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Good Deal or Not? “Flows like water” edition

by Prince Of Petworth January 25, 2013 at 1:00 pm 13 Comments

This house is located at 1308 Massachusetts Avenue, SE:

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The listing says:

“Turreted Bay-Front poised off The Park, refuge from cold – come in from the dark. Truest sense, man’s home is his castle, conceived and constructed when life was less hassle. Flows like water, pooling up in wider parts of the river like party people congregating, then spilling over, one warm bath to another. Hesitant Honey? I’m in love with this place! Well my Beloved, could it be too much space?”

You can see more photos here.

This 4 BD/3 Full, 1 Half BA is going for $888,650.

  • Anonymous

    Green tile wall? Yikes.

    • Anonymous

      Are you talking about the beautiful original green tile in the foyer? PoP loves his tiled foyers–prepare to be banned! ;)

      • Prince Of Petworth

        hahaha it’s true I love those tiles in the vestibules!

        • me too. I’d buy the place for that reason alone.

    • MAR

      A historically intact vestibule…that is awesome!

  • Anonymous

    This Realtor’s descriptions are so annoying that I’d never go see one of his houses. Never.

    • Agreed, I’ve stopped reading the post after the first sentence when I realize it is “that guy”. I don’t even look at the pictures.

      • Mike

        Hi Joker, I understand the dislike for the poetry but the guy seems to sell houses quickly and for fair market price. Do you think this track record is based on the location / quality of the houses / current market dynamics (low inventory)? Or is it something that he is doing with his marketing?

  • Pedro

    Most obnoxious description I’ve ever seen but this does seem well priced. Two similar houses a couple of doors down sold last year for about what this is going for. Love the green tile.

  • dcgent

    Seem slightly overpriced to me, but given the DC market and the possibility of renting the basemen, it will probably get that price. We moved last year to about two blocks east, which means more room and about $150k cheaper! We like the area a lot though the number of armed robberies, including one a block away on 14th two days ago, gives one pause. Someone with dogs or kids will jump on this as Lincoln park is their playground.

  • Huge bedrooms, lots of space. Looks like the kitchen and master bath could use some updates…

  • ET

    I imagine this will go for about that (maybe a hair less) given the size and location. Some parts of the kitchen and bath are dated but not so much that people will have to necessarily make it habitable before moving in.

    As for that realtor he seems to be quite popular on this Hill.

  • This is actually the house I one day dream to have (my achievable dream). Love the house and location, and my future kids and dogs would love the proximity to the park haha! If I had the money I would buy it in a heart beat!


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