From the Forum – Looking for CSA recommendations, Workshop space to rent, and Antique furniture mover

by Prince Of Petworth January 30, 2014 at 2:15 pm 14 Comments

CSA recommendations for Logan/Shaw:

“I’m looking for community-supported agriculture (CSA) recommendations for the upcoming spring/summer season with a pick-up location near Logan Circle. I’ve used Lancaster Fresh Farm Cooperative in the past, but am not impressed with their fruit share, so I’d like to explore other options. I’m interested in a place that has both veggie and fruit options, and has shares that are reasonable for a 1-2 person household. Thanks!”

Workshop space to rent:

“I have seen info on space out in Gaithersburg (!), but is there anywhere in DC, preferably Metro accessible, where you can rent a workshop periodically? Either a place where you can store your own tools but have the space to work on projects or a space that has tools that you pay a fee to use?”

Antique furniture mover:

“I’m looking to move an antique (and quite large) china cabinet from a house in Baltimore down here to DC. Does anyone have a recommended person/company that they trust and have used for a similar job?”

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  • It’s not exactly a CSA, but we have enjoyed our subscription from Washington’s Green Grocer so far. They missed some items on our first boxes, but the price and quality of the goods has been great. You can also choose if you don’t want a box certain months, or which boxes you want, unlike most CSAs.

    • Anonymous

      Second vote for GG. You can get a variety of sizes of boxes, all fruit, organic, etc. IThe difference in the produce is really noticeable.

      • AG

        I’ve used WGG, Lancaster Farm Fresh Coop (fall and now winter), and Dragonfly Farms (fall). WGG is convenient since they deliver to your door and customizeable, but it isn’t really a CSA. Unless you get the local box, your produce can come from as far as South America. The produce was generally fine, but not as long lasting as the CSAs, and the customer service responsive.

        I did Dragonfly Farms a few years ago, and it’s worth trying out. The produce was decent. Only did fall though, so the fruits were limited, though I do remember them having them. From their website, it doesn’t look like they do half-shares. My roommates and I split a full share 3 ways and it was enough for us, might work for 2 if you use it for most of your meals. I don’t think I was cooking as much then as I do now. I also don’t think they’re mostly organic like LFFC is, but it is local and they use sustainable practices.

        I’ve been really impressed with LFFC, though the fall and winter don’t really have fruit. The produce has lasted me a crazy long time, I’m talking salad greens going strong after 2 weeks. As I’m starting to think about summer, I am curious to know if LFFC half shares have fruit.

        • Yeah, during the summer we’ll definitely switch over to the local box. But during the winter I would much rather have kiwis and avocados than a box full of root vegetables ;)

    • Anonymous

      Common Good City Farm is doing a CSA. Can’t get much more local than a box a produce grown in LeDroit Park! Their fruit selection will probably be pretty limited, though.

  • Anonymous

    I used Lancaster FFC and loved it. Last year’s fruit was a little weak, but apparently it was because of the terrible weather. Can’t really compare though because last year was my first with any CSA

    • Anonymous

      This. Pickup at the new Old City Green on Rhode Island. It will be our fourth year next season. I’d stick with only the vegetable share because really most fruit from Pennsylvania no matter the weather will be all that outstanding. And as referenced above in bad years, it’s really not good. But the vegetables? Wow. Just great.

    • Lala

      OP here. I have only done the fruit share with LFFC, but it’s really a melon share for most of the season and not really a fruit share. 10 weeks in a row of watermelons is a little excessive. I’d like to try something with more variety.

  • Anonymous

    ScrapDC is close to two metros on the red line and has studio space


  • Anonymous

    Anybody ever tried the Smucker Farms CSA? They have an optional add-on for wine that caught my eye….not that I need two bottles of wine a week AT ALL, but it’s tempting! ;)

    • Anonymous

      We have done Smuckers for a year and a half now and love it. We haven’t done the wine yet though, but the quality of the wine seems great. I think they are going to change their CSA around a little sounds like it will actually get less expensive and better. Also they will switch to a quarter system instead of Winter and Summer. It does get a little boring in Winter, I am jealous of the Kiwis and Avocados Justin mentioned, but Smuckers are always nice and throw in some eggs, butter, very good cheese, honey, or other good stuff to make up for weaker than normal veggies.

  • Anonymous

    Bull Run Farm has a pick-up location at 16&P. I’ve been pleased with the variety and his willingness to try new things from subscriber requests, but if you want pretty and spotless veggies it’s not for you. Everything comes from his farm out near Manassas, and he also opens the farm on weekends to get some extras from the fields, go hiking, press cider in the fall, etc. Egg shares and fruit shares (from some neighbors with orchards) also available, but is almost entirely peaches and apples. The 1-person share is slightly more than enough veggies for me, which is good because is forces me to eat more before the next week’s supply comes in!
    http://www.localharvest.org/csa/ is a great resource for finding out which CSAs serve which neighborhoods, links to their websites for more info, etc.

  • Anonymous

    An art transport company can help with the furniture if you need extra attention for it. Such as Artex, Bonsai, US Art. Or a cheaper alternative is FedEx White Gloves.


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