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Good Deal or Not? “Paved concrete carport for two cars” edition (reader request)

by Prince Of Petworth September 28, 2012 at 1:00 pm 15 Comments

This house is located at 113 P Street, NW:

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The listing says:

“Well maintained Victorian in Truxton Circle. Terrific location near 2 Metros;NY Ave & Shaw..Traditional floor plan and so many original details. Paved concrete carport for two cars.”

You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/2 bath is going for $449,900.

  • Anonymous

    Spend 100k updating and you have a 700k house. I’d buy it.

  • Kate

    I’m only counting 3 bedrooms. And really, it looks like the one with the bunkbeds doesn’t have a window, so I don’t know if that counts.

  • Anonymous

    Needs work, but there is a good amount of space to work with. Good deal.

  • Anonymous

    needs some serious renovating. looks like my great grandma lived there… 20 years ago. and I would tear down that ugly carport

  • Thanks for posting, PoP. I live in the blue house immediately adjacent to this one. My home has an identical footprint. It’s does have three legitimate bedrooms, plus a bed in the basement that’s included in the listing as a bedroom. The room with the bunk beds does have a window behind the photographer. The wide angle camera lens does wonders. The house is 14′ wide in the front two-thirds and 11′ wide on the back, which is currently the kitchen. I agree that the carport should come down . . . and it may have to because the legs on one side of it are, I believe, on my property. PoP posted a question from me a few months ago about how to deal with the situation. I’ve since contacted a lawyer and advised the current owner and, as of a letter sent via certified mail yesterday, the listing agent about the property line dispute. At any rate . . . the house has great bones and an excellent neighbor!

    • Anonymous

      An excellent neighbor who will sue you if you don’t break down your carport? That’s a nice way to start off things…

      • Anonymous


        • Fair enough response, I suppose. But I’m curious how you’d handle the situation. I have a 14′ wide yard and a neighbor has taken a foot of it by building on it. I’ve not sued this neighbor, nor required any action by this neighbor, knowing that she’s elderly and sweet and kind . . . and knowing that she was soon going to sell the property. Instead, I’ve notified both the neighbor and her real estate agent of the property line issue, asked them to disclose it to any prospective buyers, and hired a surveyor to confirm my belief that my property’s been encroached upon. I’ve done all of this knowing that a buyer’s lender will likely also require a survey that would make they issue apparent (though my lender did not, because my lender also owned the previously-foreclosed property that I purchased . . . and as an ignorant first time home buyer, I didn’t know enough to have one done on my own initiative). Please advise where I’ve gone wrong in my approach to this.

      • I got the feeling from the neighbor’s initial PoP inquiry on the subject that he/she was being pretty nice and accommodating about the whole thing, and figuring that it would be easier on everyone to wait until the property was sold than to demand that the carport be removed ASAP.

    • I followed my gut instincts and a lawyer’s advice and have resolved this issue. I discussed my concern with the current owner and she was very kind and encouraged my proposed course of action, which was for me to pay a surveyor to confirm or dispel my belief that my neighbor had encroached on my property. The surveyor last week dispelled my belief. It turns out that the wall that forms the west side of my dining room is a party wall and my neighbor owns half of it (4″) . . . even though her house stops 15 feet or so before mine in that spot. So her poured concrete walkway and carport go right up to her property line. When she erected the carport, she wedged some wooden fence panels between it and my chain link fence, which are on my property . . . but not a big deal. At any rate, I’m happy to have worked this out with my neighbor and paid the $$ for the survey so I now know where the property line is and have peace of mind and a clean slate with the next owners.

  • LittleTavern202

    up until at least 2007 when i moved out of shaw, that used to be a drug corner on 1st and bates and lots of drama going on a little further down on 1st. I’m assuming it’s cleaned up now. but still, the prices newcomers are willing to pay to be in areas like this are mind boggling to me, but more power to you.

    450K!!! and not that close to the metro

  • Anon

    I wonder if that back deck is built to code – looks scary!

    • I too was thinking it looked a bit precarious.

  • Anonymous

    “Terrific location”? I lived on this block for a little over a year and there were five homicides within a couple blocks. Also my car got broken into multiple times (with nothing of value was even in there) and was sideswiped while parked more than I can count. On the last day I lived there someone hit my girlfriend with their car and drove off. Harris Teeter is about the only plus.

  • The carport issue will probably have to be resolved before the house goes to settlement. When they do a survey, that will probably be an issue. Won’t be able to issue a title policy with the encroachment.


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