• Obama just gave federal employees Monday off – talk about last minute!

  • Anonymous

    Liquor. Never goes bad and is always needed.

  • Anonymous

    A partridge in a pear tree.

    • Anonymous


  • JS

    I don’t have specific things, but I really like Hill’s Kitchen (Eastern Market), Chocolate Mouse (Faragut), Cocova (Dupont), Tabletop (Dupont), the holiday market, and museum gift shops for cool, local stuff.

    • saf

      All brilliant ideas. I will add Home Rule, Pulp, and Cork Market.

  • A massage, a facial, a gift card to a good restaurant!

  • Florista

    Holiday dishtowels – for host/hostess, or colleagues’ gift. Everyone needs new ones at some point. Also, spatula/wire whisk inside oven mitt – same uses.

    • anon

      I actually asked for dishtowels this year. I’ve had mine for years and they’re getting tattered. I’m so excited – one of my packages is about dishtowel sized and squishy!

  • Chinatown holiday market.

  • Anonymous

    come to the bloomingdale holiday market at big bear cafe tomorrow.

  • Last minute holiday shopping? Interested in buying local? The Museum Shop at President Lincoln’s Cottage is open for business! Our holiday hours are as follows:

    Saturday Dec. 22: 9:30 am – 4:30 pm
    Sunday Dec. 23: 10:30 am – 4:30 pm
    Monday Dec. 24: 9:30 am – 4:30 pm

    In addition to all things Lincoln, we have fair trade items, jewelry, books and toys for children, home décor, DC-themed gifts, and more.

    Here is a link to our online shop: http://shop.lincolncottage.org/Default.aspx. For more information, call 202-829-0436.

  • I think Pablo should get a new toy as a reward for posing for this cute picture!

  • Open Late

    Luxurious handwoven alpaca wool scarves from Toro Mata in Adams Morgan!!

  • Bucket of chicken.

    • Politics & Prose – books for everyone! Especially beautiful “Dancers Among Us.”

      Amaryliss (es?) Excellent for anyone for whom you don’t know what to get.

      Gift certificate to “Pret a Papier” at Hillwood Museum – you have to buy them there and it closes Dec. 30 so be sure your recipient can go. But it is a great exhibit.

      For kids – “Child’s Play” toy store on Conn. Ave – they have everything as well as lots of smart helpful people that actually know everything and are eager to help you find just the right thing & check you out quickly.

      Kittens! See my posting in the forum!

    • And I like the bucket of chicken idea too!

  • Find some cool future event recipient would like. Print up an invitation. Can be done in your PJs the night before, but don’t forget to buy the tickets/make the arrangements.

  • Anonymous

    If the recipient is local and a fitness buff, maybe a gift card or a class pass to a studio? I’ve been enjoying Off Road Indoor Cycling in Shaw lately (spin, TRX, and circuit classes), but of course there at a ton of local studios that offer spin, barre, yoga, etc.

    And I second the idea about books. Amazon.com has its perks, but I always discover something interesting that I wouldn’t otherwise have stumbled across when I browse the display tables at Kramerbooks.

  • tree4

    travel french press coffee tumblers.

  • sg7

    Popped Republic popcorn. I bought six bags for my bosses/coworkers. Their popcorn is incredible and a serious crowd-pleaser. http://www.poppedrepublic.com/


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