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Dear PoPville – Where does your moral sense of right and wrong fall on this issue?

by Prince Of Petworth June 11, 2013 at 1:30 pm 60 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Island_DC

Dear PoPville,

This is an actual situation at our condo building, and the owner of the parking spot has recently asked the board to impose a fine for anyone using the spot. Anyone else who has had this situation at their condo and dealt with it effectively is also welcome to provide input.

Example: A small condo building (6 units) has one parking spot. This spot was purchased by a single owner and is legally deeded to her. She pays and additional monthly condo fee assessment on it and is responsible for the taxes on it annually herself. It is not a common element in any way. In an effort to be a good neighbor, she has made it clear to the other owners that she is open to allowing it to be used short term for unloading groceries or washing a car, etc, IF she is asked about it first to ensure she is not in need of the parking spot at that given time.

Even though this has been made clear to the other unit owners multiple times, there are still those that don’t respect that offer. Many park when they want to without asking, have their cleaning lady or their plumber park in the spot etc. The owner of the spot has many times had to track down the owner of the vehicle and have it moved so she can get into her own spot. There have been times when she had guests on the way over to visit and park in the spot, but when they arrive someone else in the building was already in it.

Where does your moral sense of right and wrong fall on this issue?

Category 1: What’s the big deal? Sure she paid for it., I am not costing her any money by using it from time to time. I am too busy to send a text every time I want to park in that spot, it is empty anyway.

Category 2: Clearly a rude sense of entitlement is being shown by those other owners who park without asking. They should be fined for it just the same as if they were parking illegally on the street.

Category 3: Somewhere in the middle / Can’t we all just get along / Explain


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