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Dear PoPville – Anyone Know of a Good General Practice Doctor that Accepts HMO?

by Prince Of Petworth January 23, 2013 at 2:30 pm 6 Comments

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Dear PoPville,

I feel like I am asking something impossible but I am hopeful because I have always found great information on PoPville. Can anyone recommend a good general practice doctor (primary care physician) who takes HMO (cigna)? I have been looking for a new doctor for a couple years, but I have to stay with my HMO. I have been spending copays just going from one doctor to another, maybe there are some good doctors out there who still accept HMO? please help!

We looked at some general recommendations here but does anyone have specific HMO recommendations?

  • Lisa

    I’m really happy with Medics USA (the walk-in clinics in Dupont, Columbia Heights, and elsewhere). They do seem to take Cigna HMO, and they provide primary care as well as walk-in/urgent care. Most of the time you’ll end up seeing a nurse practitioner rather than an MD, but they can refer to the supervising doctor or a specialist if they need to.

    I’ve never waited more than twenty minutes to see a doctor even as a walk-in at the CH clinic, and the whole staff has always been really friendly and responsive. When I had bronchitis last year they were really proactive about checking in with me to see how I was doing, calling in prescriptions for me, etc.

  • Irving Green

    An HMO isn’t something a doctor “takes.” It’s a Health Maintenance Organization to which a doctor belongs. If you are subscribed to an HMO plan, you do have to stay withing your HMO network. If you don’t like your network, you can pay a larger portion of your medical bills and use an out-of-network doctor, or you can change to a plan that isn’t limited to a specific HMO. These plans (e.g. POS and PPO) have higher premiums, but allow you more flexibility in your choice of healthcare providers.

    Hopefully those PoPville readers familiar with doctors in Cigna’s HMO network will correctly interpret what you’re asking, but the true question on the table is:

    Can anyone recommend a good primary care physician who participates in the CIGNA HealthCare Mid-Atlantic, Inc. network?

  • petwurf

    didja try zocdocs.com?

    • Amelia

      I go to Medstar Health Center – Chevy Chase, and I have Cigna. It is right off the friendship heights metro and you can book appointments on zocdoc. I see Dr. Mehany.

  • J

    Not sure if Metro access is a must, but I would recommend my primary care physician – Dr Janet Oneal in Kensington, MD. Right across the street from the Mormon Temple it’s a quiet and small practice. I have an HMO through CareFirst, so you may want to check if they accept Cigna.

    Good luck!

  • N

    I am a huge fan of GW’s Medical Faculty Associates (http://www.gwdocs.com/). Their insurance page (http://www.gwdocs.com//insurance) says that they’re in-network for Cigna. I had a great experience with Dr. Onumah (http://www.gwdocs.com/internal-medicine/chavon-onumah), but all the doctors there are high quality, as far as I can tell.


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