Dear PoPville – Watch Repair?

by Prince Of Petworth December 6, 2013 at 2:30 pm 19 Comments

“Dear PoPville,

I’m wondering if you know anything about people that set up tables on sidewalks during the daytime to repair watches. Specifically, I’ve seen a man outside of the Foggy Bottom metro, and occasionally a man around 17th and P NW. I need to get a battery replaced on my watch, but don’t want to schlep downtown if these guys aren’t going to be around. Any idea of their schedules?”

  • 18th and S NW, across from the gas station. Exceptional service and reasonable prices.

    • Anon99

      I agree – its a small store and the owner is Mr. Kim, i think. I always go to him to replace batteries for my Omega, but he has all kinds of watch batteries He is very reasonable and does it quickly – when i went to other stores in big malls years earlier for the same thing, they would charge me 3 to 4 times more and always claim the watch needed some work or the other. Mr. Kim is an honest guy,

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Check out the guy downstairs at Rodman’s. Often he can do it while you wait and he is very fair in price, and will even tell you if the watch is worth fixing ;-)

    • annonny

      The Rodman’s watch guy is great. Second this recommendation. There’s also a guy regularly at the southwest side of the intersection of 17th/I NW during the week (M-F). He seems mostly to replace batteries and watch straps, not sure he can do an actual repair.

    • Anonymous

      totally… third the recommendation for the guy at Rodman’s. 30 mins and you’re done in most cases.

    • Anonymous

      One more echo for the recommendation of the guy downstairs at Rodman’s. If the neighborhood is convenient for you, he’s quick, and very reasonably priced. When I’ve had a battery changed, he’s done it while I’ve waited/shopped. If he doesn’t think a watch is worth the cost of the repair, he’ll tell you.

  • Anonymous

    Where Are you schlepping from? I noticed a place just opened in SE Capitol Hill if that’s easier.

    • Not the OP, but inquiring minds want to know.

      • Anonymous

        Near the intersection of 11th and Pennsylvania, neat to the dry cleaner.

  • textdoc

    If all you’re doing is getting a battery replaced (as opposed to something being wrong that needs repair), you might also consider Lee Brothers in Adams Morgan (depending on where you’re schlepping from). It’s on the 1700 block of Columbia Road, at the corner of Columbia and (if I’m remembering correctly) Champlain.

  • H Streeter

    There is a great watch guy in Union Station on the same level as the food court near the Post Office.

    • Irving Streete

      I went to this guy and he wanted more than $100 –yes, more than $100 — to change the battery. When I told him (not in these words) that he was full of shit, he explained that my watch was very complicated. Now, from the front, my watch looks (and was) fairly pricy. But, inside, it’s a Casio. Those guys are thieves. Their counterparts (same chain) at Pentagon City tried the same thing.

  • Nathan

    Han Time Engraving- 1014 14th St NW

  • A

    Unfortunately I can’t tell you anything about his schedule, but the watch guy with the table next to Foggy Bottom metro station is legit. He changed the battery on a tricky watch of mine instantaneously for less than half the price of anyone else, so I gave him a big tip.

  • Kate900

    You mentioned being in the Foggy Bottom area, so go to the shops at 2000 Pennsylvania Ave. There’s a watch store in there and a guy who can replace batteries, bands, etc. There’s also a place just inside Pentagon City mall. Basically there are lots of shops all over town where you can be sure the service is legit and it’s still cheap.

    • A

      I have also been to the watch guy in the shops at 2000 Penn. He’s pretty good, and I would go to him for anything more complicated than changing a battery. He charges too much just for changing a battery though.

  • C

    The guy who sits near Farragut West (17th and I, I think) replaced my battery pretty quickly and did a good job!


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