From the Forum – Holiday Tipping at a Condo and Beware of Package Thief

by Prince Of Petworth December 20, 2013 at 2:15 pm 6 Comments

Holiday Tipping etiquette in condo building with on site staff:

“Is it customary in DC to tip the building manager, concierge, porter, etc. if you live in a nice condo building with on-site staff? I realize there are a wide variety of different apartment/condo building types so this may not be applicable to all.

My building has very friendly staff who build personal relationships with all residents and so I would like to give them something but I’m not sure what the appropriate amount would be. Does anyone in a similar type of building have any suggestions or know what is typical?”


Beware Petworth Package Thieves at Randolph and 8th ST NW:

“Last night, between 5:45 and 7:30 pm, several packages were stolen right off of our front porch (around 8th and Randolph St NW between NH and GA avenues).

The thieves struck during the hour that the house was unattended, leaving us to wonder if someone is casing the neighborhood as another reader suggested in a prior post. The thieves disgarded some of the opened packages and threw the remnants on the curb several houses away.

Please notify your neighbors and PoPville readers if you see any suspicious activity like this occurring nearby. Needless to say we will be getting all of our packages delivered to work in the future.”

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