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Dear PoPville – Anyone Know a Good Eye Doctor Downtown?

by Prince Of Petworth November 8, 2012 at 2:30 pm 55 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user pablo.raw

Dear PoPville,

I’m in need of an eye doctor (preferably downtown) that people have had good contact fitting lens experiences. I’ve been wearing contacts for at least 10 years and recognize that I have a tough prescription, but what makes it tougher is that the lens specialist at my current eye doctor is so disorganized that they can’t figure out which lenses I’ve tried, liked, disliked, etc. I had lenses that were fine, but they tried fitting me with a ton of new ones (none of which were comfortable and that I could see out of), and all I want is to get my old prescription back, but their records are so messed up, they can’t figure out what my original prescription was. Frustrating.


  • Alex
    • Joan

      I second Dr. Glasser – I’ve been going to him for 17 years. Great guy, great office.

    • Anonymous

      An eye doctor named GLASSer? That’s like an ice cream man named Cone!

    • David H.

      Dr. Glasser is great (and funny), and his staff is really nice, too. Not even a block away from Farragut North.

      • Anonymous

        Another vote for Dr. Glasser.

        • Anonymous

          Dr. Glasser is at 1053 17th St NW. Phone=202-223-3530.

          • Kenlyn

            Agreed! I went to Dr. Glasser with a similar problem, and – though it took a few appointments – I’m ultimately wearing a better prescription and more comfortable lenses than I ever had in my life. (I got his name from a person with other unusual eye issues, and she swears by him, too.)

  • Dan

    Department of Ophthalmology at George Washington
    University are awesome. They have one specilaity doctor who can prescribe lenses. So ask for that individual when you make an appointment.

    • I’ve also had good experiences there, though I know the person I used to go to (Dr Zaetta) has left since my last appointment.

  • TakomaNick

    Dr. Teller at Eye Doctors of Washington is good. They are on 16th just north of K.

    • +1 – I don’t have a difficult prescrition but I had Dr. Teller recommended to me a few years ago and I’ve always thought that he did a good job. As a bonus, his assistant (male) is cute!!

  • IDOC Optical at 9th n F – excellent customer service!

    • Julia

      While I agree everyone working there was nice, they gave me a terrible prescription that I had to change (with a different doctor) in 3 months.

  • I second Eye Doctors of Washington. I don’t remember who I’ve seen there (maybe Dr. Teller), but everyone there is great. I too have bad vision, and they do a great job with my contact lenses.

  • Anonymous


    I have been going here for the last 4 years. I adore them. Both Dr. Lee and Dr. Lowenstein are great. Their staff is amazing. I also have a hard to fill script and some other eye irregularities and they are really responsive. I get both my contacts and glasses filled there.

    • dcc

      I second Dr. Tommie Lee at Four Eyes at 1304 G Street, NW. I’ve been going to him for about a decade now. He’s great and his staff is very competent and friendly.

      • Anonymous

        Plus he can drive a boat with his man parts. Different Tommie Lee maybe.

    • dcres

      +1 Tommie Lee

    • I agree that Dr. Lee is great, but watch out – he takes different insurance than For Eyes does, and you need to buy the contacts through For Eyes. So while my visit with him was covered, I would have been out of network if I’d purchased the contacts with his office. It turned out to be a huge pain.

  • LM

    This isnt quite downtown, but a close metro ride away — I’ve been going to the Rosslyn Eye Associates (Dr. David Weiss) for the past few years. It is a smaller office but he is really wonderful and helpful. I also had issues with contacts and he was great moving me around to different types until I found a good fit.

  • Dr Melanie Buttross and Dr Shilpa Rose at Eye Associates of DC are both great. The office is up by American University. right outside the bldg you can catch a bus that will take you to the metro or all the way downtown. My eye surgeon referred me – so these are docs that other eye docs recommend.

  • Alex

    Dr. Miller at MyEyeDr. on L Street is a phenom: http://www.myeyedr.com/store-locations/washingtondc-stores/L-STREET-store.aspx

    I wear contacts, and not only did he make sure I have comfortable ones that keep my eyes healthy, but he did such a good job fine-tuning my prescription that my vision improved last year over the previous year.

    • I wholeheartedly second this. The man is wicked good — improved my eye health and fine-tuned my prescription, and would not stop until I was 100% ok (and I didn’t know that everything was all wrong until he pointed it out, and he was so so right).

  • Anonymous

    drs klessman and rosenblatt on K St

    • Anonymous

      i get glasses and contacts here. i have worn glasses since age 5 and dr rosenblatt got me the absolute clearest Rx i have ever had

    • i 2nd this – just went yesterday for a contact fitting. i got two pairs to experiment with and have a follow up next week. definitely recommend!

    • AJL

      +1 – LOVE Dr. Rosenblatt!

    • FulanoDeTal

      Dr. Klessman and his colleague Dr. Rosenblatt are outstanding. I had a serious issue with my contact lenses a few years ago that could have caused me major eye damage, and they went out of their way to diagnose and remedy the problem. They are the best in my book.

    • AK

      Agree! Great experience with Dr. Rosenblatt and the staff.

  • Does anyone have a recommendation for someone near Capitol Hill? I went to the My Eye Doctor on Penn, and they were a mess. Forgot to order my lenses, temporarily lost my friend’s file, and somehow everyone I know who’s gone there is told for the first time that they have astigmatism, including myself. I have a feeling it’s just to sell me the more expensive lenses, since when I complained about discomfort, the Doctor told me it was mild anyways so I could use regular lenses in one eye.

