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Good Deal or Not? “sun-filled w/ 3-sides of light” edition

by Prince Of Petworth April 29, 2013 at 1:00 pm 49 Comments

1480 Harvard Street Northwest

This condo is located at 1480 Harvard Street, NW:

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The listing says:

“CONTRACT FELL THROUGH – LAST & BEST NOW AVAILABLE! Gorgeous 2-level 2BR/2BA PH that’s sun-filled w/ 3-sides of light, hardwood floors, marble Kitchen & Baths, walk-in showers, large shelved closets, recessed lighting, cathedral ceilings, solid doors, HUGE PRIVATE ROOFDECK. Condo fees/tax subject to change. 3 BLOCKS TO METRO – GREAT LOCATION!”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $729,900 ($172 monthly fee.)

Ed. Note: We looked at this house as a GDoN revisited before it was split into condos back in Feb.

  • Just further confirmation I can’t afford to buy a place in my current neighborhood- sweet!

    • JS

      Just further confirmation that you can’t search more than one real estate listing – there’s a condo on Irving that’s 375K.

      • Thanks for taking me literally. Yes, obviously there are places nearby that are cheaper than this one.

        I guess I should have said what others did below: the prices in C. Heights kinda blow my mind. While it is a very nice condo, I don’t think I’d buy it if I had that kind of money to spend on a place to live.

        • Anonymous

          I don’t understand the prices in Columbia Heights either. It’s way too far from downtown and nowhere near the regional highways. Relying on the metro for transportation must be a total nightmare

          I don’t even think this would sell for $729K in Logan or Dupont Circle and they are both far superior neighborhoods. This unit is worth $550K, but my guess is that it goes under contract for $675K.

  • Anonymous

    Cool place. 1000 sqft for 2BD/2BR isn’t that big, but the roofdeck is sweet.

    They might end up getting 5-10% more than the first contract, the market has gone up quite a bit since the first time it “sold.” Plus inventory is still really low. Not sure it makes up for the 2-4 extra mortgage payments, but you never know.

    • Anonymous

      I can’t get over these Columbia Heights prices. Why wouldn’t you live a half mile south in the U Street/Logan area for the same amount of money?

      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        U st and Logan are 1.5+ miles south, depending on where you draw the boundary. Also, this property is closer to $800K down there.

        • Anonymous

          Sorry, nothing comparable in Logan has gone under contract for $800 per square ft. This would sell for $675K at 15th and P.

          • I’m pretty sure the Aston was selling units for close to $750 a sq foot, actually.

      • Anonymous

        You beat me to it! This would sell for $675K in Logan Circle, which is fair in my opinion. I would want at least a $125K discount to live in CH putting this place around $550K. We must be crazy because somebody will pay too much for this unit.

  • Anonymous

    Crazy overpricing. Buy a 3-4 BR house in Petworth for several hundred thousand less.

    • But what if they don’t want to live in Petworth…?

    • Anonymous

      If you want to be within easy walking distance to the metro, the price will be near 700k. Far from “several hundred less”.

      • Rich

        Harvard and Columbia are miserable streets through Columbia Heights (also Irving), with lost of noise and congestion. i can’t imagine wanting to live on them.

        • Generally I agree on this point, but this particular house is sort of on the edge of Columbia Heights — it’s at the corner of 15th and Harvard.

        • I lived on Columbia & 14th from 1987 – 2005, and Irving & 14th since 2005. Noise is totally not an issue. Occasional emergency vehicle yes, but no constant traffic noise. I pet-sit for a friend in Cabin John and am driven insane by the Mourning Doves!

  • TG

    No energy to debate the price. I will note that I think the way they did the stairs is a pretty cool, space saving idea. I assume the original stairs came straight out.

  • Anonymous

    Laughing at all these comments: you can buy this for less in x neighborhood, you can buy this for the same price in y neighborhood.. that’s great, but is it a good price for THIS neighborhood?

    • Anonymous

      Nobody here knows. The person who ends up buying this property will hopefully think so.

    • Anonymous

      Why are the comments funny? In general, real estate values drop as you go North and East from downtown DC, with the exception of Columbia Heights, which most people have pointed out is totally not justified.

