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Good Deal or Not? “Cozy family room with fireplace” edition

by Prince Of Petworth January 18, 2013 at 1:00 pm 28 Comments

This condo is located at 3409 Brown Street, NW:

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The listing says:

“MUST SEE THIS WEEKEND. It will go fast at this price in this location. Top floor unit in a gorgeous rehab of a 110 year old rowhome in Mount Pleasant with LOW CONDO FEES. Enjoy Sunday morning coffee on your charming European style private balcony. Huge gourmet kitchen with granite & stainless. Cozy family room with fireplace. Private in-unit washer/dryer. Just blocks from best of the city”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $274,900 ($132 monthly fee.)

  • Anonymous

    Quarter of a million for a tiny 1 bdrm in Mt Pleasant seems a tad high. But what a cute little place.

    • I love how everyone here seems to use fracrions of a million to express overpricing. Hilarious. ZOMG THIS BEER IS 0.0000001 MILLION DOLLARS!

      • Anon

        Like when that neighborhood pamphlet protesting a new restaurant said it would seat a QUARTER OF A THOUSAND people?

      • Anonymous

        And how should one refer to the cost of housing in DC, which is quite expensive.

        You are clearly easily entertained.

        • you could try using the price.

      • Anonymous

        And how should one refer to the cost of housing in DC, which is quite expensive?

        You’re easily entertained.

  • j

    Is that cozy family room the only living area? Because that is tiny!

  • I think this looks charming for someone who wants to start building equity at less than the amount you might pay for rent. If you put 20 percent down, I bet the mortgage payment would be around $1600, maybe even less. And it would be one to hold onto as a rental in the future.

    • Anon

      If you put twenty percent down, the mortgage is actually $972. With low fees, I fail to see how this is anything but a screaming deal.

      I’m a neutral third party, but I too sense a blooming bidding war.

  • m

    Ok it is tiny, but love that balcony! In another life where I don’t have a husband and a baby, I’d really consider it.

  • Anonymous

    I like it, relatively good deal, would be good as rental once you move up.

  • Anonymous

    Cute, good location, quiet street, nice neighborhood. It’ll go quickly.

    • anonymous

      Nice neighborhood? I wouldn’t say that. How long till a hobo makes your European-style balcony his toilet?

  • KD

    I sold a comparible property down the street from this in 2010 for $289. This one is nicer with the balcony.

    Belive a bidding war will be brewing.

    • Anonymous

      So we should assume that you’re either the owner or the agent.

      Bidding war? For real? At that price per sqft in that neighborhood?

    • Mike

      I think you’re right. Place is small, but on a nice, south-facing corner. All that dark granite doesn’t help, but that’s just not my taste. I’d trade the balcony for more interior space, but it is what it is. You could have a nice little garden out there.

  • Kristen

    Eh, it’s a pretty high price per square foot. And though the location is pretty nice, the layout looks a bit cramped. Could probably get a better deal with a similar neighborhood closer to CoHi, or even in Cleveland Park or the Cathedral area.

  • Seems like a whole lot of kitchen for such a tiny place. Smarter layout – switch the kitchen & miniscule sitting room – or just put in a smaller wall kitchen with an island – and it wouldn’t be a bad place.

    • +1.

      Mostly I think it’s a pretty good deal considering the outrageous prices folks are paying these days.

  • mk

    I looked at this place the first time it was on the market, and seriously considered it, but I ultimately decided that it was just too small, that there was absolutely no storage space (both the closets in the living room are HVAC/water boiler), and that the layout was too awkward. The outdoor space was definitely tempting, but in the end, to me, the balcony was the only thing going for this place.

    And, for what it’s worth, there is no way that it’s 826 sqft as claimed on the Redfin listing; it’s much closer to the 446 sqft that’s listed in public records.

  • It will probably sell quick. One beds are desirable enough and it’s a great area.

  • Former Brown Street

    Be careful of this place. PoP posted about the owner of this place a few years back. I believe the buyers of one of the other units had had a complete nightmare situation where they had been lied to about the status of certain building repairs. I remember walking by on open house days and the tenants had posted a sign trying to help alert potential buyers of other units.

    So be careful.


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