Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

by Prince Of Petworth April 17, 2013 at 10:00 am 103 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Rukasu1

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

  • dcladi

    Rave: First thing I saw when I left my apartment – Cherry blossoms !!
    Rant: My brain associates this season w/my ex -_-
    Rave: Stubborn brain will learn new associations !

  • Anonymous

    Rave: The above photo. Too funny.

  • Britt

    Rave: That picture is awesome – thanks for the smile and the chuckle :-D.

    Rave: Backgammon in the park with the husband in beautiful weather.

    Rant: Attached to news coverage related to the Boston explosions – still hurting for the people injured and families.

    Rave: All of the outpouring of support and love – hoping I can add my support and love in some way.

    • Anonymous

      What, couldn’t find a bar in which to play backgammon without it demanding you purchase food or drink?

  • Blithe

    Rave: That pic
    Revel: learning about stuff like graphic equalizers and Fishman amps as my guitar journey/obsession continues.
    Rant: Spring allergies vs Claritin.

    • Anonymous

      My husband went to an allergist. He told him that Claritin is 4 out of 10, Allegra is 8 out of 10 and Zyrtec is 9 out of 10 in terms of quality. He also said if you take Zyrtec (the non decongestant kind) and get really drowsy/sleepy the first time, don’t take it anymore, and try Allegra instead.

      • Blithe

        Thank you! I did try Zyrtec once and got horribly drowsy – so I went back to Claritin. I’ll give Allegra a try! 8 out of 10 would be pretty wonderful!

  • Anonymous

    Rave – that picture!

    Funny rant – Yesterday I saw a discarded Christmas tree in Georgetown on the corner of 34th & P. It was all brown and dried up and sad looking. Who keeps a dead Christmas tree that long?? People are weird.

    • Anonymous

      A lot of those Georgetown houses are owned by people who are only in them occasionally. Maybe they used it to throw a Christmas party, then came back recently and realized there was a tree that needed to be thrown away.

      • georgetowner

        That tree’s been lying up against the house for months.

  • dcdc

    rave: that’s my favorite dog ever! i walk by him all the time on calvert st and he has his paws crossed just so

    rant: I need to decide by Monday if i want to go to grad school because that’s the deadline to send in my deposit to hold my spot. It’s an exciting opportunity, but it means I’d have to leave DC at the end of the summer after making this my home for 4 years :(

    • Anonymous

      That’s a tough decision. I was in your shoes 4 years trying to decided if I should leave my steady job, friends, and family to go to grad school half way across the country. I left everything and went to school! I can now say that it was the best life decision I have ever made. However, make sure that in your field of work a graduate degree is worth the financial investment. Good luck with whatever you decide!

      • dcdc

        Thanks so much! That’s really encouraging. I think the scariest thing is to think of leaving the path I know that I like (the one I’m on now) to take one that’s unknown but could also lead me professionally towards something I love!

  • AMDCer

    Rave: I love that dog! I have a similar picture of him that I took a couple of summers ago.

  • Rave: As most others have noted, that picture made me laugh. Nice work Rukasu1. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: ROMO! (pictured above)

  • Rant: Work has just been continually insane. Getting real close to packing up and becoming a hermit in the mountains.

    Rave: Pretty much all other aspects of my life are humming along smoothly

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Boston. Like everyone, I feel completely awful about what happened. But what I feel even worse about that I am so desensitized. This is almost just another day and another horrible incident.

    I distinctly remember growing up in the 1990’s and thinking that life/current events were so “boring.” I was only around ten years old when Oklahoma City happened and I will never forget where I was and what happened. Then Columbine- I had the same feeling. And of course 9/11. Then Sandy Hook. Each of these events just stopped my in my tracks. But for some reason, I feel somewhat desensitized to this incident, which I should not because it was horrific and an attack on our country. I worry that I am/we as a country are becoming so desensitized to horrible events because they are just too common at this point.

    Sorry to be so intense on a Wednesday morning, but that is my true rant for today.

    • Your comment got me thinking. I am definitely desensitized. I can only remember where I was for 9/11 and the Challenger explosion (I’m an old) and probably only remember those because I was already doing something out of the ordinary.

