Heads Up – More Package Thieves. Anyone Know of a Receiving Center near H Street?

by Prince Of Petworth December 3, 2013 at 2:30 pm 35 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

I had some packages delivered – they both arrived on the same day – and both were stolen…I found the empty boxes in the alley way behind my house. Fortunately both merchants were willing to not charge me for the loss, but it happened to a neighbor of mine – and she was not so lucky.

I noticed over the weekend some plastic shipping envelopes clusters together on the ground at the entrance of the alley way behind my house. Are others experiencing this problem? I have lived in my house going on 4 years and it has only happened to me once, but I no longer get my mail packages delivered to my home.”

Another reader asks:

“I am at a loss on finding a package receiving center on H Street. I just moved to the neighborhood and am having a lot of packages delivered and unfortunately it’s not feasible to have them sent to my work.”

Ed. Note: We spoke about some package delivery options here. Anyone know of a receiving center near H Street?

  • WestEgg

    It’s the moooost wonderful tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime of the yeeeeeeeeeeeeear…

  • Not on H street but “nearish” if you have a car or can bike.

    Sincerely Yours, an answering service on 325 Penn (a few doors down from The Tune Inn). The proprietor, Mary, charges $2 per package and calls me as soon as a package arrives for me. If I’m out of town, it’s not a problem to leave packages there until convenient for me to pick up.

    • Linc Park SE


    • New2HST

      I was the person who inquired about the package receiving center on H St. Thanks for recommending Mary at Sincerely Yours. She’s lovely and it was easy setting up an account with her.

  • Linds

    A PO Box works great!

    • textdoc

      I believe UPS, FedEx, and other non-USPS carriers don’t deliver to P.O. boxes.

      • Linds

        A lot of that has changed recently, at least in DC. UPS now has a program where they pass the packages off to USPS when they get to the general destination.

        • AG

          I love it when FedEx or UPS or whoever it is delivers via Smartpost. I get all the convenience of tracking and fast delivery but it comes with USPS which delivers inside my building (there are only 4 units). Wish more companies had this option.

  • Anonymous

    my building on 14th and chapin had packages stolen this morning. We live in a condo building with no front desk so packages are just out in a hallway.

  • mmm

    don’t bother trying to report to either the police or USPS — Police said is USPS responsibility and won’t accept a police report. I never expected them to do anything, but there was a pattern of mail theft on my block. I thought they MIGHT care to track such a thing. USPS was even worse. I got the run around and finally got a call back from someone who said “oh that happens at my church all the time. What do you want me to do about it?” I told them again that I thought they may track where mail theft was occurring (in this case 1/2 a block from both a post office and a police station)…they didn’t care.

    • Anonymous

      I would not follow this advice. My neighborhood listserv recently had a series of exchanges with the MPD rep, they had stepped up watching the neighborhood when more packages were being stolen and as a consequence caught and convicted a guy. If you are not getting satisfaction from the officer you are talking to, find out who the liaison with the neighborhood is and report it to them (along with the name of the unhelpful officer), perhaps in a public forum like twitter or listserv.

      • mmm

        Do you (or does anyone) know how to find out who your neighborhood liaison is?

        • Anonther

          Google “DC MPD police service areas” and follow links to your district to find the names and contact info for captains, lieutenants, officers assigned to particular crimes.

        • Anonymous


          I recommend finding the PSA lieutenant as a start

      • Kevin

        Yeah, please DO report these crimes! The only chance we have that police will take these things seriously is when it’s perceived to be a major problem. And it is.

  • DR

    Lots of packages stolen in Shaw.

    • Yep. My roommate and I live in a four story condo building in Shaw and one day our neighbor came down and said she found one of our packages on the top floor, torn open. Luckily, nothing was missing, but it seems the thieves come in at the bottom level, grab the package from the mailbox area and keep moving upstairs, tear it open, and then come back down and leave with the loot. Horrible.

  • I have the fortune of being able to send everything to my office.

