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  • That entire block of stores with the ACE check cashing store are relics like the car, but not in a good way…

    • Too true. THREE mini-marts in that single half-block (or maybe a third of a block?) strip, plus three businesses that seem to be open only Monday-Friday 10-6: a food takeout place (in such decrepit condition it looks like it’s gone out of business), a beauty supply store, and a hardware store.

      • The hardware store is never open when I need keys made, very “old school” DC style, opening whenever the owner feels like it. Luckily we now have Annie’s Ace, with better hours.

  • bll

    my guess is a 1936 Packard

  • Gorgeous car!

  • I think that it’s a 2012 Metrobus (local edition)


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