      • I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t remember what they were doing or where they were on 9/11.

        I also remember where I was when the challenger blew up, but that’s just because I happened to be watching it at school when it happened. Same with the OJ verdict strangely enough.

        • If I were at work for 9/11 I would not remember the exact moment and all that jazz. My brain doesn’t work that way. I remember 9/11 because I had to take my mom to the Doctor b/c she had severed her Achilles tendon. I remember a lot of really specific stuff from that summer because of that Achilles tendon.

    • skj84

      I felt the same way. I distinctly remember where I was for Oklahoma City bombing(fourth grade sitting in the all purpose room.), OJ Simpson(5th Grade also in the all purpose room) Columbine(on a tour of my high school during 9th grade orientation day) 9-11(Creative Writing class my Junior year), and Virginia Tech(in the language lab at college).

      These recent tragedies all bleed together in my mind. I’m so sad that I’ve become desensitized to them, yet I don’t want to live in some sort of fear because of them.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    In addition to multiple animal fixes – Romo was once featured in his own caption contest:


    No doubt the coolest dog in the district.

    • manimal

      how quickly we forget Ernie.

      • ERNIE!!!! *sobs* Where is Ernie? Why are his humans keeping him from us????

      • Prince Of Petworth

        hahaha Ernie as a puppy might have a shot at the title but Ernie can’t beat Romo now!

        • manimal


          just toss the aged aside!

        • But Ernie can FLY. I don’t see this dog doing anything but sitting like a lump on a log, an admittedly cool lump, but a lump all the same.

          • manimal


        • C3PO

          Big statement, PoP. You need to back it up with some current photographic documentation of Ernie.

    • Blithe

      For some reason that pic reminded me of a world-weary Humphrey Bogart pondering the ephemeral beauty of the blossoms in contrast to the more painful and sordid realities of the world…. Woof! At the same time, I had to grin because it was so doggone cute! Definitely my first grin of the morning!

  • fellowpetworthian

    Rave: New DMV office at Rhode Island Ave Metro Station. Brand new, super nice people, and in and out in less than 20 minutes for a license renewal.

    Rave: Spring has sprung!

    Rant: Allergies!

    • Anonymous

      The SW DMV has been like that for as long as I can remember!

    • AMDCer

      Good to know – I need to renew my license soon.

    • Anonymous

      For the Rhode Island DMV, what time and day did you go? I’ve been monitoring the webcam for the SW DMV for a few weeks, and it seems to always be a madhouse. Today is particularly insane because of the three-day DMV weekend.

      • fellowpetworthian

        I got there around 8:00 this morning. There was a line outside, but once the doors opened at 8:15, I was done by 8:40. I was extremely pleased. I can’t speak for later in the day since I went early.

  • anon

    Rant: Every person who feels like they have a story to tell about the Boston Bombings…this takes away from the real victims. Please don’t dramatize your “association” with the event – this is nothing to be exaggerated. Just pray for the actual victims and those directly impacted by the event.

    Rant: Facebook Friend’s post ‘angry’ about the questioning of a middle eastern man and continuing to cite all the white men who have caused harm in the past. Please don’t make this into a race issue. It is a national security issue – nothing else. You would be calling the people heros if the man had something to do with it.

    Rave: Summer is almost here

    • Anon

      Don’t pray for the victims, actually do something.

    • Anonymous

      Aren’t your rants dramatizing your association with the event too? I mean, who are you to tell people how to react and cope. Get over yourself.

    • On the topic of telling stories, this article particularly spoke to me – http://www.theatlanticwire.com/national/2013/04/saying-something-about-boston/64271/.

    • Britt

      I’ve always wondered about that in human nature. Why do we focus our storytelling/recounting on the “almost there”, “there only an hour and a half before”, “know someone who was close by”, etc. It’s as though maybe we’re willing ourselves to have been there or perhaps it’s just a solidarity act.
      Seriously, it could happen to any/all of us, it’s a random, chance event.
      I appreciated the spirit of your comment. Save the energy of “it could have been me” and send those thoughts and energy to the people who need it most – the ones who were impacted by the event.

