Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user Jen Morrissey

Dear PoPville,

I live in Petworth, a few blocks off Georgia Ave near Moroni Brothers (Decatur St.). On Saturday night at 5:30 I needed to get a cab to go to a wedding, and I stood right out in front of the block with Moroni Bros and Fusion and Raz. It was light out, I was dressed nicely, and plenty of unoccupied cabs went past both south- and north-bound, including several with their lights on. And not a single one stopped! Plenty saw us, and waved us off instead of stopping. Why wouldn’t they stop for us? I can understand that maybe the northbound cabbies were heading home to the suburbs and wouldn’t be interested in turning around and taking us southbound (where we were going), but why wouldn’t a southbound cabbie stop? Are they not allowed to pick up street hails in the area or something? Eventually we had to go find a car2go, in our nice dresses and heels and carrying a pie for the wedding, and were just barely there on time. It was very frustrating. From now on I’ll be using a dispatch service, that’s for sure, but does anyone know what gives?


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