwell the new General Manager of The Coupe. He was was previously the General Manager of Pizzeria Paradiso in Dupont Circle and officially took over The Coupe at the end of December. Scoring a Presidential visit was a great way to start and there are many more plans for the future. To start – The Coupe will be ending 24 hour service starting Feb. 11th. At that time they will open daily at 6am and from Sunday-Thursday will be open until midnight and on Friday and Saturday will be open until 1am.

Maxwell explains some of the other planned changes as making The Coupe “more specific”. He describes it as taking things out not adding things in. For example the bar tried to cover, craft beers, cocktails and wines. Soon the bar will convert to focusing on wines. They looked at 11th Street and thought that of those three elements (cocktails, beer and wine) the strip would most benefit from an improved wine program. Of course there will still be beer options though the emphasis will soon be on Belgian saison style (though a few “everyday beers” will still be available.) The cocktails will be limited to martinis and champagne based ones. But the real star will be the wine. Maxwell hopes to complete the focus around April.

The menu will also evolve a bit to be a more of “cafe style” rather than “diner style”. Expect to see those changes completed in April as well.


“The Coupe will continue to serve a full bar with all the standards to our customers after the transition to an expanded wine program. If you love a quality Kentucky Bourbon on the rocks or a rum a diet we will still have you covered! However, we will be focusing on martinis and champagne based cocktails to give our cocktail program focus. ”

Hours of Operation Change
“The Coupe management has decided to move away from the 24 hour cycle for one very basic reason, after a year and half the sales are not there to support our large scale operation late night. We labored over this decision for quite some time and feel it is in the best interest for our company and our customers. We will still be open from early morning to late night to provide each and every guests a wonderful experience.” – Maxwell


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