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  1. Great, so in the last 4 days theres been an assault at euclid and columbia, a homicide/arson at 10th and euclid, a stabbing at 13th and euclid, and now this.

    Glad i can get a little taste of anacostia in my backyrd without having to make the trek to SE…

  2. yeah euclid does seem to have some bad actors on it huh? is there a known gang there or something (probably several)?

  3. There must be a known gang. That’s why the police don’t patrol the area.

  4. DC cops dont understand the concept of “patrolling” or “policing,” they take more of a “let something happen and then respond” type attitude. So in effect they should be called “incident responders” instead of policemen, cause they sure don’t police much

  5. It’s not a hate crime If it’s black on white.

  6. hmmm? i dont understand

  7. Ugh. Any chance of a community meeting with MPD to figure out the best way to either patrol that area more regularly or to, maybe, get rid of those projects entirely? That itself would drop the violent crime rate dramatically. .

  8. Is anybody really shocked about 1300 Columbia? Anybody that lives in the neighborhood knows not to walk down that block.

  9. yeah, I used to live in that last rowhouse on 13th before the projects, and I was never so glad to get out there. The kids tagged my building, destroyed my lawn chairs, and literally made confetti out of our mail. Tear down the whole goddamn thing.


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