      • anon

        Thank you, Britt, for understanding. That’s exactly what I was getting at.

        • Anonymous

          I agree. Someone’s six degrees of separation from a tragedy are meaningless compared to what the actual victims experienced.

          • manimal

            and i disagree. it means that we are all connected, disturbed, and concerned.
            the closer to this people feel, no matter how roundabout that may seem, the more determined we will be to fight hatred, and treat our fellows humans better.

            if we encourage these kinds of emotional connections to tragic events, no matter where in the world they occur, we may become a better species.

    • I’ve talked a little about my associations. I wanted friends to know that it seems like the WHOLE city is out to celebrate and cheer on the runners. It’s a triumphant, celebratory day, filled with pride for the city and the athletes, and yet it’s a multinational event (runners from all over the world participate). To attack the runners and spectators really is an attack on humanity. And without having been there (just as a spectator to watch my brother run), I could not have understood what a significant, terrible event this really was.

      I doubt anyone is trying to gain attention or distract from victims by telling you what their association is. A lot of the time I think people give their story to make it more “real,” and I think it often makes me have even greater empathy for the actual victims.

    • Plato

      I see your point, but people grieve in very different ways. Sure, it may be grating on your nerves after awhile, but if it helps someone to announce to others their association with the event, then so be it – it’s often not about trying to stand out or getting attention, but trying to find others like you to commiserate. When something like this affects someone deeply, whether directly or indirectly, it’s considered a step forward here in the mental health community to talk/write about it. The event in Boston triggered various emotions from all kinds of people from all kinds of experiences that they went through in the past. I had a war veteran screaming at me, and then throwing up all over my desk from just hearing the explosions on the radio, and he didn’t know anyone at the event – does that mean his suffering is any less than that of the families of those who died? I am most certainly not one to say. We shouldn’t judge others by how directly they’re related to the event or not, we should let everyone heal in the best way they know how – some are better than others at this, but categorizing it as a dramatization or exaggeration pushes the affected person to internalize these emotions, leading to severe damage in communication skills and serious guilt later on down the road when expressing emotion. I would even venture to say that the more folks that come out as being affected in any shape or form by this event, the more it adds to the solidarity with all the victims and a more unified community. It’s not safe for anyone to judge or to categorize one person’s suffering over anothers because we all manage hurt and fear in very, very different ways. If someone wants to talk about being absolutely frighted to run the London marathon this weekend in a breathless crying fit, having never even set foot in Boston or even know any Americans, let them, so they can begin to find the road to a place without fear. You don’t have to be supportive, heck, you don’t even need to listen attentively, just let it happen – you may not care and it might even anger you that they’re brother-in-law’s best friend’s mother crossed the finish ten minutes before the first explosion, but it’s obviously affected them somehow whether you approve or not. Be kind; for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

      • anon

        I am not talking about individuals such as the War Veteran you cite. Certainly, that is a separate issue. PTSD is a whole different beast to battle which is extremely sad in its own rite. Of course hearing an explosion is an emotional trigger for such an individual.

        The issue I am discussing are the ones similar to what Britt cites. The situation where someone is explaining that they were once by the finish line last month, or in the library growing up 10 years ago or they had a friend that was near that area last week. These are the anecdotes that I feel take away from what the victims are going through and takes away from the actual victims.

        Of course people will be concerned about security at future mass events, in particular marathons. I am running MCM in October and have thought about this. In fact, the last time I ran it there were snipers on the buildings because of the man shooting marine recruiting centers. It is normal to think ahead of extra security precautions and issues. These are not the situations, concerns or conversations I am referring to.

        I am not telling people how to cope, I just believe everybody needs to keep in mind those who are directly affected by the situation. If empathy brings action, that’s great. Banding together to raise money for the victims who no doubt will need prosthetics and emotional support is a great way to do this but telling me about your most random, if minute, association does not benefit anyone in this situation.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with this. I think people have always thought about how close they were to disasters as way of coping and understanding how fragile life is and how quickly everything can change. The difference now is that we all hear about it and see it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, blogs, or whatever kids are using these days. And sometimes people (at least I do) get really tired of hearing how someone’s best friend’s cousin’s girlfriend was in Boston and heard the bomb. And then I just log off Facebook for a while so that I can process my emotions alone or with close friends and family in person.