      Since the majority of people put a premium on living closer to downtown, Dupont, Logan, and Shaw should be more expensive than CH.

  • I think 730K for 1,050 sqft in CH is steep, definitely on the top end of what I’ve seen. It’s a nice renovation and I do like the architectural elements. Being on a corner is a huge bonus too, that was #1 on my list when we house shopped. Between those items and the very large roof deck I wouldn’t be surprised if they got the asking price or more, even though I certainly wouldn’t pay it.

    • Anonymous

      Why do you put a premium on corner units? It seems that having twice as much traffic going by your house would be a negative.

      Also, $700 per square foot is steep for any neighborhood in the city at this point.

      • A corner row house has one less wall to share with neighbors. And gets more light since you can have windows on 3 sides (versus 2 with your regular row house).

        • ^ That. Plus in my case it comes with a huge yard all around the house (except for the one shared wall), which is rarely an option in a non-corner rowhome.

        • Anonymous

          There are pros and cons. Corner houses require more energy for heating and cooling since they’re not insulated on both sides. They are also bigger targets for burglaries (easier for someone to climb in a side window undetected.

  • Anonymous

    FYI it looks like work has started on renovating the house next door to this one.

    • Indeed it has. Same developer. I assume they couldn’t afford to do both at the same time.

      I live a block from here and I just don’t understand that odd driveway. How can you pull a car in or out?

      • I wondered that too! They built the parking pad out to the very last inch and there is just no room to wiggle 2 cars in, unless they are Minis.

  • C3PO

    The shower is directly in front of a window. Is the window mirrored so folks can’t see in?

    • That is my favorite part of this condo. Enjoy the views of your roof deck while everyone enjoys the views of your junk every day when you shower!

    • There’s this new invention called a curtain that the owner can put over the window if it’s not mirrored.

      While my bathroom is not nearly as big or nice I have a window in my shower and no one ever sees my junk, but I do get lots of light.

      • C3PO

        A curtain, in the shower? Yeah, that’s a fabulous idea.

        • Maria

          I have a window in my shower and i love the natural light in the bathroom. We have plastic blinds, but in reality, the window fogs over within seconds anyway. Theres also a transluscent film you can put on it if visibility is not needed, it doesnt block out the light.

  • JJ

    Beautiful. I love all the light. I do wish the master bath shower had a built in bench.

  • bb

    That’s a pretty noisy corner, even in a neighborhood full of noisy corners.

  • Trueblue

    I most be missing something? $730K + condo fee, but no parking????

    • Here’s what you’re missing, it would be $799k with parking.

  • L

    I looked at these places, and the original listing for this unit was for $699k — 30k less and it was only maybe 2 weeks ago. So to me, it seems ridiculous that they are now asking 730k, and note that this price is without parking in columbia heights. The other units in the building were slightly larger but with balconies and not a roof deck, and they were listed at 589k. I love roof decks, but is having one really worth 140k?

    • Anonymous

      “I love roof decks, but is having one really worth 140k?”


    • Anonymous

      Being on the top floor is quite a bump in price (no footsteps above you, no leaking pipes into your apt, etc.). So an identical unit below being $589K, then the above unit (with roofdeck) going for $140K more, perfectly normal.

  • soozles

    I dunno, the 1400 blocks of Harvard and Columbia are a little skanky for my taste. Especially for that price. nice renovation though!

  • michael k wilkinson

    Did anyone else notice all the real estate photographer’s self-portraits, particularly in the bathrooms? I laughed, then I cried. Then I laughed again.

    *cough, cough* Amateur! *cough, cough*

  • I live here, I love it here, but if I had $730,000 to buy a place here, no way in the world would I buy this. Even with multi gazillions of dollars to spend, why not just buy one of the swank condos at the Metro?

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know where to get double door like that. I am looking for my house.


    • Anonymous

      i’ve been having a tricky time finding a door too.

  • MK

    Why did they have to rip the front porch off of the house. Totally unnecessary.

    • I think they did it to give the basement-level front windows more light (well, slightly more light; those windows face north), so as to make the basement unit more appealing (and more expensive, I’d imagine).


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