• Ace

    I am not sure how comprehensive the source data is, but is there a way to track the home address of the convicted criminals. I think it woul be interesting to see not only where the crimes are occurring but also where the perpetrators originate from.

    • Anonymous

      This. Though I’m not sure criminals’ home addresses are made public unless they’re registered sex offenders…

  • Hey everyone, Sarah here. If you have questions about the types of crimes or the data, or if you want to see the map in a larger format (plus other maps including change by year, filter by crime, etc.) then check it out here:


    There is a page called Crime Definitions that can help you understand what each crime type includes, and there is a page call About the Data which will tell you more about where the data came from and how I used it.


    • Very cool map. My only suggestion would be to change the colors used somewhat. I’ve got excellent eyesight and even I have a bit of trouble distinguishing between some of the dots.

      • Anonymous

        You can hover over an individual dot to get the details.

    • gotryit

      Thanks for putting that together – pretty interesting to see the trends.

    • the dude

      Sarah – thanks so much, this is a very useful tool! One question – it seems that no individual block ever has more than one crime reported – are all crimes getting captured in this map? thanks.

      • the dude

        Specifically, I mean in the individual crimes map that reports block-by-block.

        • If you take a look at the About the Data page, I explain why it looks like that. Basically, all of the crimes that happen on a block were given 1 set of latitude and longitude coordinates by MPD, so they overlap, which is annoying. That’s why dots look like they’re a bit off-color from what they should look like. If you go to the Filter by Year map, you can see individual types of crime in each year, which should cut down on the overlap.

          • the dude

            Would it be easy to replicate the DC crime map? Ie, replace the colored dots with numbers to represent how many crimes occurred on a block – either overall or of a particular type? Your map would be better than the DC crime map because of the stupid 1500 foot maximum radius on DC crime map.

          • I’m trying to reply to the comment below but it’s not letting me for some reason…

            the dude, if you go to the Total Crimes map, you can see the total number of crimes in each census block in that year. I know it’s not by block, but you can at least get a better idea of the total number of crimes in the general area rather than staring at a large amount of overlapping dots.
            There’s also a chart in the interactivity box that tells you how many crimes occurred each month in that area.

            I hope that helps!

  • Trinidaddy

    Looks like anacostia has a case of chicken pox….

    • sbc

      actually, I thought it was interesting how different crimes have different patterns and how influenced by population density crimes are (10 robberies are really different in an area that has 100 people vs. 100,000 people). The part of Anacostia near Barry Farm has a lot more crime per capita than the part by the library, and I bet if it were broken down into smaller areas there would be an even bigger block-to block change around the city.

  • C

    Is there anywhere to find historic crime maps by area? Some of my friends who live on the Hill (near Barracks Row/Eastern Market) want to see how dangerous the neighborhood was back in the day.

    • If you go to the full site, the maps go back to 2007. MPD doesn’t have crime data released in this format before then. It might be on paper somewhere though.

      • Anonymous

        thank you!

  • SF

    The full map is pretty great. Check out how low the crime per 100 people is for lower Trinidad and Rosedale.

  • It’s like some horrific lite brite.

  • CEG

    I’m feeling pretty good about my decision to move to SouthWest…

  • Anonymous

    Are there any stats on the relationships between victims and perpetrators?

    Like if a bunch of criminals are attacking and killing each other, then I don’t care. I also don’t care about sexual assaults between people who know each other, or any violent crimes involving domestic disputes.

  • anon

    I’m moving into a tent in the middle of Rock Creek Park….


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