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Good Deal or Not? “lots of light” edition

by Prince Of Petworth — January 31, 2013 at 1:00 pm 27 Comments

This house is located at 933 5th Street, NE:

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The listing says:

“Come check out your new home in the convenient and ever-growing H Street Corridor. 3BR/2.5 BA home has been totally gut renovated by current owner, and ready for new owner to move in and start living. Open kitchen to living/dining/den areas, private backyard complete with parking. Upstairs are 3 BR and 2 full baths, lots of light and END rowhome for extra light and windows.”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 3 BD/2 Full, 1 Half BA is going for $625,000.

  • Anonymous

    I appreciate all the storage in the kitchen, but they would have done better to rearrange some things so the sink could be under the window and the stove put somewhere where you could mount the microwave above it and/or get a hood vent. That’s just going to mean grease all over your window when you cook.

    • Anonymous

      And could they really not have centered the stove under the window, or lined it up on the left? That placement would drive me nuts!!

    • anon

      not to mention – the half wall on the right side of the stove seems to be painted. that will not last very long. not a very good kitchen job.

      • The kitchen doesn’t look small but it’s weird angles and so claustrophobic. And why wouldn’t you make the room right off the kitchen the dining room? That couch there makes me suspicious. And curious.

  • I can’t believe how these home prices keep rising in Shaw, NoMa and H St. I’m fascinated by the residential and commercial real estate DC is putting together, but I’m blown away by the prices.

    That being said: The kitchen looks great – Kudos. I’m a fan of the backyard porch area too. But the upstairs is pretty blah.

  • Anonymous

    Decent deal, close walk to Union Station and parking is a huge plus, not to mention the proximity to X2 bus line where you can get a side of cracked out ladies vigorously pointing to their genitalia to go along with your 500k mortgage!

    In all seriousness though, having viewed some places around there it seems about right. I’m just not sure how “trainy” that section of town is, we saw a place around 4th and L and it was a little close to the tracks for my taste.

    • Anonymous

      Ugh, your posting makes me want to dry heave. Don’t worry prince/princess, I’m sure the neighborhood will fit your delicate sensibilities in another 2-4 years after the Starbucks and Anthroplogie stores open. Gag. PS: I love over there and you could not be more wrong – not that you should let the truth get in the way of neighborhood bashing!

      • Anonymous

        You might need to adjust your humor detector.

      • prince1:22

        errr, I said it was a good deal. What more do you need? The X2 comment was a reference to another post on here today.

        I was priced out of this area, so if you’re going to dry heave, please do so over my apparent lack of means and not over my delicate sensibilities

  • It’s a cute little house, but it seems very skinny (and thus difficult to fit furniture in). Also, maybe it’s just me, but the upper cabinets in the kitchen seem very low to the countertop (barely enough space for the microwave). I know my kitchen has taller space than that.

  • TG

    What is the total square footage. I am guessing it is probably about 1,300. Teensy tinsy but probably not a bad deal at all given the neighborhood.

    • Anonymous

      If you think 1300 SF is tiny, you probably haven’t seen many houses near H St in person. I think every one we saw in our budget was well under 1000; one on Wylie St was probably around 650SF!

      • TG

        Your instincts are correct. I have been in exactly zero of them.

    • Anonymous

      Square footage on Redfin is 1,170, which is a very decent size for a couple. I think because its layout is long and narrow, it appears smaller than it actually is. A wider, shorter house just feels bigger.

  • Is that actually 3 bedrooms? One looks like it’s in the hallway by the stairs? Unless there are two separate sets of stairs?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know exactly what it is about this house but I really dislike it. It claims to have lots of light but in every photo of the downstairs (except the kitchen) the windows look onto a wall and the rooms look dim. It has no interesting details and I actually REALLY dislike the kitchen.The cabinets look like something my mom owned in the 70s and completely overwhelm the space. Also, why is there a couch in what was clearly meant as a dining room? The back porch and patio are nice but everything inside the house just seems off to me. I guess it’s a matter of person preferences.

    • Rich

      Tiny rooms. Will appeal to someone who absolutely must have a house rather than a condo. One of the bedrooms seems like space that’s really more of an upstairs sitting room at the top of the stairs. I’d find it claustrophobic and i live in a 1 bedroom condo.

  • Anonymous

    5th and K is far enough from the tracks to not even notice them. I live two blocks from here (albeit one block further from the tracks).

    Is it me, or is one of the bedrooms actually in the upstairs hallway? What is with that half wall next to the bed? Did anyone else notice? If that’s the case, selling this as a three bedroom is ludicrous.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, I was also confused by that! Also, it looks like two of the bedrooms are “shotgun” style with one leading into the other and a pair of sliding doors in between. Another reason this house really doesn’t appeal to me.

      • Anonymous

        I noticed that too! I’m thinking maybe that’s a sitting room off the master? It looks like there is a second bedroom in addition to that, but it’s kind of hard to tell from the pics.

        That said, I bet this place sells quick and close to asking price.

    • Anonymous

      yeah, I don’t understand how an opening off the hallway without a full wall can actually be listed as a bedroom.

  • seveneye

    This is a good deal. The location is very good overall. You can hear trains when it’s really overcast on quiet nights, but day-to-day you’re more likely to hear the buses running on K st. I am currently living in a house where the guest bedroom is similar to that pictured and although it’s not a private haven for guests, it does create a more open feeling upstairs.

  • warderdc

    Nobody has an issue with the front door opening right into the living room? I know open is the concept but, it seems like it would be terrible to be watching tv and have someone come in on a cold day.

    Rule of thumb for DC Rowhouse listings – One bedroom is a lie.

    • In a house that small, what’s the alternative?

      • warderdc

        A few feet of partition wall? How about a small vestibule?

  • Cool house. Ticks a lot of boxes.

  • Anonymous

    According to Redfin it is Pending, so it must have been a good deal to someone


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