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Good Deal or Not? “outside Rock Creek Park” edition

by Prince Of Petworth January 7, 2013 at 1:00 pm 34 Comments

This house is located at 4330 Blagden Avenue, NW:

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The listing says:

“Brand new renovation!! Sunny contempory split level outside Rock Creek Park located in sought after Crestwood. 5BR/3BA, 3000sq.ft of living area featuring Chefs Kitchen, designer baths, family room, media room, outdoor patio and landscaped grounds.”

You can see more photos here.

This 5 bed/3 bath is going for $960,000.

  • That Man A

    ehh… nice neighborhood

    but the house didnt scream 1 mill (Just under i know…) to me

    • I’m with you. I wouldn’t pay the asking price this house. But I think $1 million is a very believable price for homes in Crestwood – beautiful neighborhood that combines suburban space with proximity to city amenities. Having the Park nearby is a huge +.

  • So, Just Sayin’

    This new real estate photo slide slow thing gives us small images of each room and no accompanying text. When the house is staged in the photos, that’s not always a problem, but when you have houses that aren’t staged I find it impossible to get a sense of what rooms I’m looking at. Your links used to point to slideshow sites with more options for info about the rooms.

    That said — and it’s hard to say from the small photos, but isn’t that a teensy kitchen? Looked appropriate more for an apartment than for a single family home in the just-under-one-million range.

  • TG

    Am I wrong or is this way over priced? I get that it is big and updated and in a safe neighborhood but are we really paying a million for split level houses east of rock creek park?

    • Anonymous

      Considering 2 bedroom condos regularly for this amount, I would disagree that it is grossly over-priced.

      • TG

        Yes but where? We are forgetting the rule that location is everything. Crestwood is great and all but it isn’t particularly convenient to anything, is far from metro and bus lines, no walkable retail/restaurants and this house is closer to Silver Spring than downtown DC. You can’t really compare a 2 bedroom condo in say penn quarter or U Street or Foggy Bottom to this property. A house is worth what someone will pay for it so maybe they wiill get it. I hope they do but I would be really uncomfortable about paying this price for that house in this location.

        • You’re making the assumption that people will be buying this house on urban requirements, not suburban ones. You can’t walk to the Metro or grocery stores in McLean either – doesn’t stop houses from going for huge money. This place is about 100 yards from a treasured National Park – easy driving access to downtown – close to decent public elementary schools and many elite private schools – 5 minute drive in your Porsche Cayenne to the Van Ness Giant or 10 minutes to Tenley Whole Foods.

          • TG

            No. I was actually responding to the comparison to a two bedroom condo in the same price range which would be a comparison to an Urban setting. I was remarking that the two are incomparable which is likely similar to what you are saying.

          • The larger point of the original post being that real estate by square foot is really expensive in the DC Metro area – whether condo downtown or 5 bedroom in Crestwood.

        • Rock Creek Park is almost literally your backyard and it’s minutes away (driving) from all of Chevy Chase, Georgetown, Silver Spring, Takoma Park, and downtown DC (plus more) and you think that this is not a good location? Obviously it’s not for the high-density non-driving type of city dweller but I think it’s a good location.

          • TG

            It is not a bad location I think it is just overpriced for the location. The style of the house is also a factor for me. There are some beutiful large colonials on big lots not far from this house that would justify that price for me.

        • AMDCer

          Do you mean “closer to Silver Spring” as in amenities or distance, because in terms of physical location, it’s almost exactly halfway between downtown and Silver Spring. As I mentioned, my parents lived about two blocks from this house, and it certainly feels closer to downtown than folks here are realizing.

        • Anonymous

          this neighborhood is historically very desirable… look it up. not everyone wants to be downtown or near a metro stop. some people want the greenery and neighborly feel of residential DC

          • Anonymous

            I’m sorry, are you implying that areas with better public transit and more ammenties aren’t “neighborly”? I think most people that live in those areas have experiences that would contradict that statement. Personally, I find that people are less neighborly in more car-dependent places, if for no other reason because they see less of each other on a day-to-day basis.

    • There are 7 houses for sale in Crestwood right now…


      • Average sale price for 5 bedroom houses in Crestwood in 2012 (6 sales) – $1,020,000

        • TG

          How many split levels? There are some big beautiful colonials in this area on large lots.

        • Anonymous

          i’d sooner stab myself in the eye than live in a colonial, but love this place. so, tastes differ.

          • Anonymous

            How did you come to your worldview?

          • Anonymous

            some people don’t want to live in fake colonial farmhouses.

          • Anonymous

            I wish I had been raised with the privilege to think this type of housing is beneath me. Your parents must have made smart choices!
            Mine did not, and thusly, I prefer binocular vision to my choice in housing stock.
            I feel like a loser.

          • Anonymous


          • Anonymous

            Ha, reminds me of when I was looking at Victorians in Capitol Hill and someone from Burke was bragging that they have a lot of Colonials in their neighborhood. 🙂

  • Way overpriced.

    • soozles

      Totally agree. Hard to get THAT excited about it.

  • AMDCer

    My parents lived in Crestwood for a while not far from this house, and I disagree that it isn’t a convenient location. Granted, you’ll want a car, but someone buying this house likely isn’t looking for a car-free existence. Using RCP for north-south access, and 16th St (my dad commuted downtown on the numerous and frequent S busses) is extremely easy from this location. As for the house itself – not my taste, kind of soulless, but I do think it will go for near this price.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, my mother in law has a house in Fairfax County that is not anything special and it’s worth nearly $800k. This location is a million times more convenient and the location by the park is more scenic.

  • raj

    Be mindful of how it will appraise if getting financing. This is not going to appraise for this much, regardless of what you think it’s worth.

    • Yes… Yes it will. See above for list prices in this neighborhood. This is a beautiful, big lot, 3 miles from downtown. This thing will certainly appraise for this.

    • Anonymous

      says someone who apparently has never had real estate appraised.

    • Anonymous

      This won’t appraise for this amount–especially since the lower floor is considered “below ground.” Careful if you’re getting financing. It probably won’t work out.

      • Anonymous

        says the person who doesn’t know what he’s talking about

    • Anonymous

      Lending appraisals are a joke, it’s in the bank’s best interest to not let the deal fall through, and they’ll stretch the comps however they can to get the sales price. If they were accurate, they would be completely independent of the sales price, but often times they are “right on”. Mine was even adjusted $700 by the appraiser awhen I closed 3 months ago so it would coincide exactly with the sales price

  • Anonymous

    I appreciate the comments from those who clearly are from Washington DC… thank you for clearing up some misconceptions for those who are not as seasoned. This neighborhood is has been desirable for years. Blagden Avenue means a lot in certain circles, so the asking price is not shocking. Not in the least.


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