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Dolci Gelati Café Coming to Takoma Park this Spring and to Shaw next Spring

by Prince Of Petworth March 22, 2013 at 11:30 am 7 Comments

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7000 Carroll Ave

From a press release:

More than six years after Dolci Gelati first came to DC, Chef Gianluigi Dellaccio and his business partner/wife Anastasia have announced that they will open Dolci Gelati Café, their first storefront, in Takoma Park this spring—a second location will follow next year in the Shaw neighborhood, at the City Market at O. Dolci Gelati can currently be found at Nationals’ Stadium and the National Zoo as well as in restaurants and markets throughout the Washington Metro area such as Whole Foods and Taylor Gourmet.

The first planned location will open its doors in Takoma Park early this spring and is being opened in tandem with fellow Italian and local entrepreneur Marcello Mina. This first shop, just 10 minutes from the Dolci Gelato laboratorio “kitchen”, will be on 7000 Carroll ave., in the heart of the trendy neighborhood.

Dolci Gelati Café will open their second location next spring at the City Market at O development on 8th street between O and P Street. The complex will be erected in Shaw and will also include a renovated state of the art Giant as well as a hotel, apartment complex and other retail and restaurants.

Chef Gianluigi currently has created more than 300 varieties of homemade gelato, and will bring his crowd-pleasing favorites such as salted caramel, white chocolate raspberry and bacio to the store daily. The Chef will also experiment with fresh, new flavors including creating a health-conscious line with tantalizing treats like Green Tea, Pomegranate Powerberry and a Super Citrus Antioxidant sorbet. Dolci Gelati Café will also feature a Social Good flavor, from which the profits will go to a variety of great causes.

“For years my creations have been bound by what the markets would order. I have so many new ideas that I want to try both in gelato and pastry and now I have my own place to do so,” said Chef Gianluigi. “I can’t wait to connect with our customers on a new level and offer new varieties that they have only imagined, while staying true to my family’s recipe that I learned growing up in Italy.”

Before creating Dolci Gelati, Chef Gianluigi was a Pastry Chef at Galileo, as well as an Italian Water Polo Champion. The Chef plans to incorporate his background as a pastry chef to develop many new items. The menu will include “cupcake cones”- ice cream cones filled with cupcake and chocolate ganache center, gelato sundaes, pastry and several varieties of praline nuts and artisan kettle corn (chocolate covered, cotton candy, bacon, and parmesan).

Dolci Gelati was started in 2005 by Former Italian champion water polo player turned pastry chef Gianluigi Dellaccio. Dolci Gelati offers many great varieties of gelato with a consistent level of quality that can only be achieved with artisan precision. The process starts every morning with deliveries from local dairy farms and other handpicked fruits, fine chocolates and other fresh ingredients. Gelato offers the same great taste as ice cream with 1/3 the fat and none of the artificial ingredients. Gianluigi uses a 100% authentic Italian recipe and local fresh ingredients to bring you a little bit of Italy across the Atlantic.

City Market at O

  • Meghan

    Have any other restaurants/retailers announced they’re going to City Market other than Giant?

  • Anonymous

    They will do gangbusters business in Takoma Park. Even the previous ice cream place, which sold really bad ice cream but had a very sweet owner, seemed to do well. A good ice cream place? Fugeddaboutit.

    • ms. pac-man

      OMG, that previous ice cream place was so yucky looking. I had a craving for some ice cream once and walked in, but walked right back out. Who messes up ice cream?

  • ET

    I have always been surprised that the DC metro area has seemed sort of sparse on the ice cream places. There are some Ben & Jerry’s and Baskin & Robbins but sometimes even those don’t make it. I guess being from the deep south we just had more because we just more hot weather we wanted to combat with ice cream.

    • Rich

      Most Northern cities have a better selection of ice cream places than DC. It was late in getting on the gelato bandwagon and the old school frozen custard type places don’t seem to have a historic foothold here.

    • Farnsworth

      Gifford’s held a monopoly thanks to local pride nostalgia, leaving a gaping hole when they folded from corruption.


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