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Good Deal or Not? “dramatic staircase” edition

by Prince Of Petworth October 23, 2012 at 1:00 pm 19 Comments

This house is located at 120 R Street, NE:

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The listing says:

“Large spectacular home in Eckington. Close to the Metro and public transportation and off-street parking. A real beauty with French doors, double entrance, dramatic staircase and a fireplace. Lots of originals features, plus plenty of storage. Low maintenance front and back yards and a grand porch to sit on to enjoy the serenity of the neighborhood.”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/2.5 bath is going for $500,000.

  • DC

    No idea on value, but the realtor who allowed these pictures should be fired. Blurry, crooked, and sad.

  • Tim

    Looks decent enough, but the pictures are terrible!! All shaky and crooked. Did anyone look at them before publishing them?! Show some respect for the work!!!

  • Anonymous

    Still pre-transitional. If that sells for 500k, I’m putting my house on the market tomorrow!

    • Anonymous

      you’re kidding right?

      • Three years ago, I was looking at similar houses on the 100 block of R NW (so pretty darn close, just on the nicer side of North Capitol) for $549 and $599, so this is pretty decent. Not super stylish details, but definitely good for move-in ready with some gradual updating if you wish.

  • gloomingdale

    Yeah if the house is decent, the location is pretty great. Access to MBT (just bring a taser!) and so close to the Wendy’s!

  • Rebecca

    Those photos are awful – agree that this realtor should be canned. House seems like a good deal though, assuming that there are no major renovations/repairs required. I’d definitely be interested in seeing it if I was looking!

  • WalbridgeGuy

    Any reviews of this neighborhood? Folks like it? Safe-ish? Close enough to NoMa that there’s a lot of potential?

    • Anonymous

      r street ne is very nice. this is on the south and nicer end of eckington. the housing stock is better, crime is less, and it’s closer to the metro.

      if you like noma, then that’s a plus. jbg just announced a huge project on new york avenue, someday jamal will build on the big parking lot. the old metro ice building will get developed. lots of growth, for better or worse.

      the trail, for all its problems, is still nice. schools in the neighborhood are improving. harry thomas rec center sucks, but the pool is great. talks of rebuilding sounds promising.

      there is a larger upside to this neighborhood than to neighboring bloomingdale, mainly due to the proximity to the metro.

    • Former Eckingtonian

      R Street at Lincoln (right there) is a shooting gallery. Google it. There is a fatal shooting at that corner at least once a month in the summer.

      • Anonymous

        exaggerations are the best!

      • Anonymous

        I live a block away from there, and I’m aware of no shootings that took place there this summer.

      • My last place before I bought my house in Brookland was on the corner of R and Lincoln, next door to the Chinese carry out.

        I can attest to the shooting gallery comment. I was there a year, and twice came home to find the block taped off with police tape. Also I used to park my car on the street on the little section of R between N. Cap and Lincoln Rd, one morning I came out to find a few stray bullet holes in my car.

        • Anonymous

          what year was that?

          • June 2008 – June 2009.

            I still like that area, and I think that the house in the posting seems like a good deal, but that stretch of Lincoln around R St definitely had its issues. I don’t know if it’s still there, but there used to be an MPD camera right at the back of my house there. Also, there was this guy that would sit out at the street all hours of the day/night and would run “packages” from a house to people’s cars.

        • Anonymous

          I live there now! Lincoln Rd. is a disaster.

  • I’m sold! The lovingly photographed toilet has not one but TWO toilet paper holders – ultimate luxury. And don’t be so hard on the agent for the pictures; at least the toilet seat (if not its cover) is down.

  • hma

    Someone needs to put down the crack pipe. Rather, someone needs to put down the crack pipe they found in front of that house.

    • Anonymous

      The drug dealers are a little ways up Lincoln Road, actually. And believe it or not, renovated houses on the unit blocks of Quincy and Q NE have been going in the mid-to-high $600s. A completely unrenovated place with a concrete backyard and no central air just went for $487k. Unless it needs a ton of work that’s not visible in the photographs, this is probably going to go near or above ask. Bloomingdale’s basically bought up at this point, and people have to go somewhere. The discount for crossing North Capitol has finally started to diminish, at least on the south end of Eckington.


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