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Men Soliciting in Columbia Heights/Petworth:

“So tonight [Nov. 27] on my way home, for the second time this week, a man presumably tried to solicit me on my way home from the Petworth Metro. On Sunday night around 11 or 11:30, a car slowed to a stop shortly ahead of where I was walking. People double park on this street all the time, so I didn’t think much of it. I glanced over and he rolled down the window and motioned for me. It was dark and I honestly thought I knew the guy (and admittedly I sometimes do gullible things.) He asked where I was going and then if I wanted to go with him. He’d “take care of me” he says. I refuse and turn away and he offers me $100. I laughed at him and walked off. He immediately drove off. I didn’t feel unsafe, just skeeved and a little confused as to how that just happened. It was cold, I was bundled up, silly toboggan hat and all…what was he thinking?

Fast forward to tonight, I am walking down Quincy from Petworth metro again at about 12:15. About 2 blocks from the metro, a car slows to a stop next to me (different car, different guy) and honks. I turn my head and the guy motions for me. I keep walking and he pulls away. Again, I don’t feel unsafe, but don’t like this trend. I called 4th District and reported it, but I don’t know if it’ll do any good.

Both guys were in mid 90′s cars, one a blue or green Civic, the other a white Corolla(?), both appeared to be in their 40′s, medium complexion, perhaps Indian?

Just thought I would get the word out in case any other ladies are approached while on their way home at night. Please keep an eye out!”

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