From the Forum – Semi-Truck Blind Spots

Semi-Truck Blind Spots:

“So an industrial design blog that I follow, core77, had an interesting post that I thought would serve as a good public service reminder for my fellow popville bikers. I had never really thought about how much the blind spot of a semi truck changes as the back of the truck articulates back and forth. As the truck turns, its mirrors don’t, leaving huge blind spots in places that they could see when they were going straight. The Core77 post shares a Youtube video that was made by Transport for London that illustrates just how big the truck’s blind spot is when it is starting to turn a corner. It was eye opening for me. Be alert and stay safe out there! Particularly as we get more and more big retailers and their big delivery trucks in the neighborhood. Don’t ever assume that they can see you on your bike.

(Keep in mind, that the video was made in the UK, so the driver and curb are mirrored to the opposite side of the truck here in the US.)”

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