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  • J


    • I wonder if he got the car for Frrrreeeeeee!!!!!! ?

  • Anon

    Respectfully, well duh! :P

  • Anonymous

    I’ve seen this car parked on near Columbia Heights. I had the same exact thought that it most have been Matthew Lesko. Well to be honest, I thought, “it must be that question mark guy that shows people how to get money from the government. It makes sense he lives in DC, and especially near Columbia Heights.”

    • Actually, I’m fairly sure he lives in Bethesda.

      • Kensington. Just off of Connecticut Avenue.

    • Anonymous

      i saw him eating at the coupe the other day

  • This guy has been around forever – he pops up around elections and rallys – long time DC fixture.

  • Anonymous

    The Riddler really needs to get a more subtle car if he deosn’t want Batman to catch him.

  • Ward One Resident

    He’s had this car for several years now. It’s usually parked near his place on Columbia Rd. Surprised this is the first time that you’ve seen it.

  • Anonymous

    He’s been a regular customer at Tryst for years. I see him there all the time.

  • Why is he driving to Tryst from Columbia Heights?

  • Anonymous

    He was at SXSW and is a regular at the Panera in friendship. living the dream.

    • hcfoo22

      weird. he’s also a regular at the panera in the wheaton mall.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, I’m fairly sure he lives off of Connecticut in Kensington, which would make driving to Tryst much more reasonable. I used to live up there and would always see his yellow mini and his wife’s purple, question mark-laden Scion parked in the driveway.

  • Years ago his son was a bartender at Ventnor’s and he would come in with friends every now and then. Always wore a sport coat with question marks all over it, too.

    • alexa123

      His son also went to my college. I had no idea until I saw his car parked around campus and then spotted the guy in his suit covered with question marks.

      • SJ

        UMD Represent

      • Liz

        His son went to MY college too… maybe he has 2 sons? He graduated with me in 2007

  • I’ve seen him on 18th St before.

  • I don’t know them, but this has to be the weirdest family ever.

  • Anonymous

    He has a matching Vespa, spoke to him outside DSW in Bethesda last summer.


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