  • JFinMVT

    I’d suggest renting a box at a UPS Store or a FedEx Store and use that as your primary location to send packages…

  • Anon

    You should be able to leave a note for the Postal Worker stating that packages should not be left if no one answers the door (I was told by USPS that they’re supposed to ring the bell when there are packages). They will then leave you a notice and you can retrieve the packages at the closest post office the following afternoon.

  • MiCoBa

    The UPS store near the Eastern Market Metro station has personal mailboxes with real addresses. I have picked up packages at the Fed Ex off of NY ave. There is also an office share/flex office on H St that might accept packages.

    • wylie coyote

      That is the worst run UPS store of all time. Don’t trust them with fragile packages. Or anything at all, if you can help it.

  • Anonymous

    This won’t work for everyone, but if you have a friend who has a more secure situation for receiving packages (works from home, concierge in the lobby, whatever) you could send things there.

    • Anonymous


  • Sad Birthday Girl

    I had a package stolen off my front porch in Pleasant Plains two weeks ago. UPS said it delivered it on a day when someone was actually around all day, and no knock or doorbell was heard. The package was full of beautifully crafted handmade goods from my mother-in-law for my birthday – she spent, quite literally, 3 months making them for me and now they are gone forever. UPS has been “investigating” it for a week now, though I have no hope that it will yield anything beyond my MIL being able to get her insurance money she paid on the package.

    Tis the season for some thieving! :(

    • Anonymous

      Ugh that really sucks. It’s bad enough when it’s something expensive that you then need to replace, but when it’s something handmade or one of a kind, it’s even worse. Sorry that happened :(

  • soozles

    One truly aggravating thing about all this is that I have had packages delivered WHILE I WAS HOME, but the idiot driver never bothered to knock on the door, so I just happened to find it on the porch.

    • textdoc

      Same here.

    • AE

      Same here! If I’m home, I want to get the package off the porch as quickly as possible!

  • overonhst

    I use UPS My Choice. For $40/year, you can have an unlimited number of packages redirected to another address in the area including a neighbor (anywhere else for an extra fee), left at a UPS Store (near H St, there’s ones on Penn Ave SE and 455 Mass Ave NW), held at a UPS operating facility (for DC, I understand this is in Landover and a pain) or even reschedule delivery to date you’ll know you’ll be at home. UPS also lets you know when a package addressed to you hits their system and a package is delivered. Well worth the money. You don’t even need to get the premium service to get delivery notifications and you can pay for the redirection services as you need them.

    FedEx also has FedEx Delivery Manager which is similar but I haven’t used it.

    Of course, this won’t work with every package like USPS or LazerShip, a delivery service Amazon has been using. Luckily, I have had only 1 package stolen. Of all things, it was Gertrude Hawk chocolates that was shipped USPS from a relative unexpectedly.

    • Anonymous

      +1 I use this service too – it’s great. The UPS store is just a few blocks away and you don’t need a mailbox there.

  • oh2dc

    I live in the Logan/Shaw area and I had a package stolen from my condo building last week. I found the empty box and packaging near my door. We have about 8 units total, 2 are basement units in the building. The deliveries are usually left near the basement units out of view from the street.

    On my way home from work last night I saw suspicious activity around my condo building. I saw a man I’ve never seen before standing outside the building on his cell phone. As I approached I saw a woman come from the basement unit area empty handed, who was also an unknown person. Then a red Nissan Xterra (license plate began with EG) pulled up and picked them up. I believe FedEx had just tried to deliver a package to my building as I saw the driver and a sticker on the exterior door. I went to the basement units to see if there were any empty packages and I did not find any.

    I called the police but since I did not see any crime committed and didn’t have a connection to another crime, they couldn’t do anything. I just wanted to pass along the information for them to be on the lookout or corroborate any other incidents others might see.

  • Pedro Nache

    I live on 13th St in Columbia Heights and I had a package stolen. I send them to work now and that sucks since I been getting them delivered at home for the last two years.

  • KL

    Does anyone know why Amazon Locker only operates in Arlington and not DC proper? Doesn’t really make sense…

    • Anonymous

      Because currently they do not have any physical presence in DC and can get around charging sales tax on purchases. The Supremes may get the chance to change that soon, though.


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