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(Was it a) Good Deal or Not? “feels larger inside” edition

by Prince Of Petworth November 29, 2012 at 1:00 pm 18 Comments

This house is located at 260 Warren St, NE:

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The listing says:

“GOOD THINGS IN A SMALL PACKAGE! This adorable home on a quiet, one-way street feels larger inside than its SF would seem. Excellent use of space w/hardwoods & exposed brick as far as the eye can see. Renovated kitchen w/marble counters, new windows, waterproof storage in crawl space, shed in rear. Quaint front porch and fenced back yard w/brick patio.”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/1 bath is already under contract but was listed at $485,000.

  • Anonymous

    No. But the DC bubble seems to be growing and growing and growing and there is nothing to stop it.

    • Budget cuts and tax hikes are the beginning of the end of the Big Government Bubble that started in 2001. And if they end up doing something to curb the excesses of Citizens United, there will be even less easy money in the city.

    • CA

      Eventually people can’t keep calling the DC real estate market a bubble and recognize it’s the new normal. This is what houses outside of DC have always cost in MD and VA, now that the city is safer and actually has stuff for residence to use, buyers are willing to forgoe space for city life. See any large metro area.

      There’s no such thing as a “fiscal cliff”…it’s a slide if anything…a bumpy slide, but a slide. Congress will figure it out if not in December, in January when their constituents start calling because they aren’t getting their social security checks.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed. People’s notions of what provides better quality of life have shifted from gigantic houses with vast lawns to small, efficient home in walkable areas. And I don’t think the trend is reversing anytime soon.

      • Anonymous

        You’re right. DC housing can go up 10-15% annually for infinity, while income might go up 5% annually.

        Yep. That’s a working model. You should run Treasury.

        • CA

          You’ve missed my entire point. The DC Metro area has always been one of the wealthiest regions in the country. Unlike other similar regions: New York, LA, San Fran, Boston, etc. where for the last two decades you have seen mass migrations of people from the suburbs back to metropolitan centers. DC proper lagged in that trend while it’s suburban communities of MD/VA boomed and real estate prices rose to some of the most expensive in the nation.

          Now that DC proper has begun to clean up its act in the last 10 years and the city is seen as inhabitable by more people, housing is resetting to similar costs in the MD and VA suburbs. It doesn’t cost more to purchase in DC than it does to live in Manasas, VA or Rockville, MD.

  • MikeinDC

    Yes. Good deal. The NE corner off Lincoln, though a little quirky, has all the feel of Capitol Hill and very walkable, more so every year. Not to mention it looks like a very good renovation. I think in a couple years, you will be very happy you were able to get something on the Hill.

  • ET

    Considering size, location, and indoor finishes that really isn’t a bad price and I can see why it was snapped up.

  • nonnymrs

    Not if Cliffquestration has anything to do with it?

  • PeachyKeen

    The title of this posting made me chuckle. lol

  • Anonymous

    I lived on Warren St NE about 10 years ago. The neighborhood has changed considerably (no more crack houses on Constitution between 13/14th Streets).

    I like the reno on the home. I don’t understand why there is no hood/vent for the stove. The home I lived in had a winding, iron staircase that was dangerous. I’m assuming this home had one as well and like that it was replaced.

    You can walk to Union Station or Potomac Ave in about 15 minutes. Or you can grab the D6 to Union Station and beyond.

    I think it is a fair price and a nice alternative to a condo. Plus, you can’t beat the backyard space!

  • Worried

    $632/square foot?!?! As a homeowner, this makes me nervous. Feels pretty dang bubbly to me.

  • Anonymous

    Not a good deal. My husband and I looked at an end-unit house on the same street earlier this year, and while the backyard was fantastic, the master bedroom had no closet! It doesn’t look like this one really has one either. Also, why no upper cabinets in the kitchen? Or a microwave? I think the one that was on the corner that we looked at (that also had an updated kitchen with upper cabinets) was listed around $465K, but it sat on the market for a while.

    • Anonymous

      Are you serious? Most houses in Capitol Hill are sorely lacking in closet space. It’s all part of the Victorian charm.

      But really, the things you’re complaining about are easy to change. What can’t be changed is the location, and this location is fantastic for the price. I saw hundreds on houses in Capitol Hill, and not a single one was this cheap. The one house I saw that was even remotely close in price was around $75k more than this and absolutely needed to be gutted. And that was two years ago.

      Someone got a really good deal.

  • Jay

    Feels larger inside…yup that’s what she said!

    • PeachyKeen


  • fatty

    anyone live in a house similar to this? Looks like one small closet in the bedroom only. I could get by on that but no way my wife could manage with half a closet or even one closet that size.

    • Anonymous

      We’re two women and have a similar closet situation. You can make it work. We have a standing wardrobe downstairs for coats, and open shelving in the bedroom that holds neatly folded clothes. The tiny closet just has things like suits and blazers.


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