Good Deal or Not? “Crown Jewel Condo of Cairo” edition

by Prince Of Petworth January 28, 2014 at 1:00 pm 26 Comments

1615 Q St NW

This unit is located at 1615 Q Street, NW:


The listing says:

“Crown Jewel Condo of Cairo. Old world elegance, marble floors, high ceilings coffered stained/carved woodwork beams, stain glass transom, private terrace. Tall windows day long sun from east, south and west overlooking street scape. Kitchen granite counters, wood cabinets, high end appliances, all in one W/D. 2 BR large closets, marble BA. 24 hr front desk, roof deck. 3 blocks to Dupont Metro”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/1 bath is going for $594,000 ($703 monthly fee.)

  • Anonymous

    Clearly insane. If it were on a higher floor with a view, with an extra bath, may be possibly, but clearly insane.

    • Anonymous

      The Cairo will always hold sway over people who put monetary value on the history of their home. I personally don’t think it’s worth it, but I bet it finds a buyer at this price.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. I don’t care about the extra bath, but this unit would be too close to the ground floor for me. It does seem a little overpriced, although I don’t know what the comps in the building are like. (I remember seeing this building on an episode of House Hunters, but I think that might have been a 1BR and can’t remember the price nor how old the HH rerun was.) This is solely personal preference, but I’m so not a fan of the marble floors–I’ll take hardwood over those, any day. (And that bathroom! I think an entire quarry vomited in there.) The carved wood beams in the ceiling are a little dark, heavy and ornate for my usual taste, but they’re different, so I kind of like them anyway. I love the terrace, but again, I’m not sure I’d want to feel like I was practically eye-level with everyone walking by.

      • AG

        The 1 bedroom on House Hunters was TEENY. Can’t remember how much it went for but I think the buyer ended up going for a 1 bedroom in the Car Barn.

    • Anonymous

      This unit is right off the lobby and clearly looks like the space it occupies was once something other than an apartment. It’s far from the nicest unit in the building, but it’ll sell for that amount easily.

    • Anonymous

      I hope that’s just set up by stagers, b/c otherwise people are living there on the ground floor with no window treatments at all.

  • Lane

    The “crown jewel” of the Cairo can’t be on the first floor. The whole point of this building is to be up higher than everything around you. It basically created the Height Act, for crying out loud!

    • Linc Park SE


    • Anon no.5

      +1 on the “crown jewel” can’t be on the first or 2nd floor. It’s more like your grandmother’s old ring that’s pretty and nostalgic.

  • Jay

    A ludicrous and even offensive claim! The Crown goes atop! There are no crown jewels set in anklets!!

  • jim_ed

    Whats up with the stained glass transom? I assume that’s a familial crest perhaps? If so, wouldn’t you want to take that with you. And if you buy the place, wouldn’t you want that replaced? Because if it doesn’t have personal meaning, that’s an ugly piece of glass.

  • Crown Jewel? Certainly not. But in terms of actual nice condos in a well known building, it fits the bill. Some of it might be a bit too over the top for me, but it definitely has some appeal. I do love that ceiling work.

    • Jan

      I was just thinking that if anyone would be into all that extreme marble and other luxurious embellishments, it would be you.

      • I actually don’t mind those floors, but the stuff in the bathroom is just too busy for me.

  • Truxton Thomas

    We looked at top floor facing north a few years ago, and I believe it was just over $400K for 2 bed/1 ba/no patio. We were curious at what south-facing top floor would go for. Not sure who would pay $600K for ground floor.

  • Anonymous

    Needs more chintz!

  • Caleb

    Mmm…maybe I’m crazy for thinking the price isn’t too off. Maybe that’s the high end, but not less than 549,999.

  • Anonymous

    Laughable. This building is old and not even that nice – interiors are not impressive, hallways dark and dank. The only plus to the first floor is not having to use the tiny, hot (in the summer), slow elevators.

  • Rich

    This was built as a residential hotel which may explain why the units and rooms seem so small. The rooms all seem small here. The high end flooring probably will require no end of expense over its lifetime, although I like the ceiling. The door to the balcony/patio looks like something out of a 1970s institution, I’m surprised they didn’t overspend on a replacement as they did with other features.

    The price would seem less ridiculous if the fee were about $150 less and more in line with other other buildings.

    • otberbur

      The Cairo was a wreck in the early 1970s and completely gutted. Room sizes and apartment configurations reflect the fact it was originally designed to be a moderately-priced rental building that would attract people willing to live in what was then (mid-1970s) considered a very sketchy residential neighborhood. (The surroundings had improved to “transitional” by the time I rented a unit in the Cairo in 1980. Neighborhood amenities then were basically limited to Trio, Safeway and Annie’s, the latter two of which were in locations smaller than the ones they use now.) My own unit then was extremely basic, with industrial carpeting, a rather crude climate control system and a non-self-defrosting Hotpoint refrigerator.

  • Princess Michael of Kent

    Not to mention the condo fee.

    • Anonymous

      +1,000,000,000….$703.00 condo fee is NYC prices and not DC prices. Think someone mentioned HH-HGTV and Car Barn; think it is close to $450.00 there with parking spot included. I do love the ceiling and transom though…..

  • Anonymous

    This is pretty much hideous. The wood coffered ceiling could be cool if it were original, but it looks like it was a recent addition. The marble and weird stained glass and awful kitchen and bathroom? Ugh.

  • Anonymous

    Love the building and wish all of DC had buildings that tall.

  • Duponter

    I really hate listings where you can’t get a terribly good feel on the size/shape of the living area. This one looks to very boxy/small. Does anyone know in a building like the Cairo if you can remove interior walls of units? I’d have to knock that wall between the living area and what I assume is the kitchen (though could be a bedroom) down to not feel so claustrophobic. And while I don’t mind it is a lower floor, the first floor is a bit much. You could never leave your blinds open without everyone staring into your apartment.. Though I know a few folks who live in the Cairo and they might be into that kind of thing.

    It just seems to boxy and tight for me. But with two bedrooms, the price doesn’t seem terribly overpriced. I’d say a bit high considering the uniqueness and likelihood a buyer would want to make some renovations to it.

  • willie B

    Zillow has an zestimate of $100,000 less. Now way im paying $712 a sq foot.


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