• 1

    um, close, but pretty sure Starsky and Hutch drove a Ford Torino.

  • annonny

    Whoa are those fenders the original design or is that custom body work? Cool car.

    • spookiness

      Original. I think that color amplifies the effect. Upon second look, judging from the turn signal indicators, this is a 74 or 75. A front view would show round headlights. 76 & 77 models had rectangular quad headlights and a standup hood ornament.

  • spookiness

    Starsky and Hutch had a Torino, but the era is close. Monte Carlos, Olds Cutlasses, and Pontiac Grand Prixs of this era (1975-77) were extremely popular. Our family car at the time was a Monte Carlo. Not a very practical family car. All the space is wasted on the hood, the interior room is tiny, as is the trunk. They were neither particularly luxurious or fast, and cars in those days would often show visible rust when they were just a few years old.


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