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Good Deal or Not? “Intact original woodwork” edition

by Prince Of Petworth — November 2, 2012 at 1:00 pm 8 Comments

This house is located at 2205 Flagler Place, NW:

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The listing says:

“Intact original woodwork-pocket & 6 panel swing door,mantel, & trim. Well maintained HVAC w/ internet remote control, repointed back wall, Bosch appliances, large finished basement w/ private entry, 2 level outdoor space & private hot tub. Quiet tree lined street close to Bloomingdale restaurants, Farmers Mkt, yoga, & coffee. Priced for cosmetic updates but excellent bones!”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/2 bath is going for $624,900.

  • Anon X

    Its being priced pretty close to what you would expect for a 3br/2ba in Bloomingdale that you wouldnt have to do anything to when you moved in.

    I’m pretty sure people would want to put 10-20k in to redecorating. The window treatments and pain colors/wall paper are not main stream or current. The kitchens and bathrooms could use some $ too.

    $600k plus is the new normal for this style house in Bloomingdale, but this one needs some updating.

    That said, I think it will sell at $625-650, just because of the dwindling supply of houses at less than even 700k. I cant say if I think thats a good long-term price point, but right now, its what people are willing to pay.

    • Anonymous

      I’m sorry, but what you just said makes no sense. You said it’s priced at what you’d expect to pay for a place you wouldn’t have to do anything to, and that this place DOES need work, but it’s likely going to go OVER asking price.


      • Anon X

        What I would be willing to pay and what the market seems to be willing to bear are 2 different things. There are a lot of sunk costs to buying and selling (and maintaining a house) that you won’t get back unless you beat the market in appreciation.

  • Anonymous

    Make sure you have plenty of money on hand for when the sewers back up after a hard rain!

    • BlooMe

      Not all of Bloomingdale floods or gets sewage backup. I live downstream from this house and haven’t had any problems. Also, this particular block of Flagler is nice. The next block down has some serious issues with badly-behaving long-term church-supported renters.

  • Rich

    The realtor should have had them repaint in “realtor beige” or other neutral colors. The pallette is pretty awful. the blue countertop in the kitchen makes me wonder if a colorblind person made the color choices throughout. The drapes seem very fussy and old fashioned and would go immediately, but will be expensive to replace.

    • Anony

      Agreed. It actually looks like a pretty decent place if you are willing to repaint/redecorate everything.

      So many of these type houses are practically falling down.

  • jklm

    If flipped houses go for over 600k, this should be at 500 (credit given for the beautiful woodwork) but you have no idea how old HVAC, roof, electrics etc. are. Plus this is north of Bloomingdale central (maybe better for that, of course).


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