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Good Deal or Not? “super trendy Bloomingdale neighborhood” edition

by Prince Of Petworth January 28, 2013 at 1:00 pm 39 Comments

This house is located at 2219 2nd Street, NW:

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The listing says:

“Classic & Charming in Bloomingdale. 2 Bed/3 Bath, renovated with unique & original features. Central A/C, 2 full baths up, finished basement, off-st pkg with patio & shed. alarm system, home warranty conveys. super trendy Bloomingdale neighborhood. “As-Is” but great condition. Offers, if any, Tuesday at 5:00pm.”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/3 bath is going for $539,000.

  • anon

    as long as the mechanicals of this house are OK… i would say that its probably a decent deal. maybe a little far from metro… but not impossible.

    • I live a few blocks south and this is part of my powerwalk route. I don’t particularly care for this style house and it and looks small (only 2 br) but that prices is much lower than anything that doesn’t come with a condo fee. Definitely think it goes for over asking. I would also suspect that it isn’t as flood prone.

  • Anonymous

    Good deal at list price but I imagine it will go over asking. I’ve seen some real dumps in that area listed for 499

  • Rock

    “Offers, if any, Tuesday at 5:00pm.”

    This line cracks me up. The realtor needs to project a little more confidence!

    • Anonymous

      i think whenever you set a deadline for offers you’re relatively confident. the “if any” almost seems like an attempt at not sounding too cocky or something.

  • Gotta ask how it fares during the neighborhood floods.

    • anon

      It’s well uphill from the flood zone

  • annonny

    Not my style, but I’d say it certainly looks nice and very livable. “As-Is” always freaks me out a bit, since so many house problems can lie below the superficial new paint and granite counters…..

    Within that context, can I just rant a bit and say I find it depressing that a “starter home” in DC goes for over a half-mil?

    • why is this a “starter home”?

    • Caleb

      There are larger homes, listed for less further east.

  • Anonymous

    If the Atlantic Plumbing lots ever get developed with amenities this will be hot (in my mind) real estate. I currently think the area is way over priced as there is more for your money in Park View / Columbia Heights / Petworth and Howard is most likely never going to get it’s self together to make that area nice. They have been neglecting the area for decades.

    • eastof9

      This is 4 blocks from the heart of Bloomingdale (Boundary Stone, etc). It’s also a quick walk over to the 9:30 Club from there, so development of Atlantic Plumbing would be nice but not that crucial to the area.

  • Jay

    I don’t know this particular area, but from the pictures it seems like a cute little house. Must be smaller than it looks though because Redfin says it’s only 1150 square feet.

  • Antis Pam

    This house is pretty close to mine so I know there is no flooding problem up here.

  • Carlos B

    I haven’t actually taken a look at the listing but I see that the house costs OVER [cue Dr. Evil voice] one half on ONE MILLION DOLLARS and therefore must be overpriced.

  • This house seems to me like a surprisingly good deal. The “as-is” things that I can tell from the photos seem to be largely cosmetic. The cabinets in the kitchen look old-ish and ugly, the floor isn’t new or nice, and it looks like the hardwood floors either need to be redone or replaced (like in my own house). However, it looks like the has central heat and air, decent sized rooms, a finished basement, and other amenities in addition to a decent location.

    I bet it goes over asking.

  • Anonymous

    I toured this house yesterday—it had a ton of traffic. It’s nicely finished with original details. The kitchen and baths are fine, but a little dated already. The biggest drawback is the water authority storage yard right across the street. While landscaped. it’s still something of an eyesore. Not sure if it would be noisy during the day. If anyone knows, I’d love to know. The view from the back is a gravel parking lot–also not appealing. I pulled some comps on this house, and on a per square foot basis, if it sells at this price, it would be among the highest price per square foot ever. Ultimately I concluded with the crappy views, that the high price per sqft was not justified by the finishings. That being said, Bloomingdale is so hot right now, I expect it will go over list. This does have parking.

    • Anon

      +1 Totally agree. A habitable house in the low 5s in this area is hard to find. However, the second bedroom is more of a large closet. I would be surprised if one could fit a full size bed in there. The total square feet listed is not a typo. This house is small and surrounded by non-happy things to look at. They did the best with the space, but finishings could definitely have been more polished. As a neighbot, I hope it goes for a million.

    • Antis Pam

      There’s almost no activity at that pipe yard. I don’t think I have seen people in there more than once or twice in the five years I’ve lived nearby.

      I don’t know why the seller didn’t mention it, but that tree in front of the house is a cherry blossom and has pinkish white flowers each spring. Makes a hell of a mess, but it is pretty

      • eastof9

        Agree on the DC Water storage area with the pipes — it’s not noisy. I walk by there everyday, and it’s a simple storage area. The activity is up north in the DC water facility.