        • Annonymous

          “And sometimes people (at least I do) get really tired of hearing how someone’s best friend’s cousin’s girlfriend was in Boston and heard the bomb.”

          I believe this is the type of thing “anon” is referring too, and I find it tiresome as well. I think our facebook/twiiter/tumblr/blog obsessed society encourages a certain degree of “Look at me! Look at me!” that has to do much more with self absorption than it does genuine thoughtfulness and reflection. Maybe that is too harsh, but like the person above, I just decided to stop reading facebook for a few days to let it pass. The people usually engaging in that type of thing will be on to something else pretty quickly.

          • Plato

            Ah, that’s an excellent point. And I completely agree on the “look at me’s” if it doesn’t lead to some kind of action and if in fact it is an act of selfishness. It’s just hard to tell if that’s the case or will be the case. The din is overwhelming – powering down, taking a step back is a great idea.

  • Rant: Boston guy on the news this morning comparing what happened there to 9/11. Let it be it’s own event, because comparing it to 9/11 does no one any favors. Though it’s his town, so I guess I shouldn’t bitch.

    Rant: My hill billy tooth hurts again, but I’m sick of dentists so I’m just sitting here in pain like a dumbass.

    Rave: I did take some Advil so I’m not a total moron, just mostly.

  • Rave: Slept with my windows open last night!
    Rant: Dang birds woke me up a 5 am. I didn’t know birds were up before the sun.

    • Birds are evil. They are noisy and they ate my plants.

      • But they elicit such cute stuttering noises from my cat: meh..eh..eh…ehh…eh!

        • Hurrumph. My cat didn’t even notice while they ate her catnip. She’s a bad bad weebus.

  • pokerface

    RAVE: I saw this dog just hanging outside the window last Saturday morning on my walk back from running in Rock Creek. Seems it’s his thing. HIGHlarious.

    RANT: I never seem to think to pop my iPhone out to nab a pic of cute/cool stuff like this.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Forced Telework due to office move. AKA clean my condo.

  • Rant: Having an out-of-sorts kind of week.

    Rave: Productive weekend ahead – vet visits, seeing friends, cleaning, and maybe painting… all needed things before another hectic week.

  • Revel: Had a good cry last night for those folks in Boston. Felt good to let go of the anger.

  • skj84

    Rave: That picture brightened my day!

    Rant: Have been down in the dumps most of the week. Partly because of Boston, partly because of Mom being sick, and partly because I feel like I can’t get my life together.

    Rave: Tax refund went through!

    Rant: Its a lot less than I thought It would be. I knew part of it would be offset to pay for taxes due from last year, but its still less than what I should’ve received. A call to the IRS is in order.

  • Rant: Moved out of my place in Logan Circle this past weekend (which in itself was a sad moment) and the moving company only brought a 16 foot truck instead of a 26 foot truck as we had discussed, since I have quite a lot of stuff. This caused me to not only have to make multiple trips back over to the house to pick up stuff they couldn’t carry, but to have to leave behind my 60″ inch old Hitachi HDTV with my roommate who was staying behind, because they just couldn’t fit it in the truck.

    Rave: Not having my old TV gave me the perfect excuse to buy a new one, something I had wanted to do for a while. Just ordered the brand new Samsung F8500 64″ plasma today, stoked to see all the improvements they’ve made with this year’s model!

    Rant within a rant/rave: The TV is going to be completely overwhelming in the small temporary space we’re living in while we wait to close on our house in Capitol Hill and the subsequent months of renovations to take place.

    • Farnsworth

      Samsung makes a fantastic plasma; you’re going to love it.

