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Good Deal or Not? “Northern & Eastern Exposures” edition

by Prince Of Petworth February 5, 2013 at 1:00 pm 41 Comments

This condo is located at 1326 Girard St, NW:

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The listing says:

“2bd/2ba + Den, Parking & Private Terrace. Massive 1750sf. House: Boutique Building, Brazilian Cherry Flooring, Southern, Northern & Eastern Exposures, Gas FP, Crown Moldings, Exposed, Brick, Solid 8ft Doors, Oversized Windows, Private Deck, Den w/ Built-in Desk, Tons of Storage, Tankless Hot Water. Gourmet Kitchen with Granite & SS. Spa Baths w/ Steam.”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 2bd/2ba + Den is going for $749,900 ($206/monthly fee.)

  • Anonymous

    Ew urinal

    • Anonymous

      That’s. Awesome.

    • I’ll second that. I thought it was a nice place until I saw the urinal, then I gagged. And I see those things every day!

      Yuck, no thanks.



    PS – this sold for $718K in 2008. Damn, prices were high during the first bubble. Only $31K appreciation over 5 years.

    • There have been no bubbles in the District. This ain’t Florida.

      • Caleb


      • JDS

        Not true – the bubble just didn’t burst as badly here as it did in other places.

  • Anonymous

    Kitchen needs more storage, which is made more obvious by the fact that they kept that cart under the kitchen window. Lot’s of awesome details and I love that round room. I’m more than a little grossed out by the urinal, but I know a lot of guys that would love that. Personally, I would never want to clean it. I don’t think it’ll sell for the $749K honestly, but it might be close.

    • It’s no dirtier than your toilet. In fact, it’s probably cleaner than a toilet, considering no one craps in it (hopefully).

      • Yep, urinals are super easy to clean. But I can imagine more scorn from the better half for leaving curly fries than keeping the seat up.

  • I want this condo.

  • Anonymous

    Love it, but why, oh why, would you put in a urinal?

    • Joe E.

      Because you never want to hear someone complain about leaving the seat up?

    • Anonymous

      As a man, that is a major selling point. I have always wanted a place that I could put one in.

  • scott

    my place would sell for a 100000 less than this place but this place is 2x better that my place.

    • Anonymous

      thank you for the informative post, Scott

  • TG

    If I were buying a condo I would want a place like this, sans urinal. Price seems a bit high but I am guessing they will get close to that, and maybe even hit their mark. The only think I don’t really like is how the stone (granite?) surrounding the bathroom sinks, to my eye, clashes with whatever they used in the shower. It isn’t horrible though. If I were a single guy with means I would be all over this place.

  • Ward One Resident

    I like it and the condo fee is quite low too (as long as they have enough reserves, that’s great).

  • anonymous

    It’s really nice but I could not fathom paying such a large sum of money and still having to deal with other people in the same building.

  • This is a beauty. They’ll likely get asking price. If I had 3/4 of a million to blow on a condo, I’d sweep it up (and replace the urinal with a bidet).

    • KenyonDweller

      Finally some sanity. A bidet can be used by anyone, unlike a urinal, which is useless to a female buyer. It strikes me as the height of laziness to install a urinal just so you won’t have to bother raising and lowering the seat.

  • The wood floors are beautiful, but I agree with earlier comments about the urinal. As the primary bathroom-cleaner in my household, I would have to pass this duty to my husband in this condo. Gross.

  • Envy

    I’d love to cash in on my Trinidad home and buy this place….It’s a beauty..I’d buy it alone just for the rooftop terrace…I usually prefer dark floors, but these floors are niiiiiice. Are they laminate or hardwood?

    Now I’m depressed…..

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know…based on yesterday’s post, there are people who think houses in Trinidad can sell for $1M.

  • URINAL!!!

  • Wow, I think this place looks great… much smaller than that crazy huge house yesterday, but look how much better that kitchen is!

  • Christine

    God, people, calm down about the urinal.

    Gorgeous place, but… I just cannot fathom $750k for a condo near Columbia Heights. It will probably sell but I don’t consider it that good of a deal. I’d expect way better outdoor space for that amount.

    • JoeEsq74

      I thought 750k for a condo would get you closer to U / Logan. I guess if you want a legit 3br, parking and thoses finishes 750k in Columbia Heights is the new normal. I don’t think it is a good deal but there is so little inventory in 20009 I expect they will get asking price. Correct me if I am wrong not too long a couple of those newish EYA built townhouses were selling for low 700s right near U?

      • They were closing at mid 700s in the second half of 2012.
        I’ve been in one and they are really spacious and an enclosed garage is really awesome. However, there is very little outdoor space (just sad little balconies overlooking the service alley.)

        If I owned one of those, I’d be interested in blasting through the top ceiling and building a roof deck/terrace.

    • Near Columbia Heights? It’s in the middle of Columbia Heights. And $750K for a nice 2-bedroom condo in that area is sadly the market these days…

  • I dunno guys, frankly I think it could use even more urinals.

  • Michael

    That’s a nice condo, but it’s on a really ugly block. Lots of dirt fields.

  • Colhi

    Does anyone ever use the couch/big chairs in their master bedroom? I always see those sitting areas in master suites in these houses. I would probably just throw my junk on them at the end of the day.

  • I was totally awed by the place. Until I got to the urinal. Then they lost me. Sorry, Christine, I just have to talk about it. ; )

  • While I like the details (except the urinal of course), I just can not fathom spending 750K on a condo, let alone in CH. I would much rather buy a 3-4 level row house so I don’t have to deal with upstairs/downstairs neighbors or small condo boards.

    yet another “chef’s kitchen” that really isn’t imo. Not much storage at all or counter space (no storage means more stuff has to reside on the counters).

  • Future Friday Question of the Day: Should Urinals Be a Common Feature in Homes?

    • LOL! Or we should vote–a urinal, bidet or linen closet.

  • Anonymous

    More urinals please!

  • That was amazing, kinda looked like house (condo) porn.


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