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Good Deal or Not? “flow of a big jungle cat” edition (reader request)

by Prince Of Petworth — November 16, 2012 at 1:00 pm 37 Comments

This house is located at 623 6th Street, NE:

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The listing says:

“What would it feel like to live in that house? Requires a slowed-down survey to take it all in. Lock7development, one of very few builders offering brains & beauty in equal proportion, brings you a born-again phoenix, Rapunzel’s turreted tower, with avian rooms and the flow of a big jungle cat. Feel so famous you’ll have groupies count the windows. Why is the Paparazzi hanging around out front?.”

You can see more photos here.

This 5 bed/3.5 bath is going for $1,095,000.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I love it. If I had the money I would buy this place in a heartbeat. Great location, great layout, beautiful details, a yard AND an upstairs deck, plus a basement rental sells it for me.

  • LoveIT

    I drive past this house everyday on my way home. I watched them do the full renov and it is a pretty big house. Wish it had more of a backyard. I can say that there are another 4-5 homes going through full gut renovations on the same block and directly across from this house. Wished I lived on that block as neighbors will see a great hike in equity.

  • Anonymous

    Why is PoP posting a McMansion in Herndon?

    Wait, that’s a formerly-amazing DC victorian with all the character knocked out of it? Never mind.

    • dcskins

      concerned about victorian details? ha! friends in london regularly gut much older houses, please do not gush over loss of victorian “character”

      • Just because your friends gut houses that are older doesn’t make this particular house-gutting OK.

        I think the “open” layout is overrated. On the other hand, I don’t know what condition the house was in when the renovators started… maybe it was in such poor shape that it wouldn’t have been possible to preserve the original woodwork, etc.

  • Maire

    What a random description. Avian rooms? If you’re going to use all that flowery language at least proof-read (count-ING the windows)!

    • AngryParakeet

      That realtor always writes like that – it’s been a topic here in the past

    • I think spelling and grammar in real estate listings are a lost cause. It’s amazing how many agents refer to the room where one eats as the “dinning” room. (Or the “DINNING” room, considering how many agents like to SHOUT.)

      This agent’s descriptions are always pretty crazy, but the mechanics of his writing are better than for many other agents. (Not that that says much.)

  • For that price they should have at least repointed the exterior brick work rather than slapping paint over it. Wasn’t this for sale for about $535 earlier this year in a decrepit state?

  • The open floor plan in this case simply does not work. It’s an utter fail and an unfortunate remuddling of what looks like a formerly beautiful home. The master bedroom is interesting, but the awkward photo angles make it difficult to really grasp the layout. I’m thinking it may be a really shallow room that’s all scrunched into the turret?

    I like the kitchen though and think that this place is probably fairly priced.

    • And, p.s., it’s why ARE the paparazzi hanging out front?

    • Caroline

      My thoughts exactly. Very rarely do I think an open floor plan in a Victorian house was a good idea.

  • $10 says the agent gets higher than Towelie before sitting down to write this masterful prose.

  • I always wonder when I see these staging photos… does anyone actually choose in real life to have the head of their bed up against the windows?? Even if your windows are in good condition, isn’t it going to be a little drafty/cold there?

    • I have chosen to have my bed up against the windows before. I usually do it so I don’t have the street lights or sun in my face. I have never noticed it being any more drafty than my bed on a windowless wall.

    • Caroline

      My bed is up against the window, though if you saw the room you’d realize it’s the only place it could possibly go. Nevertheless, I don’t have a problem with draftiness.

      If I owned this house I’d strongly consider putting my bed in the same spot. How luxurious it must be to wake up on a Saturday or Sunday morning bathed in sunlight. 🙂

      • +1.

      • I guess you both must be early risers… or able to sleep despite the light.

      • Heh, if it was me I’d wake up with a pretty serious sunburn.

  • Anon

    They had a couple of open houses last weekend. While the house is nice, I’m not sure they put close to $500K into it (which is the flipper’s mark up–they paid $625K for it this past summer). The agents were saying there already were some offers, but guess they weren’t close to full price, as the home is still listed as “active.”

  • Anonymous

    My understanding is that there is a bidding war going on right now, which is why it’s still listed.

  • flow of a big jungle cat?

    Am I the only one imagining a tiger taking the world’s longest whiz on the front stoop of this house with that description?

  • DC

    Stupid ad. Awesome house.

  • Gone

    On my way home there is a Gone sign out front. Will be interesting tobsee what the others in the block that are under reno list for.

  • Too big, it scares me. >_<

  • name

    it is beautiful but there is a serious lack of adequate cabinet space in the kitchen. the “eat-in” part looks too small and if that is the case they should have used that wall for more storage and cabinets.

  • At that price point they couldn’t have done custom cabinets in the kitchen or closets? Or like the shawdy, mentioned, they couldn’t have done the repointing which lasts longer and is better for brick than the paint? Why cheap out so much? Oh that’s right, DC buyers don’t notice when they’re getting ripped off in the housing market. No one does their research. Either there’s more money than sense out there, or people just don’t care that they over-pay by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    • Anonymous

      In case you hadn’t noticed, there are a lot of DC rowhouses that have been painted over brick instead of keeping the original brickwork facing front and forward. I, too, think it’s a great shame and I know that having old bricks repointed is costly, as it is a skill that takes time, if done correctly, well and carefully. Since painted brick is all around the city, I wonder if at some point it was trendy to do?

      • Anonymous

        it was trendy in dc during the 70’s/80’s. before that, not so much painted brick.

        • Anonymous

          Thanks, I figured there was a *reason* for all the painted brick, alas.

          • Anonymous

            if you’ve grown up in a neighborhood with all unpainted brick, it gets really drab feeling. that, plus the miserable state of the economy in the 70’s, added up to people really wanting to brighten their world a bit. it really made blocks feel fresh and new.

      • Anonymous

        Before I moved to Capitol Hill I lived in a Northern Virginia neighborhood that was full of unpainted townhouses. It felt so rundown and depressing (of course, these were 1970’s townhouses that don’t have all the charm of these Victorians, but still, I think some color would have helped). I like that my current house is unpainted (less maintenance) but I love seeing the colorful ones in my neighborhood.

  • Hello Goodbye

    Wish they’d been a little less ridiculous with the use of the wide-angle camera. Rather than making the place look bigger, they’ve made me discount all the pictures. Bleh.

  • george

    i agree that the open floor plan is no good in this type of house.

  • Anonymous

    FYI: we were one of the (3) bidders, but were beat out by an all cash offer that was above asking but below ours.


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