    • Anonymous

      If I were you I’d wait until you move into your new house to buy the TV. There is so much to do and see in Capitol Hill that you won’t have time to watch it (since moving here my girlfriend and I are lucky if we turn ours on once a month). Plus you’ll be tied up with the home renovations later. Might as well save yourself the trouble of having another thing to move.

      • Well we won’t be moving into the house until renovations are done (hiring contractors to do all of the work), so that’s not as much of a concern. And I’ve lived in DC for 5 years now and make every effort to explore all of its neighborhoods, so I’ve seen quite a bit of Capitol Hill thus far, especially while running. Once football season begins there will be no waiting for a TV! :)

  • Anonymous


    Preface: As I am glad to see anything in that building I shall not complain, only provide constructive examples of ways to improve. : )

    The Red Hen opened last night in Bloomingdale and I tried it out with a date. I would say it was exactly what they said it would be, a high end restaurant. The building itself was nice, not as nice as Le Diplomate but compared to what it was previously, a zillion times better, quite equitable. The bar is very large so I can see it being a big meeting place. The tables and chairs were beautiful and high quality, and not as uncomfortable as they look in the pictures. It would not hurt to add a cushion. Spacious and roomy, you don’t feel packed in. Very nice indeed.

    The menu was unique. We tried the whole line, custom drinks (both good, mine was rather small while my date’s was normal size) Appetizers were very good, and properly sized for one (don’t expect to share them) the Entree’s were also very good, but TINY, this was the let down. They were less than half what you would get from other restaurants, about the size you would get at a 5 – 7 course restaurant. Most normal restaurants give you more than you really should eat, so it should not be doubled, but for sure it should at least cover the majority of the plate it is on. : ) We ordered one side item which helped extend the meal. Now the Entree with a Side is about a good meal, but at 12 – 20 for the entree and 6 – 10 for the side, that is an expensive meal to just satisfy you. (Although that is their point, to be a high end = high cost lol Restaurant) We shared a desert and it was extraordinary. The total bill came to $90 for two without tip, at this price point one should not leave unfilled. (For comparison I have spent 110 for two at Zaytanya, but we had multiple drinks and were stuffed when we left.)

    The price point is not so much the problem, this is not uncommon in high end restaurants in DC. I am just not sure it will be a good fit for a Neighborhood location. I go to the other restaurants in Bloomingdale weekly, I could see going to Red Hen 2 – 3 times a year due to the cost. Hopefully they will either adapt to their surroundings or be able to pull in enough customers from other parts of the city to keep business going good. It is a nice place with good food in a much needed location.

    The staff were excellent, they were pro customer first and it showed from the waiters to the bus staff, well done you.

    • sss

      i live in and love the neighborhood and thrilled at the revitalization i’ve seen here, but i’m very distressed by the costs. i can’t afford 90 bucks before tip and then to leave wanting more.

      • Anonymous

        Tru Dat……….. but this is just one place like this, and two others are about to open, and one more empty store front in the hood so all in all we can live with it. If we had not gotten drinks or desert it would have been cheaper, still expensive but more reasonable. If they work on portions it should be a good compromise. I bet their brunch soon to come will be more reasonable that the dinner prices.

        • sss

          yeah. and don’t get me wrong, while i can’t really swing it, i still think it’s great for the neighborhood. i love seeing some many people walking up and down first street. i remember when it was really sketchy and bombed out feeling.

    • Anonymous

      you mean, the price?

    • Marcus Aurelius

      $12-20 for an entree and $6-10 for an appetizer is not “high end.” Maybe it’s “high end” compared to a takeout place but it’s not “high end” in an absolute sense.
      But it is too much to pay for a meal that doesn’t fill you up.

  • Rant: Car broken into, AGAIN. All they got was a scratched up old pair of sunglasses and a half roll of quarters (neither of which were visible), and small package I had addressed to my mom containing a book about caring for the elderly. After spending $1900 on the car at the shop last week. Fun times.

  • KenyonDweller

    Rant: that 8 year old boy who died in Boston. I really can’t even read the stories about him because it just makes me think of my own kid and how I just don’t know whether I could go on if that happened to him. I would gladly be blown up myself if it would spare my son.

