Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user Rich Renomeron

“Dear PoPville,

Can anyone explain the demise of craigslist as a good source for apartment rental listings? Over the years, I have found great apartments in places like Brooklyn and Albany, but now, having recently returned to D.C., I have been foiled. So far I have found hundreds and hundreds of fake, inappropriate, or overly commercial listings, but very few legit, owner-posted ads. I am spending hours flagging posts instead of inquiring about potential new places to call home.

Is this just a bad time to be looking for an apartment in D.C.? I am well aware of the recent real estate boom that has caused what I consider to be false inflation of prices, but I figured that there are always options, no matter what the market. Also, full disclosure: I am on a tight budget, so perhaps there are real listings for those who have more money throw at rent.

Are there any other listing services that have replaced craigslist? Or are folks just able to rent their apartments so quickly that there’s no need to advertise? I am completely blindsided!

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.”


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