From the Forum – HVAC-Mini-splits and Grill Repair

by Prince Of Petworth January 14, 2014 at 2:15 pm 11 Comments

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HVAC-Mini-splits throughout the house?

“Has anyone put in mini-splits throughout their home. We originally planned high velocity in our 1895 rowhouse in an attempt to eliminate bulkheads and preserve some of the tin ceilings. It has been suggested that we go the mini-split unit system — essentially putting wall mounted units or, mostly, ceiling cassettes or compact cassettes — in each room. Has anyone gone this route? Would live to hear your thoughts, good or bad. Thank you!”

and Grill Repair:

“Does anyone know of any good Grill Repair people in the area. Our grill in our building stopped working. We have a new propane tank but when I hit the ignition it sparks but doesn’t start a flame.”

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  • SF

    Just light the grill with a click lighter. All spark ignitions stop working after a while. The grill probably has a hole in the side for lighting it this way, or you can just put the lighter on the gas diffuser directly when starting (ONLY immediately after starting the gas, don’t let it build up).

  • ledroittiger

    Buy a charcoal grill.

  • simple

    replace the propane tank

  • CapitolWildcat

    Speaking of propane grills, is there any place in Columbia Heights to change out a propane tank?

    • OP

      No but you can get them from Home Depot (Rhode Island Metro ) they have an automated station

    • Anonymous

      Annie’s Ace Hardware up on Upshur and Between 13th and Kansas

  • Josh

    I put minisplits throughout our 1905 rowhouse. Love them, but expensive to install. Would be happy to give advice, if you’d forward my contact info.

  • Julia

    We added three ductless air conditioning/heat pump units to our 1900 sq ft. house (built 1912) in Petworth. We added one in the 2nd floor master bedroom, one in the 2nd floor guest bedroom, and one in the 1st floor kitchen. This is the only source of air conditioning for the entire house and, with the help of ceiling fans, our entire house stays cool, even in the dog days of August. The heaters supplement our radiator heat in the winter (although the efficiency of the heat pumps decreases when it gets below freezing). We installed these in 2004 and have not had any problems so far. They work great and I would recommend them to anyone.

    • the totten.

      What company did you use?

      • julia

        A guy named Bob installed them. I’m not saying his full name because, even though he did a good job, it took him 4 months to finally install them and he ripped us off at the end. He helped us out a lot with our house renovations, but he was a total headache to work with and I haven’t called him back since.

  • rkcindc

    Regarding where to get a propane tank – Propane Taxi. It’s so easy and worth a few bucks more for the convenience. Been using them for years.

    Regarding the ductless units – we had Sila install Mitsubishi Mr. Slim models to replace our window units. Yes, expensive, and you have to get used to the permanent site of the units up by the ceiling, but WOW, what a difference. They are so much more efficient than window units, and whisper quiet. Really quiet. We are really happy that we went ahead with the expense. I would suggest pushing back on a vendor who wants you to put a unit in every room, though. Granted our house is quite small, but one unit was more than sufficient for our first level.


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