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  • Francis

    I hope that with la Fonda open, the corner get cleaned of all the shady characters that hang around the corner.

    • Area Man

      Those “shady characters” are mostly law-abiding chess players. I’ve lived near here for 12 years. There are a lot of people one block up who use the methadone clinic and families who rely on Martha’s Table for food and essential services. Let’s not tar all our neighbors with the “shady” brush.

      Merry Christmas.

      • I agree with Area Man. I pass this corner daily. I’ve never see any problems – just men standing around watching other men play chess (or checkers – I don’t know). Rain, shine, snow, cold – it really doesn’t matter. Sometimes they’re on the North side of V Street by the soon-to-be restaurant, and sometimes they’re on the South side next to the Reeves Bldg. I have a lot more problem with the people who double park further up V Street, picking up kids from St. Augustine School or waiting for people to come out of a building on the South side of V Street. The drivers are oblivious to the fact that they block traffic.

        There – that’s off my chest, I can go back to my well-deserved afternoon nap.

        • OK – in my own defense, my passing by is in a car, not on foot. If these guys are peeing in the bushes, then something should be done. I would expect that a new tenant would have some good words to say and follow-on action with authorities if that continues near their establishment.

          As to the cat-calling: That is the way it is all over the place, all over the country. Women have been dealing with that for a long, long time. I guess it’s a freedom of speech issue. It’s not nice and is annoying; but what can you do?

      • Those Shady Men

        Twice I have seen these “chess players” pee in the bushes. They litter and cat-call nearly every women that runs by. Also, a few teenage drug dealers sometimes hang out with them and probably use them to help cover their deals (the drug crew that operates on W between 14th and 15th, sometimes next to the fast gourmet dumpster.) I live a block away. I sincerely hope these bums are out!

        • Those Shady Men

          Also, perhaps it’s not my place to do this, but I gave one them a long stare after a pretty obnoxious cat-call of a nearby woman. His response was “to mind your own business f***ot.”

  • Anonymous

    I was also just thinking that the men playing chess on that corner seem alright. In fact, a buddy of mine sat down for a game with them once and got his butt handed to him. :)

    • alkebulan

      I have sat and played a game with them on a few occasions. Fun times!

  • Rebecca

    I’m looking forward to the restaurant but this http://www.lolriot.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Napoleon-Dynamite-GIF-Kip-meets-lafawnduh.gif will always be La Fonda to me.

  • styglan1dc

    To all those defending the “chess players” –

    I too have seen them pissing in the bushes. I have also seen the junk they leave strewn about. I could care less if they wanted to gather and play chess but they should clean up just like the Meridian Hill Park drummers clean up after everyone else.

    But more importantly – isnt this the corner where there was a shooting in broad daylight during the summer? There is a crapton of shady stuff happening on this particular block. Not to mention the next one with all the loiterers outside fast gourmet.

    • Area Man

      Loitering on 14th and W has diminished noticeably since Fast Gourmet opened. Many of the people who hang out on the street on W are residents, in other words, people hanging in front of their houses.

      Seems like newcomers to the U Street area really don’t like black people showing themselves in public unless they are well dressed, have an expensive yappy little dog, and are holding a glass of chardonnay in one hand.

      • Anonymous

        Area Man you are WRONG! I live next to Fast Gourmet. Since the restaurant opened, there has been a number of muggings including a resident who was put into the hospital for over three days! The illegal drug use and dealing that occurs on the 1400 block of W Street is outrageous. Sometimes these crimes are committed by people who live on the 1400 block of W Street. Check your facts!

  • any other thoughts on this area? I am looking at an apartment that is a few blocks up on Chapin ST…

    Anyways a tex-mex restaurant sounds great for the area!


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