• Denizen

    That same car was parked outside Hunted House all day last Sunday along with about 4 others vintage beauties, including a Thunderbird… They were part of the store’s MAD House party.

  • Anonymous

    This is GORGEOUS

  • Sweet ride. All i need is a mask and a cape.

  • Sal Gotleib

    I would like to talk to the owner as I am restoring the same color MK II.
    SN C5601601
    I live in spring, TX

    Sal 281-419-2161

  • maggieb

    From my car nut father: “Cool, Ford created a separate division (Continental) to produce these cars. They were all hand built, very expensive and Ford lost money on every one produced. There were delivered to the dealer in a cloth bag, similar to the shoe mitt you get in a hotel. Surprisingly as a collector car they are not terribly expensive.”


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