  • AdaDC

    The house is just two blocks away from my old college dorm. That area is not safe, since there is a big public housing unit close by. I’ve known many people who have been assaulted, robbed, or had their car broken into on that same block. Everyone that attends Howard University knows to avoid parking or walking down there.

    Despite the location drawbacks, I visited the house during the Open House this past Sunday. It was small and outdated, very underwhelming.

    • anon

      where is big public housing complex? wasn’t familiar with one up there

      • anon

        The interior block bounded by 2nd/W/4th/V is mostly public housing except for the 2nd street side. They are converting some of the older high rises to senior housing and are making updates to some seriously outdated garden units, but I don’t think there are any plans to convert to market rate housing (they are moving residents out, updating, and moving them back in).

        • eastof9

          This area has changed a lot in 2 years. The city built the park & renovated the housing, and so far so good.

    • Caleb

      There are large public housing complexes all over this town and the one you mentioned houses a very small number of residents. I doubt the projects on R St between 15/14th Streets NW will impact the sales of the close to hundred new condos opening up on the 14th St end of the block.

      This area is definitely the less attractive block of Bloomingdale, looking over into north LeDroit, but I don’t see that stopping this from selling at or above listing.

    • dr

      Yes, this house was on the receiving end of trouble when a bullet made it through the front door a few years ago.

  • AngryParakeet

    That high rise is swirling with activity and having spent time there for my job, I agree that it houses many toughs. But those garden apartments/projects on Elm, W, etc., are being emptied out. What is going on with them? It would be worth investigating before buying that little house. A recent violent forced entry rape occurred in the dorm next to the water building.

  • if i recall correctly, a bullet hit the front of this house several years ago

  • anon

    I’m going to have to speak up for Bloomingdale. It has changed people. 30 years ago this neighborhood was decimated by crack. Bullets? Rashes of break-ins? Um, nope. Worst problem we’ve had in the last few years were Howard students making too much noise at their parties. that popping sound you’re hearing is coming from the yoga studios. And the projects aren’t filled with wild animals, they are people’s homes. The park at Ledroit has done a great job of bringing this neighborhood closer together. Look around on the street. Do you see a bunch of broken glass? No! This is a great, diverse, growing neighborhood.

    • Anonymous

      There are still lots of break-ins and muggings.

    • anon

      I live 2 blocks from the park at LeDroit, near the housing that’s being talked about. I feel relatively safe here, although only lived here a year. There are some iphone robberies, theft from autos, but I don’t think there is much violent crime in this immediate area. This probably doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement, but I love the neighborhood, and the park, and don’t plan on leaving even though we can afford a bigger house, and a “nicer” neighborhood in a couple of years.

  • Anonymous

    offers due today folks, get moving!

  • qrst

    Curious about the little cut out/window between kitchen and dining room. I assume it makes both rooms seem larger but does it have any function?

    • Anonymous

      Nope. The wall needs to be opened up. The smallish kitchen sink sits awkwardly near the window. Ideally, a renovation would open up this wall and place a new island/peninsula where the wall sits and move the sink over.

  • Anonymous

    Well it’s pending. No surprise. My partner and I considered an offer but ultimately passed this up mostly on the drawbacks of that micro-location (across from water pile storage and the projects). I really like Bloomingdale but this one seemed a bit too spendy based on the tight square footage and need for a kitchen remodel. Congrats to the soon-to-be owners, though. It is a nice, solid house. I’m curious how many offers were ultimately received. Anyone know?

    • Sam E J

      I believe there were 4-5 offers. My offer i think just missed out and it was capped at right around 610K… so it went well over asking price.

      • Anonymous

        wow. That has to be near the record if not the record on a price per sq ft basis in bloomingdale. About $530 a square foot at 610K. That’s nearly the average sold price per square foot in 20009 (Dupont), which Redfin has at $540. Of course this is just one measure of price comparison, but still surprising. I could find only one that sold in Bloomingdale over $500 sq/ft in the last 3 months and that was $506. That lot and finishings don’t seem to justify that price premium. Having lived through the Florida bubble, this feels like deja vu. Of course, what do I know….just frustrating. I actually hope the sequester happens to dampen the local economy. This feels out of control to me.

  • Anonymous

    Ya’ll need to spend a few minutes on crimereports.com take a look at Bloomingdale…it’s now a realtive oasis of peace in a sea of robberies centered along U street and Georgia Ave. It’s due to its geographical location (bounded by large open tracts on the north and east (McMillan/Washington Hospital/Reservoir/Prospect Cemetary/Trinity and Catholic…Howard Univ to the West)….so after the neighborhood cleaned up internally, there isn’t alot of “transit crime” like you get in other places. This is why i bought in Bloomingdale and true to my suspicion crime is way down now. In comparison Ustreet or Petworth or Columbia Heights looks like war zones. I moved into Bloomingale in 2007…yep, several murders on the block that year. Now, it’s nothing but strollers and hipsters. And great restaurants.


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