Car2Go Nose Out Parking Catching On?

by Prince Of Petworth April 11, 2013 at 11:00 am 45 Comments


Thanks to a reader for sending this shot from Adams Morgan. Back in May of last year a reader asked if it was legal to park this way? The consensus was that it was not legal to park this way. Have others seen Car2Gos parked this way? Can the driver get ticketed for doing so? If so, how would that work – Car2Go would forward you the ticket/amount owed?

We judged Car2Go back in January.

  • Anonymous

    I’m looking into getting car2go so I was reading their detailed rules on parking the other day. The Car2GO parking rules specifically say that this is not allowed

  • Anonymous

    It’s explicitly not allowed. Like any parking or speeding violation, they’ll figure out who parked the car there and charge the user’s account. They can also be charged an additional $100 if car2go have to relocate the vehicle for parking violations.

  • They automatically debit the ticket amount + surcharge from your account. I know cause it happened to me :(

  • The Real Jason

    Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Frustration is the mother innovation.

  • Thing is there is plenty of space to parallel park that Smart there. I’ve squeezed them in to smaller spots.

    If you’re ticketed they charge the card you have on file for the amount the first time, and each ticket after the first one they tack on a $25 “administration fee”. Basically $25 to have them pay it for you.

    They do email you with a copy of the citation three days before they charge your card, so I’ve taken to just looking it up on the DMV site and paying it myself.

  • Nicole

    Hahaha definitely not allowed. Definitely ticket-worthy. If the car is ticketed before another customer moves it, Car2Go deducts tickets from your account (based on time stamp on ticket) plus a processing fee.

  • gloomingdale

    Yeah they tack on the $25 fee on top of whatever the ticket is unless you find out and affirmatively pay the ticket on your own. How you would know to do that is another issue entirely…

  • John R

    These ultra compact cars were designed to park this way over seas, i don’t see what the problem about parking this way. If they ticket people that park this way then i expect the people that park crooked or taking up two spots on purpose ticketed too. parking this way is more efficient and as long as they pay them why not? Oh yeah because the District wants the revenue of the parking tickets.

    • anon

      except… we’re not overseas.

    • Don’t be obnoxious. You’re in the US.

      If I went around your country and said “But….but…but…this is how we do it in America!!!”, you’d call me an uncultured asshole.

      • Anonymous

        Then I hope they ticket oversized Hummers and F350’s that stick out farther than this when parallel parked and as John R stated they should ticket people who park crooked

    • KenyonDweller

      It’s not a violation of the parking regulations to take up two spaces or to park crooked, but it is a violation to park perpendicular to the curb. From a more practical standpoint, I assume that Car2Go wouldn’t people to park this way even if it were legal because of the risk that the side panels would be dented.

      • saf

        Actually, parking crooked is a violation. And they can and will ticket for “failure to park parallel.”

        • KenyonDweller

          Ok, I didn’t mean that any level of crookedness would pass muster. At some point, crookedness does become non-parallel. I didn’t interpret John R as referring to the extreme cases.

          • saf

            Got it. Yes, they allow some leeway.

            I have gotten tickets on my motorcycle for failure to park parallel.

            I will not park a motorcycle parallel.

          • KenyonDweller

            Who parks a motorcycle parallel? I’m surprised that is required.

          • saf

            Dedicated motorcycle spaces are diagonal.

            DC code does not specifically address how to park a motorcycle, so the ticket folks can, if they wish, apply car law.

            it’s a dorky and mean thing to do.

          • You should fight the ticket. You are actually right to park the motorcycle at a 90 degree angle to the curb. That’s the law.

            The DC DMV’s Motorcycle Operators Manual tells you to park this way (see page 20):
            Park at a 90° angle to the curb with your rear wheel touching the curb.”

            This was actually a question on the written exam for the motorcycle permit that I took last year.

          • saf

            Zero – this was a number of years back, and I lost.

            Obviously, the code has changed since then, because that was NOT the correct answer when I took the test (in 1984), and it was the ground for denying my ticket appeals (some time in the 90s).

    • Anonther

      The Smart cars here are longer than those in Europe, so these were NOT designed to be parked this way.

    • As someone pointed out last time this was discussed, the American smartcars are longer than the European version, which is why it works there and not here.

    • Anonymous

      Do you also never tip servers because they rarely get tips in Europe?

    • I think I’m gonna start driving on the left. Why not – they do it overseas.

      • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Smart cars overseas are actually smaller than in the U.S. (safety regulations meant that the bumpers had to be longer), thus why they are able to park perpendicularly.

      • Anonymous

        texas has the biggest smart cars

    • houseintherear

      Smarts are 5″ longer in the U.S. than in Europe/Asia due to our stupid safety regulations. :/ So even though nose-in parking was originally the entire point of Smarts, it’s a no-go stateside.

  • Love my car2go, but this person is a moron. Definitely not allowed.

  • How very European.

  • Can we make it illegal for churchgoers to park this way on Sundays, too? I’m particularly thinking of the stretch of 9th St between Rhode Island and P…

    • Anonymous


  • If people are already idiots when it comes to parallel parking, this is going to create all kinds of problems. I agree they should be allowed to park this way, but there should be dedicated zones for smart car perpendicular parking. Car2Go should apply to the city for this. Would make it much safer and easier to use.

  • Anonymous

    One problem with parking this way: If someone parks too close on either side, you can’t get your doors open.

  • Anon X

    They also park on sidewalks overseas, so what?

  • wylie coyote

    DC law says when you park (unless there is a sign that allows for diaginal parking), your right tires have to be parallel to the curb. This is a catch all prohibition that keeps people from parking opposite the direction of traffic, diagonally, etc. I got this ticket once when I parked opposite the lane of traffic on a two block street in upper Northeast. Didn’t think anyone would notice but forgot that parking enforcement is the savviest predator known to the world. LMAO.

    • wylie coyote

      And, yes, I do know how to spell “diagonal” #typos

    • ama

      what about one way streets?

    • anon

      wouldnt your right tires still be parallel to the curb, regardless of which way you were facing?

  • Anonymous

    Comment #2 makes it clear that this isn’t allowed, but DDOT confirms it on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DDOTDC/status/322406484380106753
    “No you can not park Smart Cars ‘nose-out’ thanks.”

  • Anonymous

    what happens if you park in on a car2go on monday, no one else uses it, and on thursday there is street sweeping. does the person get a ticket?

    • I would assume so. I got ticketed because I parked in a Rush Hour zone that is otherwise metered parking, and the car sat there from 10 AM until 4 when the restrictions took effect – and I got ticketed.

      In hindsight, Car2Go actually says do not park in Rush Hour zones for just this reason.

      It was a $100 ticket – ouch.

    • I don’t think you’ll be at fault. You’re not “allowed” to park in street sweeping spots within 24 hours of the street sweeping. If it sat there for 3 days, I don’t think you would be at fault.

      Also, one thing to remember is to change your credit card info on the Car2Go site, if you get a new card. I got a new credit card and forgot to update the payment data. Car2Go tried to process my bill for the month and it was declined. I ended up being charged a $25 fee because of the declined bill. Although it was my fault, it was pretty annoying to get charged the fee considering that I typically spend $30-60 per month on Car2Go.

      I still haven’t had a parking or speeding ticket yet. *knock on wood*

    • Anonymous

      I don’t believe so. I think it needs to be a 24 hour window. IE, if street cleaning is Weds at 12 and you park it there Tues at 12:30 and no one else moves it, you could be at fault. If you parked it on Monday then you would not be at fault.

      I see people park car2go downtown right before rush hour all the time, but they’re so highly utilized in that area they don’t stay there for long. It’s kind of a gamble though.

      • Anonymous

        I’d like to amend this comment. I just got an email from car2go account services and it says they updated their policy on parking during rush hour. You are now NEVER allowed to park on a street that has a red “no parking from X to X time during X days.” Not even on weekends or holidays. I find this new policy ridiculous because it greatly limits the amount of parking actually available to you. The 24 hour thing I get, but this? No.


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