    Rave: I drove through Rock Creek Park this morning and it was stunningly beautiful. Only a week or so ago, all the trees were barren, and now everything has burst with new green and flowers.

  • Rant/Rave: Yesterday was my last class of law school ever. I cried when I got home, because I’m happy to have survived three years of impossible demands, because I’m sad that I’ll never be a student again after spending my entire life in school, because I’m terrified of being unemployed, and because I know I’ll find a way but I hate that it’s so uncertain.

    • I was in your exact place 3 years ago. Things have mostly worked out for me. Good luck.

  • RANT: Allergies are brutal right now. Took two Claritin and it doesn’t seem to do anything. I can’t even wear my contacts today.

    • I’m a big advocate for the Neti Pot!

    • No allergies for me this Spring. It’s one POSITVE side effect from chemotherapy (which I finished back in January)- woo hoo.

      So yeah, if claritin isn’t working for you, there’s always chemotherapy :). Of course all the other side effects might not make it worth it for you…

      • I’ll stick with my allergy suffering, thanks. lol.

        (ps – get better!)

      • molly

        Congrats on finishing chemo! :)

    • Marcus Aurelius

      I’ve had allergies forever. Years ago when I asked my primary care doctor for a prescription during a particulatrly bad allergy season he suggested that I try switching medications each season. He said sometimes the body gets used to what you’re taking and it becomes less effective. I took his suggestion and switched to Zyrtec and haven’t looked back. I still do some sneezing on really bad days, but I’ve been very satisfied with Zyrtec.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: 24 weeks today!
    Rant: Still can’t shake the feeling that something bad will happen with the baby between now and when I’m due. Does that feeling ever go away?

    • If you’re anything like my mom it never goes away and I’m 24. At least twice a week she calls to say she has a weird feeling that something bad is happening

      But we come from a worrisome family :)

    • Meg

      Never. Not even after they’re born, but it’s a little easier when you can see them. It’s part of being a parent and loving someone more than life itself. Embrace it!

  • Rant: Big family drama at home. Realizing that now I am the family’s patriarch and I’m the one called to fix the situation.

    • I also feel a little bit like Michael Corleone, except I’m not that handsome :D

      • I was thinking more like Michael Bluth, but you’re obviously in a better position to judge. :D

        Seriously though, hope the drama is sorted out without too much trouble.

        • Just remember, there’s always money in the banana stand.

    • Lucky you! So glad to have an older sister to defer to, though she sucks in a crisis.

      • So do I, but I fake it really well :D

        • lol at least you fake it! My sister just gets more and more panicked and shrill. But. She’s GREAT at planning things. So there is balance.

  • Funny: CNN and their inability to report anything remotely close to the truth today….lawd! lol

    • Infuriating: people who immediately re-post to social media everything new they read on CNN. Even moreso when CNN turns out to be wrong.

      • They need to watch that show of HBO called NewsRoom. lol This is hilarious

      • Anonymous

        My MIL always wants to have CNN on when she comes over, and is always slightly aghast that we have to hunt through the hundreds of channels trying to find it because we obviously don’t watch it ourselves. I just think there are better ways of getting the news.

        • Man, it drives me nuts when people have the 24-hour TV news cycle on in the background constantly at home. I’ve known at least two families who do this (my father in recent years included, although he hasn’t always been that way). How does the constant drone and the repeat of the same stories over and over and the emergency-this-just-in-panic-baiting not make people crazy!?

          • Anonymous

            Exactly my feelings. I guess it can supply conversational topics, but more often it just makes it hard to have a conversation. Especially since half of it’s very loud commercials.

  • Revel: Unexpected raise and promotion one hour ago. And I got promoted faster than the people who are currently at my new level.

    Rant: I still want more money.

    Rant: One other guy got promoted, while a few others didn’t who’ve been here just as long as him and put in more effort than him. There’s going to be some hurt feelings.

    • Let me borrow 5 bucks

    • Congratulations!

      Please buy me today’s house porn listing. Thank you.

      • Um, I think I would need a raise that is 4x my new salary to even get close to affording that.

        Not gonna happen while working for the government. lol.


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