Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user Raymond Bryson

“Dear PoPville,

I ordered two margherita pizzas for pick up at Red Rocks on my way home. On the website, there is a ‘happy hour’ menu designated for Tue-Fri from 4-7pm (and these pizzas are $7 on that menu). When I picked up the pizzas, the total cost was $26. I expressed my surprise and the host said, “happy hour prices don’t apply to take-out.” I checked the online menu while I was waiting and there was nothing online about happy hour being dine-in only. I also checked the printed menu while I was waiting and there was nothing written on the printed menu about this. I brought it up one more time and another individual (not sure if he was the manager or a bartender) said, “that’s a known fact that happy hour prices are for dine-in only. Did you even ask for the happy hour prices on the phone?” At which point, I dropped it since it was clear that they thought I was being unreasonable.

So my question for others: was I being unreasonable? I ordered two pizzas based on the fact that I thought they would be a great deal. If there is a happy hour special, I don’t understand the logic of why it applies to dine-in only — I thought I was providing good business to a local establishment on a night when they surely won’t get too much business anyway. But I am really curious what others think.”

Ed. Note: I’m afraid I have to agree with the restaurant. I’ve always assumed happy hour prices to be dine in.


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