Washington, DC


Metro Transit Police today arrested and charged Ezra Porter, Jr., 50, of Upper Marlboro, Md. with First Degree Sexual Assault in connection with an incident that allegedly occurred aboard a MetroAccess vehicle on Friday, April 19. Porter is a driver employed by MV Transportation, which provides MetroAccess service under a contract that ends June 30, 2013.

During a scheduled trip Friday afternoon, Porter is alleged to have stopped the vehicle and had inappropriate sexual contact with the adult female victim prior to transporting her to her residence.

Metro Transit Police were contacted Friday afternoon by a family member and immediately launched an investigation. Porter has not been permitted to operate MetroAccess service since the alleged incident.

Metro requires MV Transportation to screen all employees used to provide MetroAccess service for criminal history prior to employment. Porter has been employed by MV Transportation since November 2009.


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