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Good Deal or Not? “Fresh paint” edition

by Prince Of Petworth October 22, 2012 at 1:00 pm 34 Comments

This house is located at 774 Harvard Street, NW:

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The listing says:

“NEW LISTING! Won’t last long. Ready to move in! Fresh paint. Large living room. Separate dining room with pass through to Renovated Kitchen with granite counters and beautiful exposed brick wall. Two renovated full baths. Bright Light Floors throughout. Fully finished walkout basement.”

You can see more photos here.

This 5 bed/2 bath is going for $499,000.

  • Anonymous

    Good deal, but it will go for $50K+ the asking price, then the new owner will freak out on the list serve after experience their first friendly neighborhood shooting.

    • Anonymous

      Ha! For real that block can get wild westy.

  • Rock

    “let’s renovate a home and paint the exterior brown and black.”

    I mean come on guys, did this come from Benjamin Moore’s “rustic prison” line?

  • Anonymous

    Not impressed. 1.) The kitchen is boring 2.) I prefer an open floor plan on the main level. 3.) A little sweeping and raking in the patio are would have made it much more presentable. 4.) A little color in the bathrooms would have helped

    • Anonymous

      –Not to mention the two molded lawn chairs and upside down flower pot on the patio. Very poorly presented!

      • Anonymous

        Agreed. For less than $200 they could have mulched the bare areas; powerwashed and painted the stones; cleaned the “furniture”; and purchased a couple mums for those pots. Would have been much more appealing to potential buyers.

        • Anonymous

          Oh please, none of that sweeping, raking, moldy chairs, or power washing will make one bit of difference. Most people realize they are buying a house – not cleaning up a yard.

          I am sure it will sell fast and well above the price…

          • Anonymous

            I was in the real estate business for 25 years. Its all about presentation. First impressions are lasting. A little yard work and powerwashing of the fence would make a big difference.

  • JS

    Agree that it will go over asking, and by a good amount. Crime is no worse than anywhere else in Columbia Heights – it’s not 2004 anymore.

    The downside to me is living on a street that’s a through-route to the hospital – lots of ambulances will be coming down the street and that may get annoying. It looks like it doesn’t have parking, which for some will be a negative.

    • Anonymous

      I would have to disagree. Most of Pleasant Plains is more crimey than most of Columbia Heights with the obvious exception of 14th and Columbia.

      • I live in Pleasant Plains (so maybe I’m biased), but I feel far less safe as I get closer to 14th street.

  • Anonymous

    Ack, 1/2million for this place? No thank you. So overpriced. There is nothing special about the house or any of the rooms. The layout is a little odd and not open (kitchen/dining/living) so not ideal for entertaining. Not sure if they are double counting rooms. Listing say 5 bedrooms, of which 2 are underground (basement level, little natural light) and they only show and annotate master, br #4 and br#5. I wonder if LR and/or DR are supposed to be possible br #2 and br #3. Strange. The rooms are small to boot. Couldn’t they have at least cleaned up the yard for the purpose of selling the house if they are going to price it at 1/2million. And yeah I think crime is a problem in the area. All things to think about. Next.

  • Anonymous

    Is there a single rectangular room in the place? Looks like lots of tiny, awkward little alcoves everywhere.

  • Pretty sure the living room is smaller than the bedrooms. Whaaaaa?

  • This place is worth the money, it requires a total renovation job though if it’s for a primary owner. Otherwise it makes for a good investment property. I’m not sure where the pics of the basement are, I also wonder if there’s any parking behind it. It’s in a good location and after a renovation, you can get a lot more space out of the house. i wouldn’t offer over 480$ for it though.

    • I don’t know if this is a good investment. With 10% down payment, you’re still looking at a mortgage+taxes near $3K per month. I don’t think this whole house would fetch $3K in rent for that location.

  • Narp

    Narp. Saw this place in person. Would be shocked to see it go above asking. Photos better than it is.

  • anon

    I thought this looked reasonably good in the photos, although I agree with some of the comments on presentation — for example, one of the bulbs above the mirror in the basement bathroom is blown out.

    Several rooms do seem to have awkward angles. I’m not talking about the living room or master bedroom, since those are 90-degree angles and those come with the architectural style, but the back (?) upstairs bedroom seems to be at an angle.

    Like others, I’m counting only four bedrooms and wondering where #5 is. The fact that two of the bedrooms are in the basement seems a decided drawback.

    I too was wondering whether there was any parking.

    This is a pretty busy street as far as traffic — whoever ends up there will need a good tolerance for street noise.

    • Worse than the burnt out bulb is that the fixture is off center from the sink and mirror by 6″.

      • anon

        True, but that’s harder to remedy. A burnt-out light bulb is an easy fix!

  • Anonymous

    Holy cow! Is that kitchen ugly or what? Here’s a tip flippers. Don’t pair black appliances with black granite countertops. Overkill. And what the what is up with that hideous green paint?

  • SF

    Is those Pergo floors? This place looks like an absolute disaster. This is housing bubble 2.0, folks.

    • SF

      This commenting system has some serious issues. So glad my grammar error is preserved for future generations.

  • SF

    Are those Pergo floors? This place looks like an absolute disaster. This is housing bubble 2.0, folks.

    • I was trying to remember where I’d seen those floors before…Sexy Safeway!

  • This block is gingko fruit central. Very stinky – slippery, even. Parking is bad there, probably due to the new condo building @ Georgia and Harvard, and Linde Development is building another one across the street, also on this side of GA.

    • JS

      Parking is bad because there’s no alley access for the south side of the street and the lots on the north side of the street aren’t deep enough to permit off-street parking.

      This is a recurring theme in the area. Streets with the worst parking issues often lack alleys or access to off-street parking pads.

      • Anonymous

        I live on the north side of that block of Harvard and I have a parking pad. Then again, I’ve never noticed that it’s hard to park on the street, either. Harvard itself is bad on that block because one side of it is a rush-hour lane, but there’s always parking on Gresham and Hobart.

  • Anon

    I’m a real estate novice and am having trouble getting my head around how things work.

    According to blockshopper.com this house was sold in 2000 for 65k and re-sold 6 months later for 160k (146 % increase). 11 years later it’s going for $499,000 (a 212% increase from 2001 and a 668% jump from 2000). According to melissadata.com the average adjusted gross income for the 20001 zip code in 2009 was $54k. Have the gentry planted their flag? How comfortable will the high-income buyers be living so close to crime and low-income neighbors? Will the buyer rent it out and wait 20+ years to re-coupe the investment from rental income? This doesn’t add up to me. Your thoughts? Forgive my naiveté.

    • JS

      You can’t use average income as a measure of anything, espcially given the number of low-income housing complexes contained within the 20001 zip code (Park Morton, the stuff at 7th & O, everything on the west side of North Cap, etc).

    • The neighborhood is gentrifying – the people buying now are making well over the median income. That said, it’s not like you’re living next to Courtland Milloy. Most people are quite nice once you get to know them. Also, an economically diverse neighborhood can be a good thing too.

      • LK

        lol – “courtland miloy” = good one.

  • Distrix

    I’m surprised that none of the commenters who went to the Open House this weekend are mentioning that, in addition to shoddy workmanship, the house is settling and looks like it may have some serious foundation issues (check out the cracks running up the bricks in the facade). That being said, I’m sure it will go for at least 50k over asking anyway in this desperate market.

  • wrong

    Under contract.


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