Good Deal or Not? “strut to work” edition

by Prince Of Petworth — October 25, 2012 at 1:00 pm 21 Comments

This house is located at 330 U Street, NW:

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The listing says:

“LeDroit…Bloomingdale… New trends, modern flow, nlawsuite, systems all new, ceramic bsmnt floor, effusive deck for morning n nite. Soaring ceilings & new wood floors, thermal pane windows & a kitchen w/style… you work hard, play well… bask in your success & enjoy your carreer… strut to work & relax w/o teh commute.3lvls 3brs 3bas… Master Ste w/ Dual Basins, Twin Closets, Basement Bar”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/3 bath is going for $719,000.

  • Anonymous

    That is some seriously fugly countertop in the kitchen.

  • Anonymous

    at that price, its probably under contract already

  • Tons of light and nice reno. Bathrooms are tight! And the rental unit ready-to-go underneath is nice.

    I like the kitchen but that countertop-backsplash combo is SERIOUSLY fugly. Almost to the point of distraction. Jesus.

    No backyard is a downside, but parking is good.

    But the price is very good for Le Droit. That’s a lot of space for $719 in this ‘hood.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t remember so if someone can jump in…when counting square feet in a home, is it only for the main and upper floors (excluding basement level) even if basement is finished? Thanks.

    • Anonymous

      It’s for any finished space. Stairs included.

    • In the D.C. tax records, it’s only for above-grade (non-basement) space.

      I thought it was supposed to be the same in real estate listings, but it appears as though some agents include the basement in the square footage.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks, you nailed the problem/confusion. It is the tax office that doesn’t include basements in square footage for homes. But yes, real estate agents, do sometimes (though not consistent throughout industry) do include basements as part of square footage, which of course, screws with the price/sq foot ratio. You just reminded me of a pet peeve of mine with some agents!

  • Farnsworth

    The copy on these million dollar listings make me feel cheated for having any competence expected from me for my job.

    • sbc

      I know! how could someone smart enough to buy and flip a 700k+ house be satisfied with an error-ridden listing?

      It’s like a condo I saw for sale that had initially been listed at $735k and a day or two later (after the first open house) changed to $375…wonder if the owners realized their agent’s typo was what kept anyone from showing up to their open house…

  • PoP readers crack me up. Last week’s listing (123 T) everyone said it was way overpriced. Yet, this one everyone (so far) is saying yes. How can T be over priced by more than a $100k and this one is a GD? U street sq ft = $407 with a subpar rental imo (not a full kitchen only a wetbar, etc). T sq ft = $319.

    Personally, I thought T was overpriced so I think this one is way overpriced!

    • Anonymous

      Wasn’t the one you’re referencing on the market originally for 926 thousand? They’ve lowered the price but that’s quite a difference from 719 thousand. One of the first things people look at when looking at a listing is the price asked for? The difference between 926 and 719 would put home #1 out of reach for some of the potential buyers of home #2. It’s also part psychology game. FWIW, I think this seems high but taking a quick scan of other places on U street, though admittedly closer to 14th street, I’ve seen some listings surprisingly for 600 thousand (for a 2br/1ba) no less.

      • Despite the ugly countertop, this house is much more solidly renovated the one on T from last week. It’s in the details. Totally a good deal.

        • Anonymous


          Could you explain why you think the reno job in this one is so much better than the one on T street? You say it’s all in the details but which ones? I’d like to know what to look for when looking at photos that would tell me a quality reno from one that lacks quality. Did you see this house in person and that is why you are saying what you are saying? Thanks.

  • margaret

    I didn’t know a deck could be effusive.

    • Anonymous

      Ha! My favorite part of the listing.

  • I read “modern flow” and “ceramic bsmnt floor” and think about Bloomingdale floods. I just can’t help it.

  • JS

    I’d probably take this one http://www.redfin.com/DC/Washington/1934-2nd-St-NW-20001/home/10045803 over this house. It’s only listed for 5 grand more and has a full kitchen in the basement unit.

    • Anon

      100% agree.

    • 200% agree! Your listing also has a full garage and a big backyard. The GDoN has a deck overlooking an alley (to which your car is full exposed).

    • Anonymous

      that one is a super great deal and will likely go for above the ask, though i haven’t seen the interior

    • DCDude73

      I can’t believe the house on the 1900 b/o 2nd Street is on the market again. It is a nice job but some of the rooms are small. Great back yard and parking though.


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