Washington, DC


Anyone know how to get the best electricity and gas rates in DC?

“My DC rowhouse house is powered by Washington Gas and PEPCO electric. Last month some guy came to the house from PEPCO (I think) saying I should call the number on my bill and ask about getting wholesale rates for my power? Said he was from the company, and they want people to be happy, so they were sending people around to educate the public on how they could get Lower rates? It sounded weird, since they could just lower our rates if they really wanted. I also get the monthly letters from WGES telling me they can undercut PEPCO, even though PEPCO would still supply my electricity? I can lock in some rates or something?

There seem to be a lot of options, and then discounts that can be had if you call and ask for them. Has anyone figured out how to get the best energy rates for residential?”

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