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  • OdCStudio

    Looks like a 57 or 58. Bear in mind that Volkswagen kept the styling for a few years in a row.

    • RJS

      If there was a rear view (of the taillights) it would be alot easier to tell.

    • ETD

      Nope, a ’57 or a ’58 wouldn’t have the gas cap on the outside of the car. In the early models you filled up the tank by opening up the hood (the front of the car). This is, at least, a mid ’60s car.

      • RJS

        Man, I completely forgot about that! That actually started in 68, and the front turn signals changed in 70, so this is a 68 or 69.

        • Daniel

          Good detective work! This is my car, and it’s a ’69. And thanks for the comments, all!

  • A white one went to my high school, I was in love with it.

  • Anonymous

    Despite its meager roots, the Karmann Ghia is one of the most beautiful automobiles ever built.

  • D

    Saw an orange one in Woodley Park the other day. Cool car.

  • Phoebe

    I am not a “car person,” but this is one of the few classic cars I can recognize. If I were a brazilianaire, I would have a Karmann Ghia.

    • Anonymous

      Unless you want a museum-quality example, they’re really not very expensive.

  • CPT_Doom

    Ah, yes, the slowest sports car ever created. Beautiful, but it’s still just a VW Beetle underneath. If you want a real VW sports car at a cheap price, look for a Golf/Rabbit GTI.


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