Washington, DC


Dear PoPville,

This is Booth. He is 2-years old and very timid.

Approximately 7pm Booth ran away from 40th Place and Calvert. He was last seen at 42nd and New Mexico.


He is about 14 inches tall and 17 pounds. He was wearing a bright neon green leash and green polka dot harness!

If you spot him, please approach slowly and email or call me.


UPDATE: “He was last seen on Foxhall at 7:30pm running toward Georgetown.”

Update: “A commuter last night said she spotted him on her way home, about 8PM. He crossed over New Mexico and was running down Cathedral to the East.

He is very timid and shy. If you see him, please kneel and tap your leg. Be very gentle — he is sensitive!”


“We now have a blog (http://findbooth.blogspot.com/) and FB page called Find Booth to keep people informed.

Last Sighting: Tuesday night at 9pm Booth was seen by a man on Massachusetts Ave NW. He ran away into Rock Creek Park on the trail near the Italian Embassy.

Please continue to contact me with any sightings.

And, will be canvassing today at 5:30pm, meeting at Stoddert School in Glover Park. Would love help!”


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