    • My girlfriend and I have had good experiences with that My Eye Dr, and they’ve never diagnosed me with an astigmatism. Did you have Dr. Slack? Even if you don’t go there for exams, do see Brendan if you ever need glasses. He is amazing!

    • I. Rex

      Since you mention Cap Hill, I would warn you not to try Eye Central on Penn Avenue near Eastern Market. A flavor of some things that happened to me there: came to a scheduled appointment which was not booked by the secretary, staff admitted they lost my medical paperwork so I had to fill out again, got promised a percentage off my glasses by the eye doctor as compensation then secretary failed to honor it, secretary falsely accused me of cursing her out on the phone, glasses not delivered on time. Fun times……

  • anonymous

    Reginald Barnes in Foggy Bottom is great.

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Reginal Barnes

  • Dr. Lobaugh at For Eyes at Metro Center.

    • Anonymous

      I also see Dr. Lobaugh and have been happy.

    • For Eyes

      Lombaugh is great. (I’ve needed an eye doc for 22 yrs so Ive had my fair share.)
      For Eyes, not to be confused with the super chain Four Eyes.

  • ATR

    Dr. Shustock at Focus Eyecare is great. I’ve been going there ten years. Also, she helped me even when I took her prescription to another place to get glasses that were incorrectly ground.

    • Alex

      I second Focus/Vision Source. I use Dr. Garr, and I’ve been going there for six years now and am in a similar “special” contacts situation. Never had any issues, even when the original doctor retired and I was transitioned to Dr. Garr.

    • Focus EyeCare is great! Here’s the website: http://www.visionsource-dso.com/

  • eye strain

    i’m a big fan of Dr. Saba Ayalew @ Metropolitan Optical, 1919 Penn NW. 202/659-6555. easy to get appointments too.

  • Anonymous

    Dr Stephen Lobaugh at Foreyes at 13th and G. Plus he is dreamy!

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Holly at Jems Optical (http://www.jemsoptical.com/) 1 block from McPherson Sq. Metro.

    Disclaimer? Dr. Holly doesn’t have the most exciting personality in the world. However, he is very thorough and his staff is great! Sean fills the prescriptions and I can’t rave enough about him.

    He has helped me out twice now with lens issues for a very expensive pair of Maui Jim prescription sunglasses.

    • I. Rex

      I second this. I had a great experience with the doc at Jems. Very professional and patient with my eye sensitivity during the exam. His staff is very pleasant and helpful too.

      • Anonymous

        Whole heartedly agree about Dr. Holly. I’ve been seeing him for 15 years; he’s meticulously thorough and does a fantastic job. The guy is really into his profession.

        Look up the review for Jems Optical on yelp for some well informed reviews.

        • Wrex

          Love Dr Holly! So thorough and careful. He truly cares about making sure his patients get the right contacts and will try you on many different options to get it right. No, he’s not super exciting, but he’s very kind and answers all my questions.

  • Sam

    Dr. Lamothe is downtown and great

    • Dr. Lamothe FTW

      I agree. I have been going to Dr. Lamothe for about a year now. I don’t wear contacts. I actually got Lasik, which requires several follow up visits with him. He is possibly one of the best doctors I’ve ever had. He is incredibly attentive and friendly. His support staff is also very friendly and organized.
      He recently relocated to a brand new office on L and 16th.
      I initially found him on Yelp. Check out his reviews here: http://www.yelp.com/biz/washington-eye-associates-washington#query:lamothe
      You might be able to find out more about how he rates with contact wearers in these reviews.
      Best of luck!

  • bll

    Too bad this came 2 days AFTER my horrible experience at the Washington Eye Center. Could only get my contacts fitted by one doctor, who wasn’t even an opthamologist. His assistant (some gentleman in scrubs) did the entire eye test and Dr. Davis only came in to write the prescription. Two weeks prior when I’d met with the available opthamologist, her assistant (another person in scrubs) did the eye test and she wrote the prescription for glasses- only took her 20 minutes to do that because she heard her cell phone ring in the hall and had to run out for a personal call.
    I’ll def check these other doctors out next time.

  • anon

    this chick’s eyes are so big she looks like a hobbit

  • Kind of related–does anyone have any recommendations for an ophthalmologist, specifically ones that deal with glaucoma? I have to get check ups every few years but would like to find a more convenient doctor.

    • susank

      Dr. David Belyea. He’s the head of the glaucoma unit at GW University Medical Faculty Associates, and the Deputy Director of the Opthalmology Division. He is located in the GWU MFA building at 22nd and Pennsylvania Avenue NW, a block fr. Foggy Bottom METRO stop.

    • terta

      Dr H Jacobson
      1145 19th NW Suite 335
      202 331-1788

      have gone to him for about 20yrs – I’m a diabetic, so i need yearly check ups

  • P.

    Not quite downtown, but in Georgetown, Dr. Matini at Georgetown Optician does a great job with contacts and eyeglass prescriptions! Same doctor for over 10 years, they don’t have the turn over and the great prescriptions are consistent. Trials always are free when I run out too, which is nice.

  • T

    I know that girl in the picture! most gorgeous blue eyes I’ve seen.


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