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From the Forum – Installing Battery Backup Sump Pump and Permeable Paver Grass Driveway Installers – Grant Help

by Prince Of Petworth December 13, 2013 at 2:15 pm 5 Comments

Advice on Installing Battery Backup Sump Pump:

“Has anyone had this installed for his/her sump pump? I am concerned only because of potential power outages and resulting damage–living on the ground floor of a townhouse condo.

Does anyone have any suggestions on who I can contact for a battery backup sump pump?”


Permeable Paver Grass Driveway Installers – Grant Help:

“I am looking for grant assistance! In the thread posted on 9/27/10 “Kami” mentioned “grant” assistance was available. Please let me know where to find applications for this assistance!! Thanks so much!”

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  • Anonymous

    For info on the permeable paver grants go to the DCGreenworks site for info on how to apply and the limits of the program (dcgreenworks DOT org)

    • Anonymous

      It’s part of the RiverSmart program (which is amazingly awesome btw)

  • Anonymous


    Go to this website for more details (http://green.dc.gov/riversmarthomes). Basically a person comes out and goes over the options to make your house better handle stormwater. And one of those options is pavers. Takes about a month from the application date on the website to when the person comes out to your house. The rebate for pavers is $1.25 per square foot with a maximum rebate of $1,000.

  • That Man A

    You can set up a backup battery pretty easy
    my dad used 2 car batteries to use as a backup in case the backup system on the house (generator) fails

    when i lived there they had one bad flood and it sucked. a backup for your backup isnt a bad idea. will cost way less than a flood

  • MPinDC

    Check out the DDOE’s RiverSmart homes project – they offer incentives for taking action to reduce storm runoff. This includes planting trees, native plants, installing rain barrels and a rain garden and permeable pavers. I went thru them to have native plants and a tree planted in my front yard. Very worthwhile program!


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