Good Deal or Not? “Steps to Park” edition

by Prince Of Petworth — February 26, 2013 at 1:00 pm 17 Comments

This condo is located at 1427 Chapin Street, NW:

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Ed. Note: Love the fact that there is a basil alley in the map above.

The listing says:

“Fantastic Light Filled 2br in Columbia Heights close to 2 Metros. 1st Floor unit Well Above Ground Level, Spacious Living Room, Hardwood Floors, Lg Bedrooms, w/d in Unit, Loads of Storage, Maple Cabinets w/Long Granite Counters, Outfitted Closets, Large Roof Deck, Separate Storage Unit, Rental Garage Pkg in Building. Steps to Park, Restaurants, Shopping & Transportation. Perfect City Living!”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/1 bath is going for $429,000 ($390/monthly fee.)

Ed. Note: For those who have a bit more cash there is also a 5 bed/3.5 bath on the same block going for $1,200,000.

  • SawItAgain

    781 sq. ft. 2 bedroom…I guess they are calling “the study” the other bedroom.

    • Anonymous

      Depending on the layout, 781 sqft can be done in a 2BR.

      Not saying its huge, but a 12 x 12 room is only 144 sqft. You suffer a bit on living space, but for 2 roommates it can be enough space.

      That being said, the list price pushes this well past $500 per sqft. I’m guessing just under $400K final price.

      • SawItAgain

        I agree at $429k that comes out to $549 per sqft. If this sells at that price I’ll be putting up my place!

        $380k would seem to be more reasonable. That would make it $486 per sqft.

    • anony

      unlike some of the other units in the building this one actually has two bedrooms with almost the identical sq. ft.

  • Anonymous

    I think that’s a lot of money for this location. It’s a long walk up a steep hill to the amenities of Columbia Heights from there, and U Street is a bit of a hike, as well.

    • No, it’s at the top of the hill, no steep climb to the heart of CH required.

      Price is about average for the neighborhood.

      • chln

        TO be fair, it is still uphill from there to the CH metro. But, I do have to totally agree… no hiking necessary to get to U St.

    • Anon

      4 blocks downhill is a “hike”?

  • Anonymous

    That block is pretty quiet, but some of the surrounding streets are still pretty seedy. Proximity to Meridian Hill Park is a definite plus, and that roof deck must have spectacular views.

    • Which streets around there are seedy? The ones that haven’t been 100% gentrified yet?

      • chln

        Fairmont is seedy. Euclid (where I live b/t 14 and 15th) had police floodlights the other month because of “6 burglaries in a week” according to the cop I spoke with just on that small stretch of Euclid. So yes, I think that’s accurate. And I do frequently see people congregating around Chapin and on up toward University smoking weed and the like.

      • anon

        I remember going to a house party on this block of Chapin circa 2001 or 2002, and being very relieved that the house was only one or two doors away from the relative safety of 15th Street. That block was WAY sketchy.

        Obviously, it’s changed a lot in the intervening 11-12 years.

        • SW1

          that block was sketchy back in the day…tried to order a pizza in 1998 and they wouldn’t deliver to that block…during the day

    • Anonymous

      I live on this block and feel perfectly safe. I never see any loitering or anything remotely sketchy. I’ll admit, though, that I don’t feel the same way about the blocks towards the north (heading towards Columbia Heights). And as someone that is terribly lazy about walking in the city, I can say that U St. is definitely not a “hike”.

  • AMDCer

    For being “light-filled” those pictures are really dark. Decent-looking place, though.

  • anonymous

    just saw the place today, it’s actually really nice. the 781 square feet does not include a storage unit that is part of the total package, not the condos, but is owned by the owner. the two bedrooms are both roughly the same size and both have nice size closets with elfa systems. one is being used as an office. the square footage is well used and feels spacious and even on a gloomy day the place is well lit. definitely a must see!! i live in the neighborhood and yes, there is diversity, but not seedy…

  • If they can get this price, take the money and run!


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