A List of the Top 13 DC Neighborhoods Where Some Residents Could Go Berserk if You Get their “Borders” Wrong

by Prince Of Petworth January 31, 2014 at 4:00 pm 105 Comments

I have spent many a white night deliberating over this list:

13. Congress Heights
12. Crestwood
11. 16th Street Heights
10. Bloomingdale/Ledroit Park
9. Kingman Park
8. Capitol Hill
7. Manor Park
6. Michigan Park
5. Eckington
4. Edgewood
3. Parkview/Pleasant Plains
2. Mt. Vernon Squangle
1. Swampoodle

  • #14. Takoma. Heaven forbid you group them in with Takoma Park!

    • And vice/versa – good point!

      • Petworth dude

        On that note, Chevy Chase, MD and Chevy Chase, DC might be another good one.

        • Rich

          There was a time when anything above Van Ness was called Chevy Chase. Somehow, Forest Hills has emerged as a “place”, but there’s still ambiguity along Connecticut.

    • Anonymous

      That’s kind of legit, as Takoma Park is actually its own city and is not even in DC.

    • PewPew

      I think Takoma should replace Manor Park. There are so many maps that mess up our borders, or mislabel us on maps. It’s a flipping triangle, it’s not shepherd park, and neither Manor Park, or Brightwood is part of our neighborhood.

  • Anonymous

    LOL at Squangle (but so true though)

    • Beth


  • Ben

    Hillcrest should definitely be on this list. Many claim Hillcrest is only south of Penn Ave, but the city thinks otherwise.





    • textdoc

      Ditto. :)

    • Anonymous

      easy easy, give the dude a break…. all the neighborhoods are next to each other dumb dumd

      • wylie coyote

        I think the username “stickler”, the use of all caps and the use of the word “heretic” all add up to sarcasm.

        Also, please avoid typos when insulting the intelligence of others on the Internet. The D isn’t near the B on any keyboard I’ve seen, so typing “d-u-m-d” to insult someone’s intelligence is hysterical. LOL.

  • Anonymous

    Where’s the list of neighborhoods that will go berserk if you leave them off a neighborhood list?

  • aaa

    Swampoodle? Really. A long-dead neighborhood. I’m bullshit on anyone who says they live in Swampoodle.

    • Anonymous

      Sursum Corda

    • There may or may not be some facetiousness intended towards these random lists. Sadly I can neither confirm nor deny the claim!

    • ontarioroader

      I’m just fine with folks starting to use Swampoodle again, as long as they also bring back Murder Bay and Bloodfield.

      • Don’t let the name fool you. It’s not really a field.

      • anonymous

        Those are fantastic names.

    • annonny

      It’s a neighborhood on Redfin. Wish the local real estate agents would start referring to listings there.

  • anon

    Thank you. We may only cover a few streets, but we are Michigan Park, not Woodridge or North Michigan Park.

  • I’ve grown to love the random Friday lists. They, and especially their comments and twitter commentary, make the last dredges of the work week funnier.

  • And after all that columbia heights/petworth hullabaloo we don’t even make the list?!

    • We were 14 I swear!!

      • Tis fair I suppose, according to at least a few commenters, I don’t live in either. I’m neighborhood-less!!!

        • Brandy

          Same here! It seems that neither neighborhood will claim us!

  • Truxton Thomas

    What about neighborhood names imported by gentrifiers and without any legitimacy among longtime residents? I thought I lived in Shaw until I found on the Internet that I actually live in Truxton Circle. Suddenly I couldn’t relate to THOSE people who live on the west side of New Jersey Ave. And the Ledroit Park and Bloomingdale people—forget it.

    • anon

      True. Our realtor took us to “North Capitol Hill” aka Trinidad (before it was the Atlas District).

      • Anonymous

        Interestingly, there IS a Capitol Hill North neighborhood association, but it encompasses “the area bounded by Florida Avenue NE, G Street NE, 8th Street NE, and the railroad tracks (west).” Trinidad is definitely not part of that.

        • MetMet

          In the spirit of this list, I believe what you are describing is the Near Northeast neighborhood.

      • Anony

        Really? Wow these realtors are out of control

      • I hope it wasn’t to see the Capitol Hill Oasis rowhomes, which are neither in Capitol Hill, or an oasis.

  • anon

    Is Eckington anywhere near North NoMa, aka NoNoMa?

  • artemis

    Is it bad that I couldn’t name the borders for any of these neighborhoods?

  • wdc

    Been scratching my head now for a few weeks over these lists. Then I JUST remembered that the Prince has a new(ish) baby at home. Let me guess… random listing of things is one of the few activities you can do while swaying at that *perfect* speed and humming at that *perfect* pitch.

  • saf

    Dude. You forgot us. PETWORTH!!!

    • Anonymous

      My beloved 16th Street Heights is being eaten by Petworth. Help!

  • dittle

    How about the spelling of those names? It’s Park View, not Parkview. Thank you very much! :-)

  • JPK

    I’m surprised Mt Pleasant isn’t on there. I’m tired of having to deal with people who live on Harvard and try to tell me they live in MtP. NICE TRY!

    • Truxton Thomas

      Yeah, you probably shouldn’t treat them like human beings if they try to pull that.

      • sfp

        haahahaha. Harvard IS in Mt P as far as everyone else is concerned.

        • JPK

          don’t you start

          • Anonymous

            Only the North side is Mt.P! Duh. The south side is Lanier Heights! Or if your old school north Widows Mite.

          • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Kingman Park doesn’t even exist in the real estate game. It’s either Capitol Hill or Hill East. Those new apartments on East Capitol has leasing signs that say “Are You Hill Enough?” Hmmmm.

    • Much of reality doesn’t exist in the real estate game.

  • Anonymous

    Dang, is there really a neighborhood named Swampoodle?? That’s fantastic!

    • Truxton Thomas

      It got replaced by a new development called Union Station.

      • bens

        There’s a few houses on the south side of K St NW between Capitol and 1st NW that could still claim to be in Swampoodle. As well as a new development on H and 1st NW. Otherwise, the “neighborhood” is entirely commercial plus Union Station.

        • Anonymous

          also Gonzaga.

          • T

            + the church at the NE corner of N.Cap & K

            Yep, not much left!

  • BH

    Capitol Hill is one of those weird meta-neighborhoods. You could live in Stanton Park, Eastern Market, Cap South, or even near Potomac Ave or H St. and still correctly claim to live in Capitol Hill. If someone asks me where in DC I live, the specificity my answer depends on how familiar he/she is with the city.

    • Linc Park SE


      And Ive had a few laughs when travelling when and I someone who tells me they are also from DC – and I say where – and they reply ” Bethesda!”

    • No, you live IN Capitol Hill if you live NEAR those things. The neighborhood is not called Eastern Market, or any of those other things. That would be like someone who lives in Logan Circle saying they live in the Whole Foods.

      • Anonymous

        Does Whole Foods have a metro station named after it such as Eastern Market?

        • It does not. Not that it matters, as Metro stations do not signify neighborhood designations. Nobody goes around saying they live at Navy Memorial.

          • wylie coyote


    • Derek

      I agree. looking at all the areas in which people refer to their own neighborhood as Capitol Hill, it’s too big to be one neighborhood. I wonder how the size of the historic district alone compares to other neighborhoods on this list.

  • Myles G Smith

    I live in Manor Park, and let me tell you, many of my neighbors don’t even know that we do. Most folks use the Brightwood catch-call so that non-locals can find us on a map.

  • How about every bouncer at every bar I go to who thinks Washington DC is Washington State (excluding those bars in our area and Washington State).

    • Linc Park SE

      Are you drinking in Virginia?

    • jumpingjack

      Or one I encountered who insisted that, because DC is not a state, it cannot issue drivers’ licenses and therefore mine must have been fake.

      • dno

        Calling BS.

        • Sarah

          Nope, this has happened to me too. Unreal.

          • ontarioroader

            This happened to me too about 20 years ago when I was pulled over for speeding in rural Georgia by a hillbilly local cop. After checking with his dispatcher he told me “huh, thought y’all were part of Maryland”.

        • Anonymous

          Happened to me too about 17 years ago.

  • Anonymous

    This list is highly suspect! Obviously, numbers 8 and 7 should be switched.

  • Boozehound

    I’d add Logan Circle, and for a very good reason. I’ve seen many listings for apartments over the last few years that were nowhere near Logan but priced themselves at the Logan Circle level, and announced in the listing (often at the very start) as being in the heart of Logan Circle. I hate the fact that its become a not uncommon practice of piggy-backing on a trendy neighborhood even if you’re technically nowhere near being part of that neighborhood.

    • RL

      Waterside Towers has craigslist ads that claim it’s “near Chinatown.” It’s at 6th and I, sure – Southwest. I think we can all agree 1.5 miles is beyond the “near” zone within DC proper.

    • Anonymous

      thats always happened. its not a new trend by any stretch.

    • Anonymous

      Right, much of Logan is really DuPont East, or U St corridor.

    • At least it’s better than the ads that say they’re in “the heart of DC”, wherever the Hell that may be.

  • Q-Street

    The neighbor that I know who would go the most nuts over getting Swampoodle’s borders wrong, would also probably forgive you for just for calling it Swampoodle.

  • MBG

    Neighborhood boundaries have no meaning or utility in DC, really. Your ANC SMD, your citizens’/civic/neighborhood group boundaries do mean something. Of course, the only real utility ever is to distinguish “us” from “them”. No one lives in “Swampoodle”. Name is a historical curiousity.

    • Kevin

      “No meaning” in DC? The 50+ comments on this post might suggest that’s not entirely true.

    • Anonymous

      i don’t understand your point.

  • Hahaha, Pop! Just got back from the happy hour and read through these! I will now and forevermore proudly declare that I live(d) in Mount Vernon Squangle :-) Can’t wait to see your next list!

  • Anonymous

    Reminds me of the ANC (?) that wanted the area south of Adams Morgan (around Florida) to be called SoMo. That of course went over well in the community

  • Rich

    No mention of Kalorama? The kalorama Triangle area likes to think it isn’t in Adams Morgan.

    • dno

      True. We don’t but we are.

      • identified

        You are… now. But it wasn’t always so. Adams Morgan ended at Columbia Rd. Now, everyone calls Kalorama Triangle and Lanier Heights “Adams Morgan”…. KT tried hard to keep separate from Adams Morgan. And is failing completely.

        • Anonymous

          I would argue that locals differentiate Kalorama Triangle from Kalorama Circle, as well as Adams Morgan and Lanier Heights. No one however mentions Happy Hallow these days.

  • Bloomingdale, Eckington Resident

    If you are going to lump Bloomingdale in with Ledroit Park you need to include Eckington too. Bloomingdale is a thin narrow strip between North Capitol and Second NW. The northern part of Bloomingdale – north of Rhode Island avenue, is also in Ledroit Park.

    The southern part of Bloomingdale is also in Eckington, because as small portion of Eckington is actually in NORTHWEST, even though it’s widely considered to be in NE.

    er… I guess I just proved your point.

    • Anonymous

      thats not really true.

    • Sarah

      No way. I’ve lived on Adams street for 3 years and my landlords have lived here for over 20. I have never heard a soul refer to this part of the neighborhood as Ledroit.

      • Anonymous

        YOU’RE ALL WRONG! :)

  • Slappy J

    I honestly don’t know if I’m technically in Georgetown, Foxhall Village, or Palisades. It all kinda looks the same on the west side of the creek.

  • E in Rosedale

    I get pretty bent when people lump Rosedale in with Kingman Park. The borders are 15th to 17th and Benning to C St, plus the Rosedale Rec Center.

  • lmm

    Stronghold. Although the house across the street was mistakenly listed on redfin as Bloomingdale and I told the realtor who never fixed it and sold it for $695,000.

  • Anonymous

    What about the boundaries for the Hilltopp neighborhood?

  • brookland_rez

    Brookland. Don’t you dare lump Brentwood or Edgewood in with us. Michigan Park, Woodridge, not as big of a deal.

  • One More?

    Any room for the assuming anything East of the River = Anacostia?

  • NE_resident

    Only gentrifiers go by a lot of these names……I tell a long time local I live in Brightwood Park or some other lesser known name theyll be like “huh???” But If I tell them I live uptown, Southside, 21st St (NE), 4th and Rhode Island, Saratoga, 640 area, Georgia and Crittenden, upshur St, KDY, Rittenhouse, Simple City, names like that, they’ll INSTANTLY know where im talking about……

    • Kam


    • I bet you “gentrifiers” would also know exactly where 4th and Rhode Island and Georgia and Crittenden were…

      • wylie coyote

        I know plenty of gentrifiers who would have to consult a map to find Crittenden. LOL.

      • NE_Resident

        of course they would, when the gentrifiers are ready to “save” the area from itself *rolls eyes*…..and then theyll either bring back some name that hasnt been used in god knows how long OR some real estate people just create a new name….NoMA didnt exist as a neighborhood 12-15 years ago……and NoMA station will ALWAYS be NY Ave station to a local longtime resident…..heck anyone who lived in DC before 2010….

  • frickorfrack
  • MetMet

    If I live in Kingman Park but get the Hill Rag delivered without asking for it, can I claim to live in Capitol Hill?

  • Anonymous

    Glover Park should get some love, since realtors and merchants try to call it Upper Georgetown.


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