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Good Deal or Not? “Impossible find, found!” edition

by Prince Of Petworth September 21, 2012 at 1:00 pm 26 Comments

This house is located at 4132 Arkansas Ave, NW:

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The listing says:

“3 above grade lvs: True chef’s kit, vast airy open space, walls of windows, rare mudroom/laundry w/ BA & exit to OSP for 2. 2 authentic mid-century style FPs, mstr suite, 2 significantly sized additional bedrooms, bright spa-like BAs. 1st lvl vaunts expansive rec room w/ high ceilings, full BA, original rounded walls. Showpiece house perched at the cusp of Rock Crk Prk. Impossible find, found!”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 3 bed/3.5 bath is going for $749,000.

  • Anonymous

    Looks much better on the inside than the outside, that’s for sure.

    • ET

      That’s what I think.

      Also, I seem to remember at some point we may have looked at this block before?

  • Florista

    Odd, mod, and funky – hate the tilework, but lots could be done to this place. Love that it’s low-key from the street.

  • Johnny

    I saw it a couple weeks back and while it is a Joseph Abel I didn’t really care for the renovation. Abel, in addition to designing classics like the Omni Shoreham in Woodley Park and the Broadmore in Cleveland Park, did a lot of mid century work too. I think if this place had been renovated to an updated Mad Men aesthetic it may have connected with people more. As it is now it’s kind of awkward and doesnt really play to it’s strengths. Also they bought it for 330k 2 months ago and I think they are reaching for a payday here… More likely to sell in the mid 600s.

  • Sir Douchy

    I drive past this house everyday – usually there’s cop cars out front in the am catching people making illegal left turns from Taylor. Not an attractive row of houses, and the inside is taste specific, but what really gets me is the lack of anything near by (except the Park). So, I’m going with “Not” in terms of whether it’s a good deal or not.

  • Busy backsplash with busier granite is not a good combo. I am so tired of granite and find the silestone type of synthetic granite so much more attractive. Or white marble. Or wood.

    I like much about this house but I hate some of the design choices. Also hate that there are two bathtubs upstairs rather than a tub and a walk-in shower. Probably overpriced by 50 – 100k, but who knows in this market.

    • Grand Funk

      You’re right about the backsplash and counters. In a few years people are going to say what were they thinking? This looks horrible together!

  • Also, it is kind of in no-man’s land. Great that it is close to the park but nothing is very walkable from here. Arkansas is also a busy street. Seems like a big big reach to me.

  • T

    I just couldn’t get past how ugly it is from the street. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and my eye says puke.

  • hma

    No thanks. Location sucks for that price.

  • I like the inside. It’s different and unique. The best thing about this house, though, is you would be living next door to my friend Jeff. So I think it’s a little undervalued. ; )

    • Jeff

      Thanks soozles! As for the renovation a great missed opportunity.

  • anonymous

    There are so few modern houses in Washington that it’s almost a crime. Anybody could have come up with a “colonial” home based on 200-year-old house designs, but it took real imagination and creativity for the modern architects to come up with looks like this. That folks don’t like this look shows what a staid town this is! Just walk around the Hill close to the Capitol or along K Street and see how many people think that wearing a gray suit and a patterned tie is a way of thinking outside the box, compared to their usual black suit and rep striped tie. This is a great house, if a bit small. I’m quite sure that those with no modern design sense and no desire for simplistic living are on the usual route of living in a Dupont condo waiting to move to at Bethesda colonial when the kids come along.

    • TROLL PATROLS SAYS: I give your trolling a B+

      Outrage level was good, but you still sound a little too serious. Work on the content and severity of your personal insults.

    • Anonymous

      i love being insulted for having taste that differs from yours.

      the funny thing is, “Modern” is staid and buttoned up to me. so is colonial. thankfully there are more options that that.

  • dans

    Why the random word shortening? Kitchen = kit, but you write out “original rounded walls,” “level lacks two letters but “expansive” is ok. What gives real estate persons?

    • Crystal

      Dans, that’s because POP took this directly from the MLS and the MLS allows only 400 characters. It’s a bit like a twitter feed.

  • Mike

    Funky house, but they’re asking way too much money. House isn’t that big, and that block, while kind of unique, is actually quite busy.

  • margaret

    The renovation is unfortunate. It would have been a much more interesting house if they’d made the effort to restore it — that style of tile work and the massive amounts of granite are already becoming dated.

  • mark

    I like these houses, and I like this block. This particular house looks pretty good, although there are some choices I would have made differently. I do wonder, though, how a realtor could look at the comparables – 4026 sold 10 months ago for roughly 60%(!) of the price – and come up with $749K. I’m not saying they don’t have their reasons; I just wonder what they are.

    • Jeff

      4026 had not been gutted, it was still a well maintained original. Homes in the neighborhood that have been gutted and redone have gone in this price range.

      • Anonymous

        4026 was “well maintained”, had central air, 3 bedrooms and 3 baths. This one has been “gutted” and “redone”, but to what end? It has 3 bedrooms and 3.5 baths, and, presumably, central air. Sorry but I just don’t see a $300K advantage. Do you?

        • Jeff

          Actually yes I do, 4026 had some odd things like the back entrance going through the third bath, and the first level was broken into small spaces, less outside space, no new updates, and galvanized iron plumbing not the best after 71 years. This house is all new with a better foot print and outdoor space, and I think 4026 was a bit under priced at the time it sold within days of going on the market.

    • Crystal

      Mark, Realtors make price suggestions backed up with evidence and comps, but it is the owners that set the price as it is their house and they have the final say. At $749K, the first open garnered more than 75 parties – that is crazier than any open houses I’d ever seen. The price was dropped this week after 25 days on market to 699K where the comps put it at and it’s now staged (though not as mid-century modern as it should be as stagers are pretty limited to what’s available) but the furniture really gives people an understanding of the size. The good thing is that this house is really great – there are some taste specific finishes but with the right furnishings and artwork, I agree with Johnny (@1:37pm) this house on this block can really be a cool Mad Men ish house! Many of the originial features remained: the glass block, the rounded wall in the rec room. The kitchen that was originally in a small area of the 2nd floor was moved to where the dining room was and it is amazingly large. The link above now shows the house staged. You should check it out at the open on 10/7 from 1-4. Plus, the neighbors are really awesome!

      Crystal Crittenden

  • Neil

    Just so we’re clear about Arkansas traffic, DC refused to make Taylor Street one-way going up the hill. This, in addition to the police activity create mammoth traffic jams on Arkansas during morning rush. Also, the school on 16th Street dumps its parental traffic on Arkansas adding to the free-for-all, not to be outdone by the traffic on 14th street who cut through the alley and turn left on Arkansas. About the price, the neighborhood is rapidly changing — traffic or not, they’ll get their price.


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