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Good Deal or Not? “Classic Mount Pleasant rowhouse” edition

by Prince Of Petworth December 11, 2012 at 1:00 pm 73 Comments

This house is located at 1877 Monroe Street, NW:

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The listing says:

“Classic Mount Pleasant rowhouse with 3 BRs and study upstairs, 4th BR and family rm in finished basement, large kitchen, great light, sunny backyard with wonderful seating area. Upper level porch enclosed. Basement needs some work, priced accordingly. Fantastic opportunity to buy into the neighborhood.”

You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/2 bath is going for $649,900.

  • Deal. It’s in move-in condition, has a nice yard, and lots of space. And that porch is awesome. I like that they kept a lot of the original details and didn’t go crazy with ugly dark wood flooring, backsplashes, and granite everywhere. This will age nicely.

    • Anonymous

      I agree – I would rather live with this as is than most of the cheap renos we see in so many places.

      Though I do hope they got a good deal on all of that beige paint! But easy to paint a room if it’s a lighter color.

      • Agreed. If I had the money to afford this, I’d rather do this than a modern place with paper thin walls, hollow doors, and that ugly iridescent backsplash tile that shows up in so many cheap flip jobs.

        In 15 years, all those cheap-o flip jobs are going to look terribly dated, if they’re not already falling apart.

        • Boris S. Wort

          You must be the seller. Some granite and stainless would have improved what was a truly cheapo kitchen remodel.

          • joelle

            That’s not a renovated kitchen; that’s a normal kitchen that has never been “done.”

            I agree with the rest — lots of nice original details and no cheap flip crap (like hollow doors and plastic handles), which means you have the opportunity to do an appropriate renovation.

            Love that the radiators are still there. I’d definitely buy this if I had the money.

          • Anonymous

            Granite and stainless are the Ed Hardy shirts of kitchen remodeling

          • The kitchen looks to me like it was redone in the past 10 or so years, but in an understated style. (Hard to tell from the photos, but those countertops look like granite to me, albeit in a very muted pattern.)

            The kitchen could have been done somewhat better (and it looks like the refrigerator doors have been hung from the wrong side), but I don’t have issues with it. Thank God there’s no super-busy mosaic backsplash.

            Granite and stainless are going to look terribly dated in another 10 years; this kitchen will age better than they will.

          • The good thing about this is that you can slowly makes changes and do renovations over time. Don’t like the kitchen but don’t have the money to re-do it now? Take a few years to save money and do it then.

            The house is fine for living in now and raising a family. You can do individual projects over time, rather than having to rent a place for 6-12 months while you pay your mortgage and contractors to gut the place.

          • Anonymous

            Granite is stone, it simply can’t go out of style, as far as stainless, it’s steel, won’t go out of style either. It’s cheap appliances that look dated when they do happen… Acting like a modern look is pase’ is just out of control snobbery. There are a lot of flip jobs that use cliche kitchen pieces, but when a modern kitchen is done right it never goes out of style. This house is nice, but if you prefer the creak of old floors and character don’t hate on others who prefer a modern and quiet look. That’s all I have to say about that.

          • Rich

            Granite, like anything, faddish will look dated in no time and actually isn’t very durable. Stainless doesn’t clean-up well over time and is probably reaching tyhe end of its heyday. It won’t be long before it becomes the “avocado green” or “coppertone” of the appliance world. Quality appliances in white, or perhaps black, will wear better. Whatever passes for “modern” quickly goes out of style. It’s not difficult to walk through a house and date it by its once modern elements.

  • DC

    This seems like a great deal compared to what has been going. Anything this size under $700k in the neighborhood is generally not livable. This should go fast.

    • parkviewj

      I was about to say the same thing. Anything under 700K in MOUNT PLEASANT is a freakin’ miracle. That’s practically a steal.

  • TG

    This is an interesting one since it has not really been updated but it is also not a shell. I think it will sell for more than asking given the size and location, however.

  • Grand Funk

    Yes, original details without -granite, ss, and ugly backsplashes!! It looks very livable and should sell for this or more

    • TG

      I have said this before and I will say it again. Many people need to rethink what they know about granite. There are some absolutely stunning slabs of granite out there that could hang on the walls of an art gallery they are so beautiful. Granite does not just equal the very common pieces you see in the flip jobs that everyone rails about. Show granite some love.

      • Anonymous

        wish there was more clarity on the radon issue. like the idea of “reclaimed” granite since its not particularly green. can look very nice when unfinished/distressed.

      • Which is why it is more attractive to some buyers to be able to choose their own granite, cabinet styles, flooring etc. I would much rather buy a house priced reasonably with a functional but not gussied up kitchen, and then pick my own patterns.

        Actually, I’ve had cheap laminate countertops in 2 places for 25 years and they have been fine. I’ve never once longed for granite. No one has ever refused to come over to a party because of the horror of my granite-less kitchen.

        • Anonymous

          no one has suggested otherwise.

  • Kate

    I wish your listings included square footage. I can’t tell if the rooms are small or if the photos are just awkward.

    • sv

      I saw this listed on another site as 1654 sf (2067 sf lot size).

  • Anonymous

    I used to live up that way – great quiet neighborhood. Seems like a good deal.

  • sv

    Nice area and tough to find anything here offering this kind of space in this price range. Unless there is something seriously wrong with it that isn’t reflected in the photos, this is a very good deal at asking. Very likely to end up with multiple offers.

  • Trinidad

    It amazes me that the same housing stock can be had for couple hundred thousands less in hoods with better location/easy access to downtown and public trans, grocey, stores, bars etc…..I look at this house and then look at my home and its basically identical and yet mine still have better/higher end finishes. Though I guess one day my house may fetch a price similar….lol

    • Prince Of Petworth

      It amazes you that a house in Mt. Pleasant costs more than a house in Trinidad? Then you’d really be amazed at how much the houses cost in Georgetown.

      • Trinidad

        Not just this particular listing or neighborhood, but just in General. I think it is almost fair to say, that Almost all close-in neighborhoods in DC now have access to the same amenities, almost the same crime dips/spurts, walkability etc. This is just my opinion. Feel like people are paying $$$$ for ANC’s more than anything(which each neighborhood will soon have equal caliber of residents living there.)

        • styglan1dc

          All due respect to your hood but there is NO comparison to crime in Trinidad to Mt. P. You can counter this post with anecdote but DC crime stats do not support that at all.

        • Anonymous

          ideally, yes. realistically no.

        • Anonymous

          Do you have kids? Have you considered the differences in public schools?

      • Trinidad

        And I say this because like few posters above posted “If I had money I’d buy this” When they probably can afford this same exact house, but just in a different neighborhood that offers similar/identical/more amenities.(Not just comparing it to Trinidad, but other hoods as well.) I say posters say that same thing on several other Good Deal or Not posts.

        • It’s not just what Mount Pleasant is near… it’s the neighborhood itself. I live there and it is a lovely place, with lots a trees, a great view of the cathedral, and a kind of self-contained feel that is hard to match. But it used to be cheap too so take heart!

          • jay

            lol @ the *factually untrue* claim that crime in Mt. Pleasant is same as crime in Trinidad. It’s not an opinion. It is simply a completely incorrect statement.

    • Anonymous

      “yet mine still have better/higher end finishes”

      That was until someone broke in and stole them, which would explain why your house in Trinidad is cheaper than one in Mt. P.

      • Trinidad

        You’re just full of ignorance….If I recall there are plenty of posts on here where doors are kicked in, bikes are stolen, packages are stolen, where people are mugged and assulted all in that “area”. Again Trinidad is NOT that different in terms of crime as any other neighborhood especially the Mt. Pleasant, Columbia Heights, Adams Morgan, U street area.

        • Anonymous

          perception is everything.

        • Prince Of Petworth

          Comparing crime in Trinidad to Mt. Pleasant is ludicrous. It is also wildly off topic…

          • Trinidad

            Not according to your own blog posts about Crime in mentioned neighborhoods. I’m only posting in regards to what I’ve seen posted on here about crime. Besides I was not the one who brought up soley crime. I spoke on amenities etc. The poster above me is who mentioned that my home is more likely to be broken into than one in Mt. Pleasant. Which I beg to differ.

          • Prince Of Petworth

            Hey Trinidad, if you’re happy in Trinidad that’s important thing. This is a post about a house in Mt. Pleasant. Be patient – we will have a Trinidad GDoN post in the future as we have had in the past.

  • sapo

    This house will go for over the asking price. I wouldn’t be surprised if it went for over $700k

    • It’s right next to a parking lot though…. lots of noise and fumes.

      • Anonymous

        It’s not a public parking lot – there’s never more than a few cars there and they belong to neighbors

        • Whatever it is, it will be yours to live next to. No dice for me.

          • sapo

            My comment was based on real estate market conditions in Mt Pleasant. Yours seems to be based on a personal preference w/r/t living next to a parking area.

      • It’s an alley with like 8 spaces. Hardly a parking lot. This is priced low to sell quickly – before the holidays/New Year. Will probably go for above asking.

  • anon

    This house makes me appreciate my house in Brookland soooo much…detached with huge yard, beautifully redone, twice the size, 100k less, 8 minutes from the red line, 5 minutes from the grocery store. Not saying it’s a bad house, just glad we expanded our search a little more.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Comparing Brookland to Mt. Pleasant is again apples to oranges but I’m glad you like your house. There are a lot of development projects coming to Brookland so we’ll surely be talking about it as they are completed.

      • anon

        Not a comparison with Mt. Pleasant, but more an appreciation of what we have in Brookland. That house would have been out of our price range when we were looking, so I am grateful that we were introduced to a more affordable neighborhood that (in my opinion) offers the same charm, quietness, relatively low crime rate and convenience to the city and metro. And a bonus for us to get a stand-alone house with a yard. We didn’t know those existed in the city outside AU park and other more expensive areas. Luckily for us, we plan on staying in our hood for a while, so hopefully we can benefit from the growth that is coming in, but that’s certainly not why we moved there.

        • Prince Of Petworth

          Ah ok just random thoughts – I love flannel shirts. I hope we have a real winter so I can wear flannel shirts everyday. I also enjoy streets that have medians. I find them very visually pleasing.

          • And I was wearing an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time…


      • Identified

        Both fruit are sweet; similar in size, weight, and shape; both are grown on trees and usually in orchards; both may be eaten or juiced; both are excellent in sangria…


  • As someone who lives in Mt Pleasant, I have the say the amenities here are pretty amazing – 1/2-3/4 mile (depending on where in the neighborhood) to Giant, Target, several bars/restaurants, the zoo, several bus lines, the metro…. Sure we’re similar distance to downtown as other places but I love having quick access to commercial spots & transportation in addition to having a residential feel.

  • Anonymous

    “Granite and stainless are the Ed Hardy shirts of kitchen remodeling”

    that’s just silly talk from someone new to thinking about remodeling.

    • Identified

      “new to remodeling”

      New as in say, the last 2 decades? Stainless and granite are not “new” at all. But um, yeah.

      • Anonymous

        that was my point. they’ve been around for a long time and haven’t gone out of style. hmm, maybe you like ed hardy shirts. in that case, my bad.
        carry on.

  • Snarky

    Are you crapping in my panties??? This is a steal. I mean seriously, this is like the seller is saying “please don’t pay me any money – just take my house.”

  • Mr House

    Not to play devils advocate, but this house does not have central air and the bathrooms are very, very small. No storage.

    • Anonymous

      also, “basement needs some work” is a pretty sweeping statement – does it just need updating or are there structural problems?

      • Hmm, good point.

        The basement stairs could certainly use a banister.

        • Anon 3:16

          with that said, if there are no “showstoppers” in inspection I would absolutely say it’s a good deal

    • jl

      …and probably very old galvanized plumbing, knob and tube wiring in the walls, freezing sleeper porch, no insulation behind old plaster, and perhaps a nice huge chunk of concrete thrown in underneath the floor of the second floor bathroom to support the old claw foot tubs which used to sit in there…

  • naybor

    Great deal, especially for Mt Pleasant. I’d buy this in a heartbeat if I were looking.

  • Anon

    With no central A/C, “basement needs work”, extremely small bathrooms, bad floors and no storage; it’s not that great of deal. Sure, it may be a great deal at $649,000; however we all know it won’t go for that price. I’d pay $649,000 despite all these huge issues, but not more. I don’t care where it it.

    • Mike

      Yes, it will. How much you want to bet? 10,000 bucks? $10,000 bet?

  • RMikes

    This house already has multiple offers registered on it. In this market, with this little inventory, it will likely settle well above asking.

    At this price, yes, a steal, but overall, it won’t be a steal because it’s priced to attract lots of offers.

    It looks like a nice house overall– a few challenges but with a little investment, could really be nice.

  • Anonymous

    At that price I wonder if something is seriously seriously wrong with it

  • Surfer

    I saw this house today… All the negatives were as advertised. The basement floor had major “undulations” under the carpet and on the floor in the washing machine area. And I’m talking major dips and rises. I did not see much indications of problems on the outside brick, but something is going on in the basement. Has anyone seen is before? Bathrooms are in desperate need of remodeling and the closet space it small. However, there are large “general” storage areas in the basement.

    • jl

      Sometimes this is caused by water that naturally moves under the house…in the winter the water will freeze and push up pockets of concrete floor in your basement. They look like large humps. In the spring it will unfreeze and you are left with these, especially with how thin the concrete is in a lot of these old basements. We had a bunch in our basement.

  • I would be surprised if this closed for under $700,000. I think it’s a great house and great deal. No, i’m not the seller, but a huge Mt P fan.

  • Mike

    Looks like a great deal for Mt. P.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know how many of you have been in the market lately, but news flash, nothing is going for under asking price these days. I can’t imagine it’ll last, but right now doesn’t seem like the greatest time to find a bargain in DC.

    • JS

      Stuff goes for under asking all the time. Look at the sales report posted on 12/12 – four of the first ten properties listed went under list.

  • Anon.

    I would guess current market value at about 700 perhaps a little more.settle around 715. Anything less would be a deal.

  • Anon.
  • Anon

    Sold for 750k. http://www.redfin.com/DC/Washington/1877-Monroe-St-NW-20010/home/10010168
    Not a deal. Just an indication of how hot the market is in Mt. P